Can You Cook a Spiral Sliced Ham in the Crockpot?

Updated on May 21, 2008
J.D. asks from Burlington, KY
10 answers

I was wondering if anyone has ever cooked a spirial sliced ham using a crockpot and if you had a recipe.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

I did this last year and it got terribly dried out. I started it early in the morning and kept it covered really well with foil, but when it came time to eat (which got delay- part of the problem) it was overcooked. I would definitely try it again, but be careful with the cook time and temp of the crockpot(maybe reduce once the ham gets warm). It was nice to have my oven free for the other casseroles and rolls that needed different oven temp.

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answers from Lafayette on

I've never done it, but I'm planning to try it this year. Here are two recipes I found at The first one is using an uncooked ham, and the second using a cooked ham. They both look delicious, but I'm planning on making the second one. Good luck!

Happy Easter!



answers from Indianapolis on

I have found that ham or pork turns a bit grey in the crock pot. Baking it in the oven is the best way to go!
Good luck



answers from Indianapolis on

I always cook my hams in the crockpot. You can use any kind of liquid that you like. My mother uses a little bit of orange juice and some brown sugar. I have used maple syrup to give it some sweetness. You just need a little bit of liquid drizzled over the ham. If it's already cooked, then you can cook it long enough to warm it all the way through...usually 5 or 6 hours on LOW depending on the size. I think you'll like the results!

Good luck!



answers from Muncie on

From experience yes. I always put cola over mine, pineapple and brown sugar. Cook it on low while you're in bed. It's great! Making me hungry!



answers from Bloomington on

Never tried it in crockpot.. But if you have time brown sugar and can coke over top makes it taste wonderful if baking. May work the same in a crock pot.



answers from Cincinnati on

I am always looking for new recipes to use in my crockpot. The other day I came across this website you might find useful. This lady uses her crockpot everyday and if you can cook a ham I am sure she has done it. Good luck!



answers from South Bend on

One of the best recipe websites I have found on the net is

They have tons of variations of any dish you can think of! =)



answers from Indianapolis on

I am not to certain that a crock pot would get a ham hot enough to make it safe to eat. I believe that pork has to reach a certain temp.please check first.
Hope that helps.
Check with your butcher at your store or whereever you get your ham.



answers from Dayton on

I have seen recipes for ham in a crockpot. The best recipe website is because they have recipes for everything.

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