Can a Test Be Positive and Then Change to Negative?

Updated on November 04, 2009
L.S. asks from Crookston, MN
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My last period came on Sept. 26th, I remember way to clearly because I was already 3 days late and I was in my best friends wedding when I got it. I bled very heavy for 1 1/2 weeks, then it would come and go very lightly for another week. This was a very odd period for me so I went to the doctor. He did a blood test thinking I had a miscarriage and it was negative. I then went in for a pelvic ultrasound and that showed nothing out of the ordinary. I havent gotten my period since and its now Nov. 2. I dont know if I am pregant or not but my gut is tossing the idea around. I have a lot of lower abdominal cramping, which i remember with my previous pregnancies, im also very tired and some days I feel a lot of nausea, headaches, lower back pain. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Ive taken 5 at home tests-all negative. Then this morning I took one with my morning pee and it showed a slight positive. I jumped in the shower and when i looked at it again it was gone. Is it possible the test is positive? negative?

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So What Happened?

still no Nov. 6...I took a test on the 4th..negative...Im not under stress, no diet change, nothing out of the ordinary and Ive never been late! Im confused and starting to get mad at my body

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It's possible to get a slight false positive line. Sometimes when the chemicals are mixing it can look like that for a while. The instructions usually say not to look at it for a certain amount of time, then it will be accurate for a certain window of time, then inaccurate again because the chemicals can mix and show a false positive again. I would give it another week or two and take a test again. I know that's an eternity when you think you might be pregnant.

Best of luck,



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Do another test, and the afternoon before, try not to drink much and don't drink anything at all before bed. In the morning, do the test first thing. Read the directions, and don't even look at it until it's been the amount of time the directions say [I think the one I took was only 30 seconds]. Set a timer, turn your back, and don't look until it beeps!
My guess is you are not pregnant, but even if you get a negative result it could still be possible if your Hcg levels are still too low.



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A positive result can fade if left for too long, though not usually. I suggest going in and having a blood pregnancy test done at your doctor's office. You may be pregnant and it may still be too early for a home test to detect depending on your hormone levels. You could wait another week if you would like, but if you are not pregnant, there may be other things going on that could have disrupted your cycle (i.e. - stress, sickness, recently beginning a diet or exercise program, change in medication, etc....). Checking with your doctor is your best bet. Good luck!



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It might have been an evaporation line. Happens quite a bit.

Go to a great site

She has compiled lots of great information about home pregnancy tests and touches quite extensively on that. Certain tests are very prone to it.

I would personally call my OB and tell him what happened and ask for a blood test. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant if they do a blood test and they are VERY accurate. So I'd go that route and know once and for all.

Good luck!


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Go to your OB and get a blood test.



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Congratulations! You're pregnant. You were just testing too soon. Until implantation happens, your HCG is very low. Within a couple days you should have a very positive result.



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They say after 2 minutes you shouldn't read the test. If it was a faint positive and you checked it again after the 2 minute mark the positive line might have disappeared.



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If you live close to a dollar tree get some of their dollar tests, Seriously same tests they use at planned parenthood, I tested 3weeks 4 days positive they test a very small amount of Hcg. Or just go in to the doctor and get tested. You can get a nurse visit and do a urine test most any time.



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They say no matter how faint the line is if its positive your pregnant. With my son i took the test and it showed a very faint line i could barley see and went to the doc and they said i was pregnant. I would go to the doctor and have them do a test to and see what it says, or wait a few more days. This time around i was a week late before i finally got a positive test. Mabye even buy one of the tests that just says pregnant or not pregnant instead of looking for lines. Those are nice. They line may have disappeared because you do need to read them in a certain amount of time or they can be wrong. I would just go to the doctor or take another one in a couple days. Good luck and keep us posted!



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Usually it says to look after 2 minuts and it it's NEGATIVE throw it away because it can change to positive after so long. I've never heard of a positive changing to anything else. So, I am thinking that you are NOT pregnant..... Especially if all the rest say no.

I PREFER the CLEAR BLUE tests because they SAY PREGNANT OR NOT PREGNANT. I had trouble reading the ones that are supposed to have lines on them. The ones with a plus or minus even work better than the lines. When I was pregnant with our first the lines were extrememly faint so I didn't know what to think. Get Clear Blue or just go in for a blook test so your mind can rest. I also think psycologically you can make your period off. I'm positive I've done it to myself.

Good luck.



answers from Appleton on

It's possible that you could be very early into a pregnancy.
I'm a med tech and do pregnancy tests all the time. Usually, when you are doing a test, there is a window of time that is ideal for reading the results. After time, the lines may fade, or the background may get cloudy. This makes it harder to read. You should always set a timer or look at a clock with minutes on it to make sure you're reading it within the time frame of the test kit. The rapid tests we do at the clinic are from 3 to 5 minutes.
Also, the steam from the shower could affect the quality of the test you left out.



answers from Omaha on

Sounds like you got a false positive on your test. I would wait another month and then you can check again if you are pregnant. False positives are fairly normal especially if your period is behaving oddly. If this continues I would check with your physician.



answers from Minneapolis on

I had this happen to me a few years ago - I took a pregnancy test and looked at it, saw the faint line for positive, then went back and looked at it a bit later and the line was gone. I wasn't pregnant, by the way, but it wouldn't hurt to try another one in a week or so.

Good luck :)



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The tests are not valid after 10 minutes, so I would retake the test. Make sure you are doing the test exactly as the directions say them. Pee into a cup instead of peeing directly on the stick to make sure it is more accurate. Time it with your watch per the instructions. If you still aren't sure, get one of the more expensive pregnancy tests that actually say right on it with words, instead of using the blue lines. I've read that the blue line ones aren't as accurate, but I'm not sure if that is the case or not. The most important thing is to follow the instructions on the test exactly so you're results are accurate. Make sure that you either do it right in the morning with your first trip to the bathroom, or that you wait 4 hours after you've gone pee to test. Also don't drink a lot of water or fluids during that 4 hours or it may skew the results. I would test tomorrow morning (if you can stand to wait that long). If you still are not sure in a couple days and your period hasn't come, I would get a blood test at the doctor's office again. Good luck! I know the waiting is so hard!

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