Can You Still Breastfeed If You Are Pregnant .

Updated on September 09, 2011
M.P. asks from Corona, CA
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My daughter has a 5 1/2 month old son and just found out she is 7 weeks pregnant. Her ob told her to stop breastfeeding that it is not good for her son for her to continue breastfeeding while pregnant. Milk has been less lately but she wanted to continue until he was a year if possible. If you have been able to nurse a boy while pregnant would like to hear from you. Thanks

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone who commented positive and with experience about the situation. The ob (P.A.) told her the day she found out she was pregnant so she has no known medical issues with this pregnancy and had a healthy good pregnancy with her first that went overdue. She stated that the estrogen my daughter would produce while pregnant could cause her son that she was nursing to develope breast (not full on women but some boys are not flat). She will seek a breastfeeding specialist to try to continue and supplement with formula if baby needs it. Just found out today she is most likely only 4 weeks after all not 7.

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answers from San Francisco on

I did actually and I had a medical condition. My milk supply lessen but I continued. It was more of a comfort thing for my daughter you can say. She was a little over a year though. After my son was born my milk supply came right back up and I started tandem breastfeeding. If she continues to produce enough for her 5 month old I say go for it =)..

ETA: I have two beautiful, smart, & healthy children! They're both way ahead of their milestones.

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answers from Seattle on

OB/GYN's get little, if any, training in breastfeeding. It's simply not their area of expertise. This sounds a lot more like a random person's opinion than a medically justified recommendation.

Talk to a lactation consultant and La Leche League.

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answers from Atlanta on

My OB also told me to stop while I was pregnant, but all of the research I did, indicated that it was fine to do as long as mom and baby were okay with it. SO, I did continue for a few months, but my milk dried up around 3 months pregnant, so the weaning happened automatically.

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answers from Seattle on

If her OB said to stop there are LOTS of valid reason for that

- Bone loss (hers)
- Organ damage (hers or the fetus's -to differentiate from her 5mo old)
- Miscarriage
- Failure to thrive (baby's)
- and a few other reeeeeeally serious things

Now... these things are NOT true for everyone. In fact MOST women can continue to nurse while pregnant with no problems whatsoever. It's just fine. ***BUT*** for women with underlying health issues it's NOT fine.

Most women can exercise while pregnant. Some moms are put on bedrest. They CANNOT exercise or risk losing the baby/dying themselves. Just because most can, doesn't mean she should.

If she was planning on nursing for a year this is probably REALLY DISAPPOINTING news. Since hormones are in play she may end up being a wreck over it, or decide to ignore medical advice,

Please support and comfort her during this really disappointing / hard time. She'll have enough people saying "But my sister could nurse while she was pregnant!". She needs someone who understands her Doctor, the one with her blood studies and medical records and pediatrician records for her son has told her she needs to stop.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I breastfed my first while pregnant with my second, even when I had hyperemesis (throwing up 24 hours a day) and was losing weight. Over the course of the pregnancy, the milk did change a few times, but it never seemed to bother my first and she continued nursing. It was sore in the beginning, but it was fine after several weeks. Unless there is some medical reason (being healthy and pregnant is not a reason), it shouldn't be a problem.

Also, her OB is not the right doctor to be saying what is right for her 5 1/2 month old son. That would be the area of her son's pediatrician. Our pediatrician encouraged me to breastfed my daughter while I was pregnant, especially during the winter months to strengthen her immune system. I would have her talk to the pediatrician and the La Leche League, especially if she is concerned her 5 1/2 month old is not getting enough milk. (Again, I'm pretty sure my milk went through times of more and less volume while pregnant, but it was always there.)

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answers from Washington DC on

i have breastfed through 3 pregnancies. my milk didn't dry up but the taste does seem to change. my mom breastfed through 3 pregnancies and then tandem nursed a couple of us:) anyway, nursing is the best thing for her little one and if she and her baby want to nurse then that's what she should do. sounds like she may need a new ob. hope this helps:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Why would you ask us? Didnt the doctor just say DONT! The Dr. only went to school for about uhhh 10-12 years. I think he would know. She should follow the Dr.'s orders.

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answers from Kansas City on

Of course she can. Encourage her to get the book "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" from the library (la leche league) or Dr. Jack Newman's , "The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers".

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answers from Los Angeles on

Absolutely yes! You can definitely still breastfeed while pregnant. Not an issue at all. Unless a woman is on pelvic rest there's no reason why she should stop if she doesn't want to. Her OB is not basing his advice off of scientific evidence.

Having nursed while pregnant, though, I will say it is not without challenges. I strongly recommend she contact her local La Leche League for support. There is also a wonderful book out called Adventures in Tandem Nursing. and the Kellymom forums also have good info on nursing while pregnant and tandem nursing.

I nursed my 3 and a half year old while I was pregnant until she self-weaned a few months in.

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answers from Minneapolis on

According to they Mayo Clinic, it is perfectly fine to BF while pregnancy unless there is some complication with the current pregnancy:

Of course, eating and drinking enough and getting enough rest will be very important for your daughter's health.

I personally don't trust OBs, I only saw midwives while pregnant.

