Can I File a Restraining Order Against My Husbands Girlfriend?

Updated on January 10, 2009
T.T. asks from Keller, TX
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My husband and I are seperating and his girlfriend I feel is unsafe to be around my child. I am aware that she has a "Multiple Personality Disorder" and she goes from from extreme to another.

My daughter has Special Needs and needs someone who is stable to be around her and wont harm her when she has her fits.

Can I file a restraining order against the girlfriend for reasons that I feel that she is not mentaly stable to be around my special needs child?

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I'm not sure about the restraining order but it can be put in your temporary seperation orders. I put in mine that my husband wasn't to take the children around his girlfriend (at the very least) until the divorce was final. Just keep in mind that he can put the same restrictions on you.
I would assume to file a restraining order or put it in your actual divorce decree there would have to be some sort of evidence that showed she could be harmful to your children...otherwise angry ex-wives everywhere would be making such claims whether founded or not.

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I agree with others -a restraining order isn't granted unless there has been some harm or very clear threats. Your attorney should be able to put something into the decree though.

But my question is about the "Multiple Personality Disorder." This is not a diagnosis anymore -it is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, so I am wondering how you know her diagnosis. This may sound like I am splitting hairs, but if someone told you she has MPD, then chances are she was not actually diagnosed with that. The label gets misused a lot. True DID is very, very rare. I am not saying that she does not have some type of mental illness, but make sure your sources are reliable. As a therapist, I see people self-diagnose all the time, but a condition like DID would take a psychiatrist and a battery of tests before it would be diagnosed.



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Unfortunately, the courts will not grant you a Restraining Order without something happening or a threat being made against your daughter or yourself. However, you can have your attorney put in place an Order stating that no women are to spend the night with your child (during her visitation) unless they are married. However, this goes both ways. It would affect you as well, no men allowed to spend the night when your daughter is at home. If this person has a disorder and your soon to be ex continues to be involved with her then you can request the court to issue supervised visitation due to her medical condition if they should marry. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of the court.
Hopefully your husband (soon to be ex) will realize that this is an issue and will correct it before it gets worse and your daughter is injured or hurt.
Just make sure your attorney knows the situation.



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I believe you would have to have something specific to your husband; supervised visitation or something due to lack of judgment (in putting child in the path of a woman that is unstable)??? I think the courts assume if you trust the father, you trust his judgment.

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