Can You Get Swollen Lymph Nodes from Chronic Allergies?

Updated on June 28, 2012
A.B. asks from Madison, WI
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Please note first off: I am a very anxious person when it comes to health concerns. Yes, I'm being treated for it w/ medication and regular therapy. But, it is still a constant battle for me, fighting off the anxious thoughts.

So, I'm just looking for a little reassurance for my latest symptom:) I'm not allowing myself to "google" my symptoms because that just typically worsens my anxiety.

Anyway, in the past few months I've been experiencing allergy symptoms on and off: Sneezing, sinus pressure, watery eyes, fullness in my ears, post nasal drip, etc. Back in May my doctor put me on an antibiotic bc my symptoms were lasting quite awhile and she thought maybe I had had an infection of some sort. Well, the symptoms didn't get a whole lot better and then last week I also noticed what appears to be a swollen lymph node behind my ear lobe, along upper jaw line. so, I checked in w/ doctor again (via email) and she decided to prescribe a stronger antibiotic, thinking the first may not have cleared the whole infection up. SO, I just started that this week. But, now I'm fixated on this swollen lymph node and feeling like the rest of my lymph nodes seem bigger w/ some neck achiness. So, of course my anxious brain jumps to the worst case scenario. UGH, anxiety it's horrible

Anyway, I'm just curious if those of you who have suffered from chronic seasonal allergies ever notice that your lymph nodes swell up after lots of drainage, etc.???


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answers from Boston on

Happens to my daughter all the time and, since it seems to affect the lymph nodes in her abdomen the worst, she then gets nauseous. Regular sleep, a good anti-allergy medication and a healthy diet help and don't forget to keep drinking a ton of water!

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answers from Washington DC on


Yes. Your lymph nodes can swell with normal seasonal allergies. Especially when the pollen count or what you are allergic to is "high".

Please talk to your doctor about your anxiety. They do have meds for that. It will help you lead a more "normal" life and not go to worst case scenario every time something isn't "right".

I have a chronic swollen lymph node on my jaw line. There are times when it looks like a half of a baseball. It can affect my life. Do I want it removed? Sometimes. So instead of trying to dose it antibiotics? Try some holistic medicine or practices - going to a chiropractor has helped my lymph nodes TREMENDOUSLY! NO KIDDING!!!

Take LOCAL UNPASTEURIZED honey for your allergies - one teaspoon a day - that will help alleviate some of the affects of allergies. In some cases it will make them disappear.

If that's not the way you wan to go? Make sure you take your allergy medicine DAILY. Talk with your doctor about another allergy medicine to take - as you may have taken this one for so long that your body is immune to it. Also ask about having another allergy test done so that you can see just what it is you are allergic too. Allergies change over the years...


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answers from Austin on

Here's the situation.... basically, the lymph system is trying to capture any of the bacteria/viruses that are floating around in your system.. that is why they are swollen.

The allergy situation can cause inflammation of tissues (nasal tissues, especially) which can trap any of the bacteria, and ultimately cause a sinus infection or something like that.

So, if there are any bacteria floating around, bugging your system, the lymph nodes are filtering them out......

And.. they can stay swollen for a while after the infection is gone, also.

"Lymph nodes may remain swollen or firm long after an initial infection is gone. This is especially true in children, whose glands may decrease in size while remaining firm and visible for many weeks."

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answers from St. Louis on

100% YES....not just me, but my sons too.

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answers from St. Louis on

Yes, yes you can. I have had it happen before as did my older daughter. I am apparently severely allergic to New York City, who knew. :p By the time I landed in St Louis I was sure some part of my body was going to explode from the pressure. I went to the doctor expecting to be told I had the plague and he said allergies, nothing but allergies.

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answers from Honolulu on

My Husband has sinus problems.
He is just prone to it.
Sometimes he gets a sinus INFECTION, versus it just acting up.
At that point, he needs an antibiotic.
Just know that, and per his Doctor, sinus infections... can be hard to clear up or immediately. Even if on antibiotics.
Because, the sinus cavity is a dark dank cave.... and even a Doc, if he looks up the nose, cannot see... EVERYTHING in there.
And yes, if one family of antibiotics does not clear it up, then another family of antibiotics needs to be used.
And what works for one, may not for another.
And yes, the lymph nodes, can get swollen, because there is an infection.

IF your neck is sore, then tell your Doc.
But it is most likely due to your sinus infection... and the lymph nodes trying to battle that.
But you should tell your Doctor.

Now about your allergies: do you KNOW that you have allergies and are you taking allergy meds? ie: Claritin, Zyrtex, Allegra etc.?????
Or prescription allergy meds? Or are you just assuming you have allergies?
My Husband as I said, is prone to Sinus problems. But he is not allergic per say to stuff in the air/dust/pollen/etc. He just has sinus problems.
I have seasonal allergies or to stuff in the air/dust/pollen TOO... BUT I do NOT have, Sinus problems.
So, one does not beget the other, necessarily.
I have never had, sinus problems nor sinus infections. But I have allergies.

Bad Sinus Infections... can affect the whole face/neck/eyes/jaws/ears and cause achiness etc.. The Sinuses and the nose/mouth/throat can all affect each other. That is why there are ENT Doctors. Ears/Nose/Throat.

You might want to try Sudafed... with "Pseudoephedrine." At any drugstore you can get it, but you have to go up to the counter and ask the Pharmacy for it. Because it is kept there, not on open shelves. It is non-drowsy and 12 hour. It works well for sinus issues. My Husband uses this, as maintenance.

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answers from Boston on

Yes. My oldest son has severe spring allergies and every now again he'll get a swollen lymph node from it, right at the base of his skull, behind the ear.

Are you treating the allergies with an antihistamine (Benadryl and/one of the new allergy pills, plus a good decongestant like Sudafed)? The antibiotics won't help with your allergies, just any underlying infection that may be there. Be sure you're still treating the actual allergies too in order to get maximum relief.

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answers from Denver on

I think so - but I'm not a Dr. If you do have allergies, I would treat those w/ allergy meds (and see an allergist). In the mean time, I would try a sinus rinse - they are not full of medicine, but do flush out your sinuses - and are great for allergy sufferers. Just ask about them at the pharmacy. Don't worry and just ask you Dr as well. Take Good Care!

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answers from Dallas on

Absolutly yes! My almost 16 yr old was born with lil pea sized nodules, one behind each ear. Then came the eczema and asthma and chronic allergies. They are now noticeable and the same size on each side. We have had blood work because I tend to freak out too! Nothing is wrong other than he is allergic to just about everything, literally. We just make sure he takes his meds and move on with life! A side note, antibiotics do not make his shrink either!



answers from Minneapolis on

Yes our allergist told us that your body is more susceptible to illnesses when it is dealing with allergies. Therefore your immune system does get a workout with allergies.

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