Can 2% Milk Give 1 Year Old Babies Real Bad Diaper Rash

Updated on August 28, 2017
B.W. asks from Huntsville, TX
10 answers

we have added about 2 ounces of 2% milk to my 2 great grandbabies formula. They are 1 years old. They have developed a real bad diaper rash. Wonder if it is the milk or something else.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Could be the milk.
Go back to all formula, wait for the rash to clear, then talk with the pediatrician about how to re-introduce it.

Also, I never gave milk in a bottle and never ever mix it with formula. Formula/breastmilk only in the bottle, and when it's time to introduce whole milk (not 2%), put it in a sippy cup with meals.

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answers from Philadelphia on

If the rash is really bad it could be a yeast infection. Seek medical care if it is getting worse not better.

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answers from Chicago on

Talk to the pediatrician and stop using wipes.
Use a warm wash cloth to clean the area.

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answers from Portland on

Sounds unlikely to me.
Usually if there's problems with introducing milks, it will be upset tummy, rash, etc.
Are they having diarrhea? Then I'd be more concerned.
You could stop giving it to them and see if the rash disappears. Usually if you introduce a new food, you do one at a time, and then reintroduce a little while later to make sure it's the food that is causing the problem.
My only other thought is that we started on whole milk at 1 year. Not sure what their paediatrician discussed with their parents - but that was my personal experience (for the higher fat content).

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answers from Norfolk on

It might be the milk or any other foods they are being introduced to.
At least when my son was that age, when introducing cows milk, our pediatrician said babies need whole milk for kids under 2 yrs old.
They are growing rapidly and need the fat.

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answers from Miami on

Added to my original post: Just want to mention here that it's not necessary to give formula to babies over a year old. They don't need formula anymore. They need food instead. If they are still tied to bottles, transitioning them to a cup will help.

The ped should be telling you how many ounces of milk a day they should be getting, and how much food to give.

I agree with the poster that you don't mix milk and formula (mothers mix milk with breast milk to help them transition.

I would write down every food that they are fed. Don't offer them new foods at this point. You could keep giving them formula while you wait to see if the food they've been eating is the problem.

Also, never give babies under 2 years old 2% milk. Babies need FAT for development. The pediatrician will tell you that. Whole milk ONLY.

More likely a new food. Talk to your ped if Desitin doesn't work.

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answers from Wausau on

Yes, milk can cause a reaction but if the formula is milk-based it may also be from another food they've had recently.

When you say you have 'added...milk to...formula' do you mean you are mixing the formula with milk? Formula should only be mixed with water to keep the proper nutrient ratio. Do not mix milk and formula together. Drinking milk should be completely separate from drinking the formula.

It is important to know that formula is a food, while milk is an optional beverage. Milk does not replace formula, solid food replaces formula.

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answers from Dallas on

It could be the milk it might not be. I would not give the baby milk again at least till it clears up and then possibly try again.



answers from Philadelphia on

Could be antibiotics, growth hormones or anything else given to the cows to make them produce more milk. Check the additives in that particular milk and read labels more carefully. Milk is NOT just milk.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Probably, their body has to adjust to the milk in the formula. Most babies start transitioning towards regular milk as they become toddlers so you are doing right. You should keep them on this mix until their tummy is more used to it. This is the first step. Some kids have rancid diarrhea until their body adjusts. Diaper rash can be painful but it happens too. We would take antacid liquid and pour a little bit in a bowl then take a cotton ball and dab it in the antacid. Then we'd put that on the babies hiney. Kills that acid that comes out and helps stop the rash.

Please do whole Vitamin D milk until your little one is 2 years old. They need the nutrients in the whole milk and even though the 2% is okay for adults the little ones really need the full milk.

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