Can My Friend Drive My Car with a Foreign Driving License?

Updated on July 30, 2008
F.B. asks from Garland, TX
4 answers

Hello Mamas,

I have a friend from France who is coming for a visit soon. Does anybody know whether she is allowed to drive my car with her European Driving License? How about renting a car?

Thanks for your help!


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answers from Dallas on

I have a cousin who lives half the time in England and half the time here. Her husband is from England and his business brings them here often. It has been 8 years and 4 children later...she drives in England with her US license and he drives here with his license from England.

I know he is a speed demon and has been stopped a lot and it has never been an issue. If anything, he got special treatment!!

My husband travels to Mexico and Canada and I rent cars for him. He shows his passport and TXDL. No issues. However, he is on the road weekly and we spend about $1000 a month on rental cars so when his name is pulled up within the system of Hertz or Alamo, he is recognized as a routine renter.

With all that said.....I do not know the specific "rules".



answers from Dallas on

Yes, your friend should be able to drive here with his European license. If he stays in US for more than 6 months, he should probably get a license here (very easy to get the american license compare to getting it in Europe). He might have an international driving license also, as most europeans do. We know lots of europeans that come over for visiting who drive here with the license of their country. It will be imposible to have a driving license for each country you visit. To feel better, your insurance company can asnwer it for you and you will also know if your car insurance will cover him. Enjoy the visit.



answers from Austin on

If you haven't already, make sure your car insurance company would cover her if she has an accident in your car.



answers from Dallas on

I'm pretty sure the answer is No but I'm not posotive.
I don't travel much but you have to have a valid state license for which state you are driving in or at least a license from the US.

Take care.

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