Can I Send My Sick Son to School Yet?!?!

Updated on February 22, 2011
M.M. asks from Bladensburg, OH
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My 8 yr. old son has been on antibiotics for strep since Friday... he's feeling better but still running a low fever. Right now it is 100.7. Yesterday it was around that all day and he was boucing off the walls!! Can he go to school today and no one (at school) will ever know he has a little fever?!? Thanks!

The only reason I would even consider this is b/c he's on the antibiotics. Is he still contagious?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the quick advice. Now his temp is 101.4 so he won't be going. I'm going to see if I can run in and get his work so we can get caught up! Thanks again :o)

In answer to some of your questions... yes he did test positive for strep. He started the anitbiotics on Friday... he is already allergic to the 2 that they mainly use so it is likely that this one is not working properly. We stayed home again today since the fever went a bit higher. I called the dr. and they said to let it run its course and agreed w/ keeping him home in case he has a virus on top of the strep throat! Thanks again! :o)

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I think 24 hrs w/o fever is the norm, but I've heard you're not contagious after 24 hrs on antibiotic. I would probably send him doped up with ibuprofen if he was acting fine. Being honest.

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answers from Chicago on

I know you already made the decision, but PLEASE don't ever send your child to school with a little temp that no one will know about. I am a public school teacher, and I cannot tell you how many diseases, sicknesses, and illnesses I have brought home to my husband and two kids because a parent sent the child to school sick. My entire family caught H1N1 last fall because of a student (and his entire table at school had it, too). Wait until your child is completely healthy so that others don't catch what he has.

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answers from Boston on

He cannot go to school if he has a fever if he still has it the antibiotic might not be working and needs a different one. Call your doctor.

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At my kids' school, 24 hours fever-free is the rule. I would keep him home.

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answers from Philadelphia on

No your NOT allowed to send kids to school if they still have a fever because they are still contagious.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I believe the rule is has to be 24 hours WITHOUT fever unmedicated before a child can go back to school.

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answers from Boca Raton on

You may want to check your school's handbook to see what the policy is on fevers.

If it were me I would not do it - with a fever he may still be contagious. My younger son had strep 5 times in kindergarten and it nearly drove me crazy.

With strep I would also watch for OCD-ish behaviors - if you see those you may want to research PANDAS.

It's really important to get over strep all the way . . . at least in my "mom" opinion (and I'm not a healthcare expert of any kind).

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answers from Houston on

No! Wait until the fever breaks, then wait 24hrs. After that. Hope he feels better soon!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Our school rule is fever free for 24 hrs also. If they catch anything 99 or over we are called to get them immediatly. Please do not ever send your child with a little fever. So many parents do this. My kids bring it home and i get pneumonia. I have had pneumonia 3 times since nov. I have an autoimmune disease. Please know that you could be making someone's family member very sick. Even worse than what i go through :(

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answers from Dallas on

Call the doctor. Usually antibiotics kick in within 24 hours with a strep. I'd be suspicious that you need a different antibiotic.

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answers from Gainesville on

Fever free (unmedicated) for 24 hours is the rule. Sorry. Get some projects together, homework, reading, etc to keep him busy. If he's still running a fever his body is still fighting. You don't want that little fever to somehow translate into him getting someone else sick. I don't know how long on antibiotics before they are no longer considered contagious but you may want to talk to his doctor before sending him back.

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answers from Atlanta on

Usually antibiotics take at least 48 hours before they begin to work. Usually for most schools the rule is that the child has to be fever free up to 24 hours. Don't send him to school-he may very well still be contagious and then it will just pass back and forth throughout the school. Be considerate of the other parents and their children.
On another note do you know for sure that he had strep and not tonsilitis? If he had strep they would have swabbed his throat and it come back as positive. Which would require an antibiotic. Tonsilitis is pretty similiar the only difference is that it has to run its course which can be up to 7 days. An antibiotic would do nothing for him if it was tonsilitis.......sorry! I hope he gets to feeling better soon and please don't send him back to school until that fever has disappeared for 24 hours! Once I brought my kids to an urgent care and she diagnosed with Tonsilitis and prescribed an antibiotic. However my pediatrician had diagnosed for the same thing several times before and told me that an antibiotic does nothing and I would just have to let it run its course. Of course the doc was an idiot because as it turned out she didn't have strep, tonsilitis or anything of the sort it was the SWINE flu!!! Talk about being pissed off at that doc because at that point she was past the point of being able to get the Tamiflu. I vowed to never go back to that urgent care with my children because the doc obviously didn't know how to diagnose correctly. A simple test would have given her the answer......



answers from Indianapolis on

send him to school. Anything around 100 or less the school will generally ignore. As long as he has had at least 3 doses of the antibiotics, the Dr.'s will tell you he is fine to return.



answers from Cleveland on

Fever free for 24 hours. That also ensures that your child is well rested and won't relapse.


answers from Modesto on

If he is feeling fine and his temp is closer to normal this morning he's probably ok to go back.



answers from New York on

not when they have a fever.... they have to be 24 hours without a fever.

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