Can You Recommend a Fairly Inexpensive Crib?

Updated on September 26, 2010
J.A. asks from Fresno, CA
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My 4 1/2 month old is still sleeping in our pack-n-play, and it is starting to sag with his weight, so I'd like to get him a "real" crib. I had hoped my 2-year-old would transition to a real bed by now, and the baby could use his crib, but that's probably not going to happen for another 6 months or so. So I need to find a crib for my baby, but since it'll only be used for about 6 months, I don't want to spend to much $. Been looking online at Target or BRU. Can you recommend a fairly inexpensive crib? I'm hoping to spend under $200. I would like a full-sized crib so that a quality mattress will fit inside it (versus a mini/portable crib) and we can use bedding that we already have. I thought about getting a used one, but that concerns me, since we want to make sure the crib is 100% reliable.

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So What Happened?

We ended up going w/ an Ikea crib on sale for about $70. We've been very happy with it. We also got an Ikea mattress (a "good" one that cost almost as much as the crib!) but it is fairly soft, and I wouldn't recommend it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

There is a great children's consignment shop in Santa Monica try there. It is on the corner of Lincoln and Bay called showmethemoneybaby. Tell Devon that Penny sent you



answers from Los Angeles on

You can always buy one at a consignment store. They will not resell it if it has been recalled and you can get a good price. Plus it's usually assembled for you! :)

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answers from Chicago on is a great source it's like craigslist. I wouldn't be opposed to a used one, I have one for sale that was only used by one kid & it's in impeccable condition ( to bad you live so far)

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answers from Houston on

IKEA has some great inexpensive cribs and mattresses.

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Toys R Us has a Jenny Lind style that is around $80. My mom's boss gave us their crib that they used for their last daughter. I used it with my daughter for 2 1/2 years and now my son is still using and he will be two in October. So, it has held up really well and it was the $80 Jenny Lind from Toys R Us. Good Luck!

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Mini cribs at Babies R Us are cheaper but smaller than the full size cribs. Plus if you decide to keep it for longer than 6 months, your baby should be able to fit in it for a while - I've been told up to 2 years. Also, Wal-Mart sells cheap cribs with great reviews as well. I believe they have an eco-friendly crib too that is $200 or less.



answers from Chicago on

IKEA has great cribs for about $150-200. Ours is the Leksvik model and we love it!



answers from Dallas on

We got our crib at IKEA and it has lasted six years now.



answers from Reno on

You might want to consider one of the convertible cribs that will become a twin bed and dresser in the future, so that you avoid having to buy a bed when he outgrows the crib.



answers from Los Angeles on

We have a crib that we want to sell. It is in excellent condition, used by only one child in a pet free home. Originally $550. Natural wood finish. Bought new for crib's easy and quiet one-hand side rail lowering and raising motion. With it we have a Baby Beautyrest, Back care VII mattress, which we can include (originally priced at $100).
Dimensions, Crib: 49"H, 59" W, 30.25"D

We can sell it for $200. If you are interested in a photo, please send me an email at [email protected]



answers from Dallas on

Go to your local baby resale shop. That's where we bought our daughter's crib and changing station. We spent $125. We trust our local baby resale shop due to they don't accept recalled items.



answers from Raleigh on

we love our IKEA crib, $ 99 at the store:)



answers from Las Vegas on

I would go to a reputable consignment store. Good stores are very careful as to what they accept. You can always google the crib brand to make sure there have been no recalls etc. We have a used one at my parent's place for when we are visiting & it has been great!



answers from Pittsburgh on

This is kind of just common sense, and it may or not be an option for you--but can you borrow O. from someone who is done with theirs (for now at least?) It will likely be for less than a year.
We have an only child and we could have bought anything we wanted--but we chose to be practical and we just borrowed my SIL's crib. Plus t was kind of cool that our little guy was using the same crib as his cousins. Just a thought. Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Now, really, don't you have some friends or people in your church who just transitioned their child to a bed that you can borrow theirs? I know you don't want an "anonymous" used crib, but there has GOT to be one out there that somebody you know has just finished with.



answers from Minneapolis on

They do make thicker mattresses for pack n plays. We bought one for our baby for at home use since the pads that come with them are so darn hard. only about $30 at BRU.


answers from Los Angeles on

Craigslist, used. I know you may think, " precious angel can't have a used crib" but very RARELY do you run into dirty people selling cribs or people with unkept babies, in general. I would only consider one that is currently assembled. Then upon initial inquiry, ask for the make and model # and look it up to make sure it's not a recalled model. When you go to check it out & buy it, take it apart YOURSELF and masking tape all of the screws to the parts that they go with, for easy reassembly. I've assembled, disassembled and reassembled our crib. It's easy, if you are at all inclined to do so!
And of course, if you get to the house of the seller and it's not clean or somethings not right, LEAVE. :) Usually when I buy things on craigslist, the people live better than I do and they are very good housekeepers. $45 w/matt $40 no matt $40 w/matt $65 w/matt
Most of these people probably just want the space that it takes up back!



answers from Los Angeles on

What about transitioning your 2 year old to a toddler bed so your baby can use the crib? We found a nice toddler bed on clearance at Walmart for $50 and all we had to do was buy a crib mattress to fit on the bed. Just an idea. Good luck!

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