Candidol or Threelac for Candida

Updated on September 11, 2010
B.W. asks from Bethel Park, PA
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I have been suffering from eczema and have tried so many things. I saw a chiropractor today and he said that it looks like it is actually candida. Of course he gave me the diet but said there were also supplements. I researched online and saw that Candidol is supposedly the best for Candida. I am breastfeeding though and want to know if it's safe to take. The website says they don't see any problem with taking while pregnant, but it is their policy to tell pregnant and nursing moms not to take it without discussing it with their doctor. The problem is my doctor won't know much about it and is just going to say "well it's an herbal supplement and not checked by the FDA so while it's probably safe, i can't say." Just like with every other one i've asked. Does anybody have any experience with it while breastfeeding. Please don't tell me to just do the diet and ask my doctor. I am only interested in finding out if Candidol is safe.
Threelac is the same way. Has anyone used Threelac or been told it's okay?
If you know of other types that are safe (not like difulcan) please let me know.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Have you ever heard of Arbonne? It is natural skin care that works great for eczema. I am more than happy to send you some FREE samples.



answers from Phoenix on

Does your chiropractor know if it's safe or not? I'd ask him. If it is safe, be sure to drink plenty of water when doing the diet and supplements while nursing. If you can, I'd wait until you're finished nursing or until you baby is eating regular foods too along with nursing. It can be hard on you to detoxify AND breastfeed a baby. Good luck!


answers from Pittsburgh on

I would recommend coconut oil - it cured my son's eczema, my older sister's eczema and several other skin ailments (including ringworm and athlete's foot, because it's an anti-fungal). Its affordable, in solid or liquid, is great to cook with, is a natural sunscreen, is an anti-bacterial, and all of its benefits increase if you include it in your diet (along with topically). Good luck!



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If you're concerned about the supplement being in your breastmilk, I would suggest something as simple as Grapefruit seed extract. It's safe for infants. I used it with my son when he had thrush, and a yeast infection.
It comes in 2 forms, liquid and capsule. I always recommend the liquid. It's 4 drops 3x a day. I would use something like orange juice because it can be very bitter. Using that as a complement to the diet will help rid you of the yeast. Taking a probiotic will help to re-establish the good flora in your body. I have used Acidophilus with success here. I wouldn't use any liquid form, though. There is sugar in it, which just feeds the yeast.
Hope that helped a bit!



answers from Philadelphia on

Candida is impossible to get rid of unless you do the diet and stick with it. You will feel worse for about 2 weeks before you feel better. If you are only interested in the supplement you will continue to feel this way for the rest of your life


answers from Allentown on

Hi, B.:

Contact [email protected]

She has experience dealing with conditions using natural ingredients.

Good luck. D.

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