Can Babies See Ghosts or Angels???

Updated on June 24, 2010
D.J. asks from Summerville, SC
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So my husband and my mom think I am crazy. My daughter Presley is 8 months old and whenever we are in her room and I have her on the floor changing her diaper or playing with her she will stare into one corner of her room. If she is on her back facing away from that corner she will arch her back and strain to look into that corner and starts smiling and laughing at whatever is in that corner. The only thing in that corner is a rocking chair. So what do you think? I keep telling myself that maybe it is my father who passed away 12 years ago when I was 17 years old. It's nice to think that maybe he is with her..... ;)

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I used to wonder the same thing when my son was younger. I believe in spirits. I'd like to think they can, b/c it would be wonderful if my dad could see him as well!



answers from Augusta on

yes they can. It's like the story of the Polar Express, where at the end he gets a bell from santa but as he gets older the ring goes away, he can't hear it anymore but as a child he could. Babies , children and animals can see ghosts and angels.

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answers from Atlanta on

I love that! My twin girls did the same thing at the same spot of one room. My Mom passed before ever seeing the girls.
Then in our new home a humming bird hovered at a window as to look at the 3 of us individually and say I've found you and have followed. My Mom loved them and after we passed each family member got a stained glass humming bird. It felt so warm and so fun to see that, I looked up and said "Hi Mom and thank you God for that moment" Soooooo special. Enjoy it!

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I'm a believer through and through. When I was 9 we lived in Germany (military) and my mom's younger brother died of cancer here in the states. My parents left me and my brother in Germany with friends and had come back to the states just before he actually died. We lived in an apartment building on the 5th floor and the friends taking care of us were just under us on 4. I was actually in my apartment watching TV by myself right about the time my uncle died. I remember getting up to get something from the kitchen and as I walked back into the living room, I saw my uncle sitting on the couch. He was opaque and had a glow to him. I remember being a little freaked out, but not scared. He smiled at me as if to say, "It's OK." I stood there for a minute and calmly walked to the TV, turned it off and went back down to the 4th floor. I told my mom when she got back and she told me she's had experiences like that before, too.

That's the only person I lost "close" to me as a young child, so I didn't really experience anything else like that...that is until my father's mother died when I was in high school. I saw her at church for a few moments....I was in Texas and she died in Oklahoma. That experience wasn't as vivid or long lasting, but I did see her for a few moments. And she had died at home very early on a Sunday morning. We didn't get the call until after church. I had just turned around because I had a feeling someone was watching me and she was sitting in the pew at the back of the church where she always sat at any church. I didn't stop and stare for a long time because I obviously didn't want people to think I was staring at them. But I did see her and when I turned back around a few moments later, she was gone.

I think my family is surround by loved ones. My husband's mom died when he was young (15). I think my daughter sees her and my grandfather, whom I was very close to. She used to do the same thing as a baby. She's 2 1/2 now and she'll say things, answer questions and look like she's talking to someone who's not physically in the room. I don't know if she will possess the same "gift" as my mom and I do, but I hope she does! I think it comes from faith.

One other interesting tidbit, my mom's house - it's brand new and was built on family property across the road from her mother - every time she or I take pictures of her house from outside (even as it was being built!) we get orbs in the pictures. Never in the same place, Pictures have been taken at different times of the day with 4 different cameras both digital and 35mm film, there aren't any reflectors to cause this, it's not's spirits of loved ones. There's about 6 to 8 and some are stronger than others. I haven't "seen" anyone in a long time, but I feel them and I have dreams about them. My mom does, too. We think it's a gift.

So, no, you're not crazy. If you are, then there's a bunch of us who are! :)



answers from Atlanta on

Not sure about seeing ghosts, but maybe she likes the rocking chair. Just a thought.