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answers from Louisville on

I agree she needs to make sure there are no health issues that she should consider but other then that it should be fine. I have several friends who breastfed their babies til 2-3 years of age and had 2 at a time nursing, and all are fine!
I do believe that not all medical professionals agree with breastfeeding. Our ped told me i needed to stop nursing my son starting from the time he was about 6 months old, by the way she is no longer our Dr!! I nursed til he was 15 months and wouldn't change anything about! I believe i would have continued as long as I could if I got pregnant, because I thinks its the best choice! But everyone has to decide for themselves. I don't think you should stop just becuase the dr told her to, we should trust our dr's but thay don' always know whats best for us! Tell her to do the research and follow her heart!

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answers from Springfield on

I highly recommend she discuss this with her OB. It's like Riley J. said. There are many women who have done it, but that doesn't mean it's the right decision for her. She needs to talk to her OB about her situation. Why does her OB think this is a bad idea? Is it because her OB has a specific concern about her health or the health of her unborn baby? Is it because her OB has seen too many patients where it was a bad decisions to continue nursing? It's worth having a serious, in-depth conversation. Encourager her to talk to her OB about it, tell her OB all the reasons she would like to continue and ask about concerns, complications, etc. This isn't something to take lightly, she really needs to understand both sides before making a decision. Good luck! And congrats on the new baby.

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answers from Honolulu on

I did once.
However, I had had a miscarriage with that pregnancy.
Not that the breastfeeding caused it. Who knows.
But the fetus was just not growing... then the heart stopped etc. and miscarriage occurred.

My OB/GYN recommended to stop, because it causes contractions etc.
And yes, the milk changes in taste and in constituency. Many things changes.
Some babies will reject the breastmilk, if Mom is pregnant, because it tastes different.

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answers from Tampa on

Many women have been able to breastfeed thru-out the entire pregnancy... she won't know until she does it. Safety wise - it is COMPLETELY safe unless she is prone to extreme premature labor. If her last pregnancy went to 37 weeks or beyond, she should be fine. She should contact a Le Leche League Leader in her area as well as an IBCLC/LC/CLC. This Dr. should be written up with the board of examiners about spreading such false and harmful information.

Breastfeeding releases oxytocin - which is both the love hormone and the contraction hormone. Your body is able to troubleshoot very well. If your baby is not ready and contractions should NOT start - they will not when you breastfeed. If you are in labor or your baby is ready to come - nipple stimulation will help with contractions. This is why inductions fail so often - because the medical professional is trying to force the body to expel the baby before the BABY is ready.

Only exception to this is if your body already has issues understanding what needs to occur... such as previous pregnancies spontaneously aborted (miscarried), previous pregnancies had very early labor 35 weeks and earlier, etc.



answers from Jacksonville on

Yes, you can. I nursed my daughter while I was pregnant with my son. I stopped in my 2nd trimester (my daughter was 9 months old), but that was just because my breasts were very sore and it was uncomfortable for me. Do you have a local La Leche League? If not, try contacting their 1800 number. They were very helpful. I have known women who breastfed throughout their entire pregnancy, then breastfed both babies when the new baby was born. It is up to her what she wants to do. Some doctors say you should stop because it can cause premature labor. I would say do your research and do what you (she) is comfortable with. :) Healthy babies and healthy mama is what matters most, so unless she is having issues with preterm labor I would not worry, but that is just my opinion.



answers from San Diego on

I have seen awesome pictures of a woman breastfeeding a newborn AND young toddler.



answers from Las Vegas on

Your daughter can always get a second opinion. Ask your granddaughter's pediatrician. I believe she should be able to, but I would be sure that she is on a very strict nutritious diet so all three of them get the nutrients and calories they need. Her OB might want to send her to a dietitian for guidance, if needed.


answers from Washington DC on

I successfully breastfed my son while pregnant with my second son. I weaned him when i was 30 weeks pregnant without ANY issues...

Have your daughter talk to her OB/GYN and work from there.




answers from Los Angeles on

The short answer is YES, absolutely.

She should contact her local La Leche League for support.


answers from Oklahoma City on

I've nursed all of mine while I was pregnant. (except my first obviously haha) I usually lost my milk when I was about 4 months pregnant though. I have friends who have continued all through their pregnancies though.
The only thing my OB ever said was that the taste of the milk changes so the baby might not like it anymore but as long as they still want to nurse then it's fine, the moms body takes care of the baby (in belly) 1st, nursing baby 2nd, and momma last.


answers from Los Angeles on

I have not tandem nursed, but as I'm sure you've read by now, it's entirely possible.


answers from Redding on

I breast fed while pregnant but pretty much ran out of milk when I was about 5mos along and had to start supplementing with formula.



answers from Phoenix on

Your daughter should call your local La Leche League support group.

There are plenty of mothers who successfully nurse while pregnant, and then even after the birth.

My understanding from those moms, is that they all wished they had weaned the baby before the arrival of the newborn.

If your daughter is young, healthy, eats right, drinks tons, doesn't smoke, yada, yada..they should all be fine. But her own health is at risk if she doesn't take care of herself.



answers from San Francisco on

it might drain her calories a bit, but she can make up for that. i think the biggest issue is that the new baby may not get the colostrum that he/she needs...check up on that. it might be that she could stop just a month or so before the next one is born...i'm not sure. but i would hope she can keep nursing her little one as long as possible! and maybe even both at the same time (i've seen that done a ton of times). good luck!

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