Can I Delete a Question Posted??

Updated on May 16, 2012
J.D. asks from Englewood, CO
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just dont want Some of the things i have asked to remain up!!! can i delete a question???

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies! nothing i regret askin just dont want to hurt any familys feelings if they happen to read it! and i feel somewhat scrutinized from some of the people! read for your self and you can see i wasnt being anything but needing help!

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answers from Charlotte on

Just click on "edit my answer" and delete it all except one character. You have to leave one letter or punctuation mark. You can also remove your SWH.

And yes, like the other posters said, the answers are still there. If there is a sensitive answer that you feel might contain too much info, you could privately ask the poster to delete hers in order to help you.


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answers from Dallas on

You can erase your question, but not the post. The answers will stay up but you can delete what you said.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I wish you could!! I didn't post anything I regret asking either, but one of my posts showed up in Google when we were searching for something, and my sister found it & knew from the question it was me. She knows I'm on Mamapedia, but she's not, so now I'm paranoid she'll go to my account & look at my q's/a's....not a huge deal, but I really thought I could be anonymous here! ;-) Ie, I really don't want anyone in my family to know we're pregnant again yet, would like to ask relationship q's, etc. Stinks that you can't delete the entire post, like you can on other sites! Now I'm wondering if I should abandon my account & start a new one...

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answers from Houston on

Yep, what they said. I've gone in and removed some incriminating words (hopefully) for this same reason. Just be prepared for the "mean girls" to shoot back at you that you are only running from answers that you didn't like.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree people really took you to task on your last question. You were concerned about a child being mean to your son. I know as a mom that it really bothers me when I hear other kids snap or say mean things to my kids. I am not sure why people reacted that way.

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answers from Portland on

Keep in mind that although you've deleted your words, the answers are still going to point in the direction of your question. You cannot delete the answers.

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