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Updated on April 15, 2008
A.M. asks from Peoria, AZ
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My soon to be 7 year old step daughter was diagnosed with eczema two weeks ago. She is with us every other weekend for 4 days then every other week on just Thursdays. We had her for our weekend and when we took her home the spots were almost gone and heeling up nicely but when we got her back on Thursday she looked horrible the spots all came back and she had about 40 new ones all over her. I looked at the medicine and noticed that in 4 days there wasn't much gone since I sent her back to her mothers house and when we had her i used about 1/2 the bottle yes it is expensive but we are splitting the cost with her mother and to her father and i if we can get this to start going away then she won't have all the problems that go with this. I was wondering if there were others out there that have gone through the same thing with other parents and if there was a certain medicine that worked better. i know there is trial and error with all the medicines but any suggestions will help when we spoke to her mother about using ore and coating the spots and her body she says its not eczema its something else that's why its not going away. The thing is her mother is a self diagnosing parent from the internet. i need some advise or something I am sick of wasting money going to the doctor over and over to be told the same thing every time because of her mother. Thank you

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your help, we decided to go with the trail and error of multiple medicines every other week and guess what Auquafore my sons diaper rash meds worked with in 12 hours the spots were shrinking and the lightening up. It was amazing. With in a week all spots were gone but we still have to put it on daily other wise you miss one day and she breaks out all over. it seems to be just on her bottom and legs where things rub on her.... Thanks for all the advise....

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My son has it and we ended up getting a mixed compound of the medication in a jar of cream that way it would last a lot longer. It cost about 45 dollars but lasted us about 8 months. It started when he was 2 and took months of consisten treatment to get his skin back to normal.Just a few things to try besides medication. No fabric softner, oatmeal baths ( aveeno has the packets), if no baths to use dove soap. Adveeno, lubiduim, or there is one one I can't remember that starts with a Eq. Also at night we would put vasaline on his nails/fingertips to reduce scratching at night and bleeding. I also put the cream on him 3 times a day, and put him long sleeves and long pants to protect his skin and reduce the agitation from things in the world. I understand it gets hot, but we would make sure it was light enough for him.(i dont know where you live, but we live in phoenix,az so it get REALLY HOTT and he was still okay in the summer) After doing all of these changes then is finally started to go away after months, but if we missed something it would flare up again. so If "mom" isn't doing her part it's not going to get better. Maybe "she" should go to the doctors appt to help confirm that daughter has it. It's a matter of working together to get her to feel better though. I went to my doctor first, but the stuff them gave me didn't work that well, so we went to the dermatologist. ANd that's when we got this amazing compound of hydrocotizone and something else, more powerful then the over the counter stuff.ASK the dermatologist if they can make you a compound so you don't have to pay for the small tubes of medication. I REALLY hope this helps you. GOOD LUCK!


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I can't say anything for the mom not putting it on, thats another issue. However eczema is VERY common and rarely ever goes away completely. My own mother has had it on her hands since she was a little girls and has tried EVERYTHING. Now, my own 9yo daughter has it on her legs. Everyone is different, so different things work with everyone. We haven't found something that works well for my daughter yet, but for my mom none of the Dr prescribed stuff worked. What works best for her is good old fashioned Cocoa Butter. There is also a product out there that is made by Bed Bah & Beyond or Garden Botanica (can't remember which). It comes in a tube like tooth paste and is a really thick paste with hemp in it. Try these things, as an alternative but give them each time to take some effect. It is hard to deal with. For some people it does go away, my sister had it on her feet, and she rarely ever has to worry about it. Like I said, it just depends on the person.



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Hi A.. Wow, that sounds pretty stressful. I can't imagine seeing your little step-daughter go through those skin issues, and then not having her mom follow up on her end. I have lots of friends who have similar issues with their kids' sesitive skin.
I found that Arbonne's Baby Care (ABC) line of skincare products really help prevent further outbreaks and kept it under control. ABC products are hypoallergenic, pH balanced with NO chemical dyes or fragrances, no mineral oil, and no animal by-products. They are wonderful for the extremely delicate, sensitive skin that young children have. If you're interested in checking them out, please feel free to visit my website at: And, I'd be happy to send you a FREE sample to try for your step-daughter. Just let me know. Good luck!
Take care and have a wonderful day!
M. O.
Arbonne International
Independent Consultant and Area Manager
[email protected]



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Hi A.,

I feel so bad for the kids with eczema. It's so uncomfortable. I have so many friends who swear by the Arbonne baby line for their kids. I've seen before and after pics of kids who were taken off the steroid creams and used Arbonne Baby wash, lotion and oil and you would not believe the results (I can send you a pic). I'm not sure if you've heard about Arbonne before but our products are pure, safe and beneficial and they really do work. Please let me know if you'd be interested in a sample. I would be happy to send you one. This is a product that the mom could use without feeling like she was putting medicine on her. Good luck either way!

Take care,

[email protected]



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Let the mother and father take care of it. It is not your place to take responsibility for the medical of this child, it is not your place to get upset with the mother over it.
Let it go and you will feel much better and the mother will take care of it. Exzema is usually caused by emotional inbalances, so you would be better of to just enjoy and love the child when she is with you and his father.

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