Can You Recommend a Good (Reliable) Dermatologist?

Updated on December 07, 2007
K.F. asks from New Lenox, IL
6 answers

I need to take my son to a dermatologist (he's only 3) and because most stories I hear about dermatologists are not good ones, I was hoping someone could recommend a good one? THANKS.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi K.,
My husband and I have recently seen a new doctor, Dr. Jenkins (a young woman) at Fine Skin Derm. on Essington in Joliet. She is really nice, hardly no wait at all and we got appts immediately. My daughter has also seen Dr. Reddy but in the Joliet office on Glenwood. That place is called Derm. Ltd. but we waited almost a month and a half for that appt because she was a new patient. Good Luck!



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Dr. Sarah Stein, recommended by my pediatrician who is one of the top peds in the country. He recommended her when my son had mysterious brown spots on his back. Any one that you find you will have to wait months to get an appt. b/c there aren't that many that practice in Illinois. Unless you can get your regular physician to write you a prescription to see one. I tried going directly to her, as well as other pediatric derms and found and was told that I would wait several months unless it was an emergency.
Her office # is ###-###-####
and is at the University Of Chicago Comer Hospital and practices at several locations.
***She is strictly a pediatric dermatologist***



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It looks like you are located in New Lenox.

Iwould NOT recommend a woman doctor (Joy something I think) out of Pronger Smith on LaGrange. I have been to Arnold Gombiner... nice but a little too old. I was also seen by Vivek Iyengar and thought he seemed pretty good. They are located at 18425 West Creek Drive in Tinley Park ###-###-####. It does seem to be really difficult to find a good dermo. I am interested to see the other responses.



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I took my then-3 month old son to Dr. Neubauer who is also with the Advanced Cosmetic Laser and Surgery but he's in the Joliet office (or was the last time we went.)

My son had a VERY rare condition and Dr. Neubauer not only knew what it was, he also caught something else that had gone unnoticed (and wasn't dermatologic in nature.) I believe he did a residency in pediatrics before doing a second in dermatology.

I really cannot say enough good about the care we got from him. He was also patient with us as we found what worked to make my son "better."



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Dr. Reddy (or Ready) at The Advanced Cosmetic Laser and Surgery Center in Naperville on Bond St (by Deihl). She's a dermatologist and an internist and is really nice. Their number is: ###-###-####. They have other offices around Chicagoland, but I don't think that she goes to any of the others. She seems to know her stuff and noticed stuff that I didn't even bring up.



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My dermatologist is FANTASTIC! I've seen him, my husband has seen him and our daughter saw him when she was 2. He's been great with all of us.

I know it's a bit out of your way, but if you can't find anyone near you, he's worth the trip.

Dr. Anthony Janiga, Advanced Clinical & Surgical Dermatology
Naperville - ###-###-####
Hinsdale - ###-###-####

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