Can You Suggest a Good Camcorder???

Updated on March 07, 2007
N.P. asks from Lawrenceville, GA
4 answers

I need a new 3 yr old's first pre T-Ball game is Saturday and my old video camera just will not do!!!

There are so many on the market now that I'm confused! I think I want one that records directly to DVDs (instead of the hard drive)...however, I know there will be some video that I would want to download and share with family members too...I'd like one that has a pretty good battery as well.

If you have one that you just love, I'd like to hear about it! And, if you have any websites that you are using to upload your videos please let me know that as well. I wouldn't want to make the videos public...

Thanks in advance!


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answers from Atlanta on

we got the sony 60GB hard drive camcorder- very easy to use as a still digital camera and a camcorder, and as it's hard drive, we can download directly to computer, share with friends, and make into DVDs if we want to. We only got it a few months ago, and are enjoying it. (My son just turned 2)



answers from Atlanta on

We also have the Sony 60GB hard drive camcorder. Love it!



answers from Augusta on

We have a Panasonic's tiny and has a larger viewing window. We have had NO problems with it. It uses the mini tapes. We got it about 2 years ago. It is EASY to use, hook up and holds a charge. Ours came from Radio Shack. It wasn't cheap, but it was a good investment. Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I cannot make any recommendations as to which camera to buy, but I can tell you I would definitely NOT recommend a JVC camcorder. My brother bought on and it stopped working one day about a year after he bought it, so he bought another one and the LCD screen went out. He sent it to JVC to have it repaired and they claimed it was not under warranty because it had water damage, which wasn't true. I personally bought a JVC and the LCD screen will only come on when it wants to. I have to tinker with it a lot for the screen to finally work and by then I have missed whatever cute thing my daughter was doing. So the point is, DO NOT BUY A JVC!!!

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