Can You Tell If You Miscarried?

Updated on December 06, 2011
M.H. asks from Lima, OH
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I'm 10 weeks pregnant & since I was about 5 weeks, I was showing & it was pretty obvious but now I am wondering if that was more bloating than showing. Anyways, two nights ago, my 4 year old son kicked me very hard in my stomach while we were sleeping & it hurt really bad. I am not bleeding or anything, but I just don't feel pregnant. My husband made the comment to me that my stomach looks alot smaller than it has over the past few weeks so I am wondering if it's because there's no more baby in there or if I was bloating that whole time & now I'm not. I also don't feel sick at all, but then again I don't know if that's just because I'm getting closer to second trimester. I am really praying that nothing is wrong with my baby and I am hoping they still hear a heartbeat at my doctor appointment this week. Any advice would be appreciate. Just concerned about not showing anymore & not feeling sick or pregnant period.

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answers from Raleigh on

I had no pregnancy symptoms with my son. I was also rear-ended at an intersection when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I stressed and stressed about it, but everything was fine. The doctor said that the baby in the first trimester is so far down in the pelvic cavity that it is pretty well protected. Don't worry. You were probably just bloated, which is extremely common. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

A lot of what people think of as showing is actually distended bowels from the constipation common with first trimester, as well bloating. The fundus of the uterus does not rise above your pelvic bone until week 11. Remember your baby is suspended in liquid and inside a very thick uterine wall. on top of that your uterus is still safely behind your pubic bone. So don't worry about the kick. If by some chance the baby does not have a heart beat, its not because of the kick. Hope all goes well.

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answers from Washington DC on

I'm sorry - we're not doctor's here. When you posted the other day - many told you to call your OB today and go in so you could hear the heart beat or see the baby there. NOTHING we say here will ease your mind.

With second pregnancies - you CAN show earlier. But you also have water retention as well as your body adjusts to having a new "thing" to adjust to.

The more you stress over this - the worse it will be for you. Stress is the worst during pregnancies. Call your OB and get a same day appointment so they can do the ultrasound and your fears can be alleviated.

My best to you.

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answers from Dallas on

First, call your OB. We can only give experience advice, rather then medical advice.

You've probably shed some water weight. (Bloating.) My sister looked pregnant at 6 weeks, due to all the bloating. Eventually, the bloating went away. Also, some people NEVER feel pregnant. I was pregnant at the same time as my friend and both of my sisters. Two of us felt pregnant from day one, until the day we delivered. Two never felt pregnant! Your womb is designed to fiercely protect your baby. It can take some serious blows and your baby will be safe and sound. All that fluid and cushion, is also there to adsorb pressure (hits, kicks, whatever), just as much as to give nutrition. Especially, right now. Your little is just a peanut, and there is all kinds of protection around it. Try not to worry!!

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answers from St. Louis on

Around 10 weeks your baby is the size of a pea so there is no reason you should be showing other than the perception caused by happiness. Now you are scared so that is coloring your perception.

You are fine, stop stressing!

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answers from Seattle on

Ok, first of all lets make this clear: EVEN if you did miscarry, a kick from a 4 year old (even if it was hard) has nothing to do with it! Repeat: getting kicked in the stomach by a kid at 10 weeks does not cause a miscarriage.
At 10 weeks your Uterus barely peeks out above the pubic bone. Women who show this early usually do so due to weight gain or bloating.

Please relax and stop worrying yourself sick - and if you can't relax about this just call your doc and ask to come in earlier.

Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

Unfortunately, you can't always tell that you miscarried. I was 6 weeks a long, pretty sick, and had terrific hormone levels and when I had an ultrasound, they couldn't find a heart or sac. My doctor said I would have probably gone to about 9 weeks before my body caught up and realized that the baby hadn't developed. You are probably tricking yourself out though. I would call and ask for an ultrasound right away because of the kick and to put your mind at ease. Maybe you are just one of the lucky ones that gets through the yucky period faster.

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answers from Omaha on

I agree - call your OB and get an appointment as soon as possible if you're really worried. Even another OB in the same office will do for this circumstance if yours isn't available. If you're really worried, this is the only thing that will make you feel better. I have asked much advice from moms on the site, and where it's usually helpful for easing my mind - it's only at ease for a short time, and I end up calling my doctor anyway. Not to mention everyone (and every pregnancy) is different. And stop googling it (I know you are - ha ha)... trust me, it only makes you worry more! :) Good luck. I'm sure your baby is okay - get ready to meet the little one in 30 weeks!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Okay, first of all, your baby is very protected. Most likely he is fine. I would go to the doctor/midwife and tell them what happened and get an ultrasound. Also, yes, you would definitely know if you miscarry. You will bleed, cramp, etc. The presence or absence of sickness or other symptoms does not indicate that you are (or are not) pregnant at this point. Even if you did miscarry, you would not have already lost all the pregnancy hormones, size in your abdomen, or whatever else you feel is missing now. It just doesn't happen that fast. Relax.

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answers from San Diego on

10 weeks is a bit young to be sure you would hear any kind of heartbeat, unless they are doing a vaginal ultrasound. If your doctor has an ultrasound machine in the office, tell him about your concerns. Otherwise, stop worrying. Your son did NOT do anything to the baby. If you have miscarried, it would have happened anyway.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Not to scare you but I've had 2 miscarriages and I didn't bleed or cramp with either one. Then again my body didn't recognize that I lost the baby and had to have a D&C both times.

But I knew the second time that I had miscarried. Nothing happen to me, I just knew. The only indicator I had was the brown blood which signifies old blood in your system.

But like everyone is saying your baby is very protected in the uterus. If you are so concern I would call your doctor and see if they can get you in there sooner and see what is going on.

Don't stress yourself out over this. Stressing isn't good for the baby. Think happy thoughts.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, hard to say for sure.
I didn't even realize I was pregnant right away--so for the "not feeling" pregnant anymore--it could just be psychological because you are thinking your baby may have been damaged.
I wasn't sick at all...well...hardly at all....the first tri.
As for what your stomach looks like....some people don't show much at all the first 2-3 months.
Just try to relax and hang in there the best you can until your appt.
Or, better yet, call your OB/GYN office and explain what happened, how you feel and see if they can scooch your appointment up a few days.
All the best!

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