Can Anyone Recommend a Good Chlorine Free Baby Wipe?

Updated on September 06, 2011
M.E. asks from Brunswick, GA
8 answers

I was using Earth's Best and ordering them off of Amazon, but the price has doubled! I was getting 12- 80 count packs for about $27. Can anyone recommend a wipe that is comparable? I have tried 7th Generation, but they're too dry. Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

Earth's Best! Love 'em! I like them more than any others I've tried. Sorry :( Have you looked at ordering them on

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answers from Seattle on


Damp paper towels.

That easy.

When you're at home you can even have warmed wipes, just by getting them wet in hot water and wringing them... they're wrist temp by bum time. For travel, either get them wet ahead of time and put in a ziplock bag... or just bring a roll of paper towels and a water bottle in your trunk, or bunch of dry ones folded in a ziplock and a water bottle in your diaper bag. So easy! And so cheap! And so utterly 'controllable' (aka if you want to use soap, you use a little soap, if not, you don't. You know exactly what goes into them; paper and water and maybe the same soap you use anyway)

It wasn't until after we figured out our son was allergic to wipes and started using paper towels (at about 1/100th of the price of wipes) that I realized what a rip off the wipe market it. Wow. Big, big, wow.



answers from Orlando on

Have you tried Baby Ganics? Or, just go cloth wipes if you really can't find anything that works...flannel squares, washcloths, etc. Just a little squirt of water or mild soap solution on baby's bum, and wipe with a cloth wipe.



answers from San Francisco on

the nurses who taught the baby care classes at our local hospital recommended warm water and soft paper towels b/c so many commercial wipes are irritating to newborn skin. The easy way to do this at home is have a free-standing paper towel dispenser and cut the rolls in two so they're about the size of toilet paper rolls. Keep a thermos of warm water and a little plastic tray or container by the towel dispenser and at changing time, pull off a square or two of towel, moisten with the warm water...instant baby wipe! We did this for at-home changes and only used commercial wipes for travel, but some other parents would carry a ziplock of precut paper towels and a little bottle of room-temp water for on-the-go changes.



answers from Boca Raton on

soft washcloth and some water.


answers from New York on

the bjs and costco brand wipes are really good - not sure about chlorine in them...



answers from Chicago on

I usually buy the Earths Best from Babies R Us. I think the case is $20. Also carries them & I order from them also. They run lots of sales & shipping is under $5 & delivery is fedex the next day.



answers from Jacksonville on

Have you tried making your own?
I put baby washclothes, cut in half in a big freezer bag with a little lotion, some warm water and some baby wash.
My 2nd child has severe eczema so we started this becasue EVERYTHING irritated his skin, I still use them with my 4th!

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