Can I Start Giving My 11 Month Old New Table Foods?

Updated on February 11, 2008
P.V. asks from Costa Mesa, CA
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I have been feeding my baby solids since he was 5 months old. Although I still breastfeed my baby I am introducing new foods all the time in a gradual way. Among the foods I give him are: rice cereal and/or oatmeal with some formula or breast milk (breakfast) along with some fruit like ripe bananas and some other gerber fruits. Also, I have given him gerber dinners such as chicken with veggies and all those types of 3rd foods for veggies as well. I also give him other ripe fruits such as plums and nectaries and he loves all that.

I have been giving him some new table foods to him such as: mashed potatoes, beans, bread, cheese, chicken, beef (ground), turkey (ground)... veggies like spinach, corn, peas, brocoli, rice, bread... etc.... He seems to enjoy all the table foods I give him but I am not so shure how far I can go. He started to favor the table foods over the gerber foods which I totally understand! Gerber foods are not tasty to my taste. So, I want to start giving him table foods more often. I always adjust the temperature and consistency of the food I give him like cut the food into small pieces and so on.
Could anybody tell me if it's ok to give him table foods? and keep introducing new ones all the time. I found it more convenient for me since I don't have to spend so much money on gerber foods but safety is first for my baby so I don't want to give him something I am not supposed to. I have been wondering if I could give him eggs?

Thank you for all your input!

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So What Happened?

Thanks all for helping out on my question. I appreciate all the advice and comments about giving my baby table foods. I have started to give him table foods taking in consideration that they need to be healthy and nutritious, yet tasty and with more texture. My baby loves it and I know he is ready to eat like that. I feel relieved because buying baby foods was so costly for me since he is increasing apetita and he is demanding more food. Now, I give him what we eat and he is enjoying it.

Thanks for all your support,


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It sounds like you're giving your child a variety of foods which is great! I started my daughter on table food at 6 months because she wanted what her brother was eating. She just turned 1 and now eats pretty much anything. My peditrician gave me the ok to give her almost everything. I don't see why you can't continue to give your son table food and introduce more. I gave my daughter egg at about 9 months old. I gave her the whole thing. I know a lot of people say the yolk, but I never had a problem with either of my kids. I was also given the ok by my ped to give berries and also peanutbutter. I was told that those things are ok as long as you don't have a history of allergies in your family. My daughter also loved cheese and yogurt at this age.

I would first call your pediatrician and see if there is a reason why you can't continue to introduce foods. If you have specific questions about certain things you can ask them at that time.

Good luck!




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Absolutely my 9 month old eats table food almost exclusively. I think you can give him egg yolks. My daughter was eating eggs at 11 months but I found out after you are only supposed to give them the yolks. You are supposed to avoid things lke peanutbutter, honey, strawberries. These are all foods that are more likely to cause allergic reactions.



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Your baby is going to be 1 year soon and thats when he starts cows milk with a sippy cup. Bottles only at night if you can and yes lots of grown up food abs long as he can chew go for it.
I have a 7 month old with no teeth that Im feeding everything that you are because she wants it and she is doing better on it then the baby food. If you want to get read of the baby food start mixing in Rice, little pastas or I put Cheeros to at least get her to eat it. Start the YO baby yogarts they love that.
You are fine.



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Go for it mama,

Your child is really smart at this age. Not only is table food better tasting but it is easier for him to pick up. Sometime around 9 months old your child will develope a "pincer grasp". This is when you child is able to pick small particles (dust, dirt, ect)with the finger and thumb. This is an important milestone because when infants/toddlers try new foods or textures, sometimes they gag. This is not from choking. It is a natural response to new textures.

Things to be avoided......NO HONEY UNTIL 1 YEARS OLD,can cause botulism. NO COWS MILK TO DRINK UNTIL 2 WEEKS BEFORE HE TURNS 1 YEARS OLD. The problem with cows milk it is very difficult to break down the protiens in the stomach. It could cause stomach bleeding and/or make him allergic to milk. Now with that being said. Becareful about chunks of food.....hotdogs, grapes, kix cereal..... Anything that is solid and round is a choking risk. Cut in very small pieces or offer a slice instead of a chunk. As for the eggs, I see people do it both ways. Offer whole egg at 1 years old or just the yoke. I doubt either really matters as long as you only introduce 1 new food every 3-5 days.


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