Can You Recommend a Good Thermometer for Kids and Adults

Updated on September 14, 2009
M.W. asks from Lincoln, CA
7 answers

I need to by a new thermometer, can anyone recommend one for kids and adults. I like the ear ones, any good brands??

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answers from Stockton on

I am a nurse and mother of 3 I use the Exergen Temporal Scanner it is quick, easy, and you can do it while they sleep. The ear thermometers are pushed to parents but are actually pretty difficult to do correctly and are not very accurate. A conventional digital thermometer works well but takes more time and kids just don't want to sit still.
Here is a link to look at it and see where to find it.

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answers from San Francisco on

Your own hands work great. Really. You know if your baby is hot, and you can even learn to feel exactly how hot.



answers from New York on

I just never get the right results with the ear thermometer..i have bought several and I just find the results are always different within minutes. If you have a child over 3, I would just buy the Vicks quick digital (bought mine at cvs). It takes about about 5 seconds and always tells the temp of the last time it was taken.
Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi M.,
I have the Braun brand ear thermometer and it has worked out great but I am an RN and in some departments of the hospital we use a temporal artery scanner that you glide across the forehead and it reads instantly. I recently saw one at Costco. that one is pretty cool.



answers from Sacramento on

I really do not like the ear thermometer. I can never get it in right and i feel bad if I have to use it and they have an ear infection. That cant feel good. The one I use is one that slides over the forehead. I cant find it right now. But got it at target or walmart. It's gray and white and has a button on it. All you do is push the button and slide it across their forehead quick and easy.



answers from Sacramento on

I'm super happy with my Thermoscan. I think I got it from Pricey, but works REALLY well and is fast.


answers from Sacramento on

I love our exergen temporal scanner! It is so very easy to use on my 7 year old and 3 year old! My husband and I use it also! Easy to use if your child is sleeping!!

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