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Updated on October 21, 2012
A.U. asks from Lakin, KS
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Has anyone ever gotten pregnant after having a tubal ligation? Have 4 children and just got my tubes tied 6 weeks after my son was born in January!! I have had very scheduled periods since then, and now have missed by 7 days!!! Am also having a lot of signs of pregnancy again!! Please help me is it my imaginion or should I really consider yet AGAIN bying one of those tests that tells you here we grow again!!!

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answers from Fargo on

My friend had a tubal ligation and still conceived! She was six months along before she knew she was pregnant - she thought she was going through menopause! :)

You might want to go out and buy a test!

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answers from Hartford on

It's more possible to get pregnant after a tubal ligation than it is after a vasectomy. Yes, it's totally possible for things to heal up enough to conceive. Buy a home test, but one way or another make a call to your OB on Monday for a check-up. Even if a home test comes out negative I would want a check-up and a blood test.

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answers from Honolulu on

It is NOT a 100% preventative.
No way.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Yes it's possible. It is VERY unlikely but it still happens sometimes. You need to go to the Dr ASAP. Since you had a ligation it's very possible to have an ectopic pregnancy if you are indeed pregnant. I hope your dr told you these things before you agreed to the procedure.. :( Hope everything is well. I had a ligation done in January, so I would be freaking out if I was in that situation. Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome back!!! you've been gone a long time!!!

Anything is possible. I would get to my OB/GYN and get checked out. It might be nothing and could be something. I would get checked out, especially if everything has been "normal" for the last 9 months.

Good luck!! Hope it's just stress or life!!

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answers from Biloxi on

I have a tenant who is currently expecting - she had a tubal last year.



answers from Charlotte on

You could have a tubal pregnancy. Please get to the doctor.




answers from Baton Rouge on

It is my understanding that a tubal pregnancy is still possible, since you do still ovulate.



answers from Topeka on

yes,it happened to a lady i know 18 months later she now has 3 and had to have it redone.Now I have Essure & my urologist hasn't had anyone come back pregnant after the 3 months test for closure.highly possible if not using a back up method prior,mama of 4


answers from Houston on

Well it is possible, but not probable. I know lots of people with tubals that have not gotten pregnant so I think you could be in the non prego category. I had a similar thing recently, posted it right up here actually a little over a month ago. My hubby had a vasectomy after our third and then got the first check but not the second like he was ordered to, but based on the details of the test and his results showing zero count, we felt great. So I was nursing for a bit and didn't have a period, then I had a totally normal period, then nothing and I am super duper regular. I took two tests, two different brands, and had two very faint lines appear close to the time the test was done. I kept testing and nothing. Period did not show up until two weeks later and then lasted 12 days! It was awful and crazy and an emotional roller coaster. So I chalk it up to stress, anxiety that the thing you really don't want to happen has happened and just wacky hormones after three kids and having one still nursing. So just keep a candle for the thought you bod is a little wacked out and all is well! My MIL had one done 14 yrs ago and no babies for her and she has five kids so that was relief to her! I do know that they say tubals aren't as reliable as vasectomy, but I do know many people who have had no issue. Wish you the best!



answers from San Francisco on

I have a friend who got pregnant with TWINS after a tubal ligation. Apparently they didn't cauterize it enough. I would go to the doctor ASAP and get checked for ectopic pregnancy---that would be very dangerous if you did. Best wishes and hope you are ok.

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