answers from Atlanta on

No. You are not crazy. There exists a spiritual world beyond this one. In fact compared to eternity, our life in the physical world is miniscule. We were made for the eternal. Your father is still with you.
Throughout my life I have had spiritual experiences in various roles. I am an RN and have been with people who are dying. I won't go into detail but I know this to be true. A good book to read written by a hospice nurse is called, "Midwife for the Soul".
I also taught preschool for one year for two year olds. At one time a mother asked me if we had been teaching her son about heaven and angels b/c he was talking about it. I told her "no" but was not surprised. Children are more connected...especially before the age of reason which is 7 y/o.
When my third daughter was 4 y/o and I was in an dark crisis she had a vision she shared with me that she saw God with me and her father in heaven. I asked her to repeat what she had just said to me when my girlfriend walked in the room and she couldn't remember having said what she did. However, these words were what I needed at the time for guidance in a serious decision that I needed to make.
Now I have a youngest son who is two. I have with my many experiences and trials had a conversion of heart toward God.
I take my son to daily Mass and for the first year of his life during the "Holy, Holy" or high point of the Mass he would lean back and arch his back. I later read in an article about what really happens during the Mass. The Mass is when heaven and earth are connected and at this point of the Mass angels rush to the altar right as the consecration of the bread and wine are taking place.
This is all true... so now you can think I am crazy but I have peace to know otherwise.
You see my father has passed away as well and a strong point of my conversion was through his death and the Eucharist.
God Bless!



answers from Dallas on

I know this answer is late but I met w/ a medium last week to contact someone I was trying to grieve for and he said that my son can see the spirits. It completely validated my beliefs b/c when my son was 6 months old or so he was having a conversation w/ the air and I told my husband I think he is talking to the angels. Turns out..... he was talking to my step-dad that passed away years ago. Amazing. Now it wierds me out!!



answers from Atlanta on

yes, i belive babies and small children are more open to seeing "ghosts" of those gone on before us. When my son was about 2, he saw a picture of my great-grandfather for the first time and knew it was "Big Daddy" - how he knew that is beyond me. I had no pictures of him and my great-grandmother was visiting and showing him pictures. When I asked him how he knew who it was, he said because he was with me when I was born. We almost lost my son when he was being born, so I believe. After my grandmother passed, he said he would see her sitting in his rocking chair in his room. So, maybe she does. :)



answers from Burlington on

It sounds similar to my home. I have 3 daughters and they have all been looking in their nursery at a particular spot in their room and started giggling and laughing hysterically, almost as if someone was standing there and making silly faces at them. My middle daughter in particular has done this the most often. My daughters seem to have focused on window areas and ceiling fans. I don't know if this has anything to do with anything? But this is just what has happened to me over the last 5 years.



answers from Tampa on

I see this is an old post but I am experiencing the exact same thing with my 3 month old. She coos, smiles, and even giggles in one corner of our livingroom. I can't figure it out. I recorded her with my phone. I have shown everyone who comes over. I'm searching the internet now to see who else has experienced the same thing.



answers from Atlanta on

Oooooooooooooo what an interesting subject. As someone who has spent many years doing paranormal investigations I believe that children, and some adults, can see spirits.
My Dad passed away three years ago however our ten month old son looks at his photos and reacts to them as if he knows him. It's the only photo that he looks at like that and he acts if someone is really chatting to him.
Last night in fact, I heard a noise from our video baby monitor. I looked at the screen and saw the 'Sassy' mirror in our son's crib moving. Our son was no where near the mirror at the time and was fast asleep. I wonder if it was my Dad moving it.

I take comfort in thinking that my Dad wants to spend time with our baby. You're not crazy for thinking that and who knows WHO your baby is looking at.

Take care.



answers from Athens on

I think they can see them. My son does the same thing. My husbands grandmother just passed away and my grandparents also over the past few years. My son will start cooing and laughing straining his neck to see a certain area in our house. You never know what they see or know. We have his 4d ultrasound pics hanging over his changing table and when I change him he looks at them and laughs and smiles like he remembers. Babies are amazing. They are innocent and unaccountable at that age so I believe that makes them open and completely susceptible to anything.



answers from Florence on

D., I read your post with interest. Who's to say who or what your daughter sees, but since you report that it makes her happy, I would personally trust that it is a good presence. I believe that babies can certainly sense things (about people)that the average person often cannot, so who knows how much more they can "see".. Enjoy motherhood!



answers from Athens on

I often ask friends who have recently lost a loved one if they have had any weird experiences that evolved the departed. 99% say yes! Usually they feel comforted by it. Most people don't just bring it up, but if I ask, they feel free to tell me because they feel that I must understand. I do. I had visitation twice. So who knows what your daughter sees. Maybe.....



answers from Atlanta on

HI D.,
I have no idea, but I was convinced that my son (who did exactly what you are talking about, even to the extent of looking and smiling in the corner where the rocker was) was seeing something I could not.

