Can Sensa Be Used While Nursing?

Updated on May 26, 2011
F.D. asks from Ridgefield, NJ
5 answers

Hi. Has anyone tried it? Does it work? Thanks.

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answers from Austin on

What IS Sensa?! I saw an infomercial for it, and while they kept saying what wasn't in it, they never really explained what it was.



answers from Milwaukee on

From other people's past posts it was something to AVOID.

I think eating right and nursing would be the best thing to do without any extra things put into your system.



answers from San Francisco on

I wouldn't because whatever you put into your body, you will be giving to baby too. If you don't know whats in it, how do you know its safe? I would eat healthy and 6 small meals a day with lots of water. You will lose weight that way and its safe!



answers from Dallas on

No. You should not diet while nursing.


answers from Tampa on

Anything other than exercise and eating healthy that states it will help you loose weight should never be taken while breastfeeding. Most of them alter your natural metabolic functions to make you starve yourself or creates a faster heart rate - BOTH things that are bad for you and definitely bad for baby.

Breastfeeding alone will help you maintain if not lose the weight you've added on with pregnancy. Most women I know of have the fat melt off them while breastfeeding.

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