Can You Take Wet Wipes on a Plane

Updated on April 07, 2010
K.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
10 answers

Where can I find out what is and is not allowed to take on an airplane. We're thinking of what we are going to check and what we plan to carry on and was thinking we may not be allowed to bring wet wipes or play dough? Anyone know for sure?

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answers from San Francisco on

Definitely. Pumped breastmilk is ok too. You can even take water if you let them know it is for the baby formula!

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answers from Houston on

Yes, you can have wet wipes on the dough also as far as I know. Your airlines website should have a link to the approved and not approved lists of items, or you can call them. I'm sure they can answer your questions. I've flown with plenty of wet wipes before with no problem. I haven't ever taken play dough though, so I can't tell you for sure.



answers from New York on

As a general rule, they are more lenient with baby items. We fly quite a bit and have never had an issue with wipes, bottles, juice or baby food. They will ask you to open any foods/liquids and will test them to make sure they are safe. It's pretty quick and easy!

Not sure on the play-doh, but you may not want to take that on the plane. It's sticky and will attract tons of dirt, dust and hair. Just a thought!



answers from Chicago on

Yes, you can take both wet wipes and playdough. You can also take Silly Putty. We just got back from a trip this morning, and I really can't say enough for checking as much as possible! :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Yes! I just flew last week with wipes. The x-ray guy asked if I had wipes in the bag but they didn't search it. On our next flight, I just took them out of the bag before the x-ray and put them in the bin so they could see what it was.

I didn't take play-doh this time, but I have taken in on a plane before (in the last 2 years). It wasn't questioned at all, I was actually kind of surprised.

Another suggestion....when you send your bags through the x-ray, I would take out any bottles, bottle liners or sippy cups. Even if they are already empty, it saves the hassle of the TSA wanting to open your bag to make sure there is no liquid. I always keep anything that I think might be questionable near the top of the bag and just lay it all out in the bin.

Good luck and have a great trip!



answers from Chicago on

I have taken wet wipes and play dough on a flight. Floam is also perfect for the plane and less messy than play dough. Have fun!


answers from Milwaukee on

Wet wipes are okay. Play dough is not.

The easiest way to find out what you can or can not bring is to call the airlines you are taking and ask them... some times there are different items you can on different airlines.



answers from Albuquerque on

I have flown many times with my girls now ages 4 and 2 and have always taken wet wipes.

I'm not sure about play dough, I've never taken that!

check out the TSA website. They have all the guidlines. I think it is but you could just google it.

Have fun on your travels!



answers from Minneapolis on

We have been on many flights and never had an issue with wet wipes. Most airline web-sites will have a list of what is allowed. Sometimes it take a little looking to find it.

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