Can I Become Pregnant If My Idione Levels Are High

Updated on February 04, 2010
K.K. asks from North Royalton, OH
4 answers

I was pregnant 5 months back I had m/c at 7weeks there is no reason why i had m/c doctor did all kind of exams to me she said everything looks fine..after that we gave 6months gap to plan for next pregnancy since 3months i am not feeling well i took doctor appointment she told me my iodine levels are high like TSH 5.7 and my prolactin levels are high like any one can help me that can i become pregnant again sine three months we are trying but there is no luck find for me please any one can help me in this .is this diseases is curable please help me on this..already doctor gave me levo thyriod 100mcg medicine ..and i am 27years old i am getting scarry that will i become pregnant or not because i dont have any kids this is the frist pregnancy pls any one help me this diseases is curable

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answers from Columbus on

Iodine and thyroid are not the same, as far as I know. if your thyroid levels are not under control it can cause miscarriage- happened to my mom. She's been on levothyroid since I was 3, and no problems. It's safer to be controlled



answers from Cleveland on

TSH = Thyroid stimutating horomone

it seems as though you are Hypoythyroid. Don't know if you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is a common reason cause of hypothyroidism. You can find out with a simple blood test. Basically it is an auto-immune disease. Your body attacks its own thyroid. Basically there is no 'cure" but you must take synthetic thyroid horomone, such as Synthroid, every day and have your TSH levels monitored --usually about 2x year. If you are pregnant, you must have blood work done more often to monitor your levels. It is extremely important.

As for your question as to whether you can get pregnant with this disease, YES, as long as it is under control and you get your TSH levels to where they need to be. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos after the birth of my 1st son (I had a goiter and my TSH levels were 70!!!) I got pregnant with my second son about 2 years later with no problems. It is safe, and imperative, to take your thyroid medication while pregnant.

Do some research about Hypothyroidism on the web. I suggest
And ask your doctors any questions you may have. Good Luck!

L. :)



answers from Cleveland on

Hi, I'm sorry for your loss and the issues you are having. I have 3 kids and I have since miscarried twice in the past 9 months. after a whole series of tests they found what could be the problem and I am on medication. I have a gene mutation that causes my blood to clot, and they hope that if they can thin my blood and keep it from clotting that I will be able to maintain a pregnancy. One of the first things they checked were my prolactin levels. high levels can cause you to not ovulate. lots of things can cause you to have high levels and they might want to do an MRI and make sure that your pituitary gland is alright. here's a link that might be helpful in explaining it all.



answers from Cincinnati on

Prolactin levels at 22 are not THAT high. Just barely. I have a prolactinoma. It's a tumor that is not cancerous that grows in my anterior pituitary gland. If I could get my levels down to 22 I'd be happy. A prolactin level that would cause a problem would be much higher. (Currently my level is 65!) There are medications that I take to help get these levels lower and keep the tumor from growing but the tumor it's self will pretty much always be there.
I do not know about the iodine levels affecting pregnancy or being ale to ovulate/conceive.
I wish you the best of luck!

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