Can This Be an Allergic Reaction?

Updated on October 25, 2019
J.A. asks from Elmhurst, IL
13 answers

My 5 year old son had some cavities filled yesterday. He was given laughing gas and novacaine. This morning he woke up with a fat blistered lip. The lip still looks swollen and has a blister over it.

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answers from Portland on

I have a reaction whenever I am in contact with latex - so maybe they used latex gloves or that dam they put across had it in it? You can get hive and swelling (redness too). A hive can be a bump, etc. If I get contact dermatitis (I get it from some trees like cedars) I get little bumps that look like fluid filled blisters. You can Google.

I would just call the dentist office. Talk to them. They don't have to use those gloves next time too - they'll make a note in his chart.

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answers from Boston on

Obviously you will call the dentist as soon as the office opens.

One question I would ask is whether a suction device or anything else with a tube or cord was resting on that lip for the duration of the procedure. If your child was "out" then they might have left something in one place during the whole session. Rubbing could cause irritation and a blister. Is it just one lip, or both? If just one, I would doubt an allergic reaction, but again, your dentist knows your child best.

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answers from Norfolk on

It could be an allergic reaction.
It could also be from his biting his lip when he couldn't feel it.
Or it could be a cold sore.
Talk to your dentist and your pediatrician.

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answers from Portland on

It's unlikely to be an allergic reaction. An allergic reaction would contain small hives and would be around his mouth and not in one spot only. Look at the swollen lip to see if the skin is broken. It's much more likely for the swelling and blister to be caused by him biting his lip.

Since you're concerned about it call the dentist. I don't understand why your first thought is to ask strangers on the Internet. We don't know what procedure the dentist used or what the lip looks like.

There is a remote possibility that the equipment used could have injured the lip. However, I doubt this is an allergy.

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answers from San Francisco on

Why don't you just call the dentist and ask if this is a normal reaction?

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answers from Dallas on

Im wondering if he bit/chewed it while numb? Or is having a reaction to the gloves the dentist was wearing? I’d think a reaction to the nitrous oxide would be more systemic rather than a blistered lip. Follow up with dentist or pediatrician this morning so you have a better idea of what you’re dealing with for future medical procedures.

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answers from Washington DC on

Or possibly he bit his lip because of the lack of feeling due to the novacaine.

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, J..

You need to contact the dentist and your son's pediatrician.

It COULD be an allergic reaction, it could be a side effect of the Novocain. Take him to the doctor. Get him checked out. He might be tested for allergies against latex and other things.,..

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answers from Washington DC on

i know for sure whether or not it is. i could tell you without a doubt. and despite the fact that we've never met and i don't have a medical degree, you can 100% trust me.

or you could call a doctor.


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answers from Miami on

Definitely call and talk to them. And if he has a latex allergy, this is important to know. I would consider discussing it with your ped as well. Forewarned is forearmed!

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answers from Washington DC on

Thanks for your question J. A.

Just as a friendly reminder, per Mamapedia Guidelines:

Mamapedia does allow medical questions to be asked, however we do not encourage it. The first and best source for the answers to all such questions will always be an appropriate certified professional. Please always consult such a professional in these matters first and foremost.

Mamapedia does not offer medical advice to our members, and any such advice you receive on the site is taken at your own risk.


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answers from Dallas on

What does the dentist and/or Dr say?

The first thing I’d do is ask the Dr and/or dentist vs strangers on the internet.

Just saying.

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answers from Atlanta on

Really the only way to know is to take pictures of it and take him to his pediatrician.

You need to let the dentist know there was an issue. Show him/her the pictures as well.

Your son might have an allergy to latex. Your son might have bit his lip because he couldn't feel it. No way for us to know on the internet. Sorry.

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