I don't think we should ever discount the vision of innocence and the supernatural. Whether we have any connection to it or not, there is the energy all around us and perhaps those with no blinders can see it.

You may never know, but what a great way to teach Presley about your dad. Hug her and tell her to say hi to him for you and that you love him. Even if she is not seeing him, you will get to feel and pass that love on.




answers from Atlanta on

Yes they can. I can give you multiple examples, but I'll just give you a few. I'll start with one of my friend's child (she has 5 children). This particular child is now 10yo, but when he was around 3, he was sitting with his grandfather in church and looked up and asked his grandfather how do you get up there....he was pointing to the ceiling in the chapel towards the front. His grandfather said 'you can't get up there'. The child said, 'then how did they get up there?' He asked him some more questions...they were wearing white and there were several seemingly happy people, etc.

Let's fast forward to my daughter who is currently 3.5 years old. When she was about to turn 3, we were sitting at church and my daughter was pointing up high saying 'they need to be careful'. My husband and I immediately looked at each other, then at her and asked her who are you talking about..she says, 'those people up there, they need to be careful'. It was awesome and an awesome feeling. The following Sunday, she was looking up at the same spot again and was saying something else about them. This went on for just a couple of weeks, then nothing. It was neat.

I remember one time we stopped in the van waiting and Mia looks out the window and pointing (nothing is there) and our 1yo looked in the same direction and smiled. There was nothing there for us to see, of course.

With our 3yo, she did that a lot as a baby...looking in the same area of a room and smiling. (My husband and I were always 'hoping' it was our daughter that had died...I guess we can always wish.) :0)

Anyway, the veil can be thin for those entering and leaving this earth. Our family loves us whether they are here with us or not.

Mother of (5) 4 living children



answers from Houston on

that is so funny - my daughter used to laugh and smile at one particular point on the ceiling, there was nothing there, but i used to like to think it was my late mother smiling down over her.

i do believe in angels, not sure about ghosts though!



answers from Charleston on

I totally think they can! I think for some reason children and animals are most likely to be able to see the spirits. I have a 5 yr old girl and she has told me about "nannies" in her room at night who do not like our dogs (she however loves our animals). She says they watch over her! My 11 month old does some strange things as well, although I haven't noticed anything with her as obvious as you have with your daughter. You aren't crazy!



answers from Atlanta on

My daughter use to tell me that she could see god's magic.... I think spirits do appear more often to children, because they are by nature fearless, open and non judgmental. You may want to ask her what she sees is the form of yes/no questions....



answers from Macon on

Yes, I do believe in ghosts/angels and I think anyone can see them. I had a similar situation with my daughter who was 2 months premature. A few months after coming home she would look to the right side of her crib when I changed her diaper never to the other side. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see small orbs floating around but if I tried to look directly at them they were gone. This lasted for a while til we went out of town. When we came back they were gone. I do believe they were angels looking after her. We have had many instances of paranormal activity and the instances have followed us around the World. Now it's rather normal. Don't fret about your child. I'm sure it is your father and you should cherish the moments he is in your daughter's presence.


answers from Cumberland on

I have been wondering the same things. Everytime my 9 month old son is on the couch he waves at the door, and when he is in his room, he waves in the corner where his dresser is. The strangest part about it is one night when he was in bed with me and my husband, I swear I saw a man in his room, and my son looked out in his room and smiled. IT SCARED ME!



answers from Dallas on

My Mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in december and was given 6 months to live. She made to 5 passing away last week. The entire time she was sick my 1 year old seemed kind of scared of her didn't want to go near or anything. I felt like he could sense she was dying like death was looming over her. Well the last day we went to see her she was forgone mentally her body was shutting down very slowly, twitching and suffocating for 16 hours it was terrible. But that day everytime I took my 1 year old into that room he got soo excited pointed to her and said Mama mama! over and over. I believe he saw her spirit out of her body already or maybe the angels in the room or maybe just her aura was glowing ever so brightly. I am not sure what exactly he saw but I know in my heart he saw something that made him excited and it wasn't her physical state because that was morbidly scary.

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