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Updated on April 22, 2013
K.H. asks from Tempe, AZ
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What's the youngest you would take a kid camping? My husband and I love camping and we've taken our daughter before and she loved it too. We have a little one on the way so camping as a family will be out for a little while, but I'd hate to have to wait a few years. Camping is just such a perfect family vacation- cheap, wholesome, fun... Our daughter was two when we took her. I was never brave enough to do it when she was a baby, but I think with a second one we could. What do you think? Also, we're not talking crazy backwoods camping... More like designated campgrounds in state and nat'l parks.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I took my son at 3mo. It's actually easier when they are little babies I think as long as you and husband can share duties well - one of you will always have the baby. They can nap in a stroller etc. Especially easy if you are breastfeeding. Just keep them away from the smoke of the campfire!!! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

Depends on the camping experience. We took DD camping overnight with friends at a "primative" camp site when she was still a babe in arms (maybe 8 mo. old). She's been camping ever since. She did a week long event at a campground when she was 10 mo. old. I think if you aren't hiking too far into the woods, have access to water and shade, then even an infant will be fine. They are more adaptable than we are sometimes. DD used to sleep in the backpack carrier and I'd just set her down so she was still sleeping upright in the frame while I chatted with friends. I also brought a spare tarp and an xpen to one event and kept her corralled in there so she didn't get into the fire pit.

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answers from Tampa on

We took out eldest daughter camping when she was 8 weeks old - would have gone earlier but it was too rainy. We took our pack n play with us and it was perfect for her inside or outside the tent. I did put a couple of umbrellas over it while outside to keep the sun off but it was actually fun and easy

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answers from Denver on

we took our daughter camping when she was 6 months old. it would have been sooner but it was winter. That was at designated areas in a camper. Then when she was about 1 1/2 we took her tent camping in the mountains with no running water/bathrooms or any of that jazz.

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answers from Dallas on

We hit the grand canyon with a 3 yo and a 5 month old.
It was tent camping in a national park near a restroom facility.

We had a great time. I rented a backback hiker for the 5 mo old and my three year old walked most of the time or was carried by my husband. Of course we also had the trams there, so it was a nice, easy camping experience.

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answers from Grand Forks on

With the first we took him when he was two, with the second we took him at a year. I had a pack-n-play that fit in our tent.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I took a pack and play and we went anyway. I slept in front of the flap so the other kids we had with us couldn't get out during the night and we just had fun.

We did camp at Lake Thunderbird, up on the hill above the swim beach. The kids would want to go to the water all the time so we did take some extra precautions during the nighttime.

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answers from Boise on

As young as a few months old, it's really not that hard (and I hate camping). I had a friend who took her one month old. I think it's just up to you. When they are that little it's actually easier cause you don't have to keep such a close eye on them, it's not like they're going to run off, play to close to the fire, eat dinner with about as much dirt as a the ground has on their hands.

If you guys are comfortable camping, then it should be pretty easy.

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answers from Washington DC on

We took our 8 month old just a few weeks ago. It's easy - our biggest issue was putting them down and then *having* to wait until they were asleep to sneak in the camper.

missed a word. how young *would* i - probably 3-4 months.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Camping is a very popular activity here - most people I know took their kids when they were about 6 months old. We waited a little longer (a year) because I have twins and two 6 months olds was just too much work!

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answers from Phoenix on

My second son was 3 or 4 months old the first time we took him camping. We went to a KOA in Williams. It was May and still got chilly at night but we bundled him up good and had a small heater that we used at night. Everything was just fine.

On a side note, we did go one time when I was 1-3 months pregnant (I can't remember how far along I was) and I had terrible altitude sickness. We were in Williams, AZ. I was nauicous all weekend and could do nothing but sit in a chair. I could feel myself feeling better and better as we drove down the hill back to Phoenix.


answers from Erie on

We've done backwoods camping with an infant 4 months old. We've done music festivals and both tent and cabin tenting, too. If you are breastfeeding, it makes it that much easier. I agree that toddlers are tough to bring, and ours were little escape artists, so there was usually a break between 1yo and 3yo where we wouldn't take them, but we've camped pretty much every year since 1995 with them, sometimes not taking all of them (and of course I didn't have 4 kids at the beginning).
We've met couples with babies camping recently. Many of them bring some comforts of home like a pack and play crib or a swing, this was in a PA state park that was pretty rustic. We never thought to do that, but it worked out really well for them.



answers from Chicago on

My son was 9 months old.. His first camping trip.. I don;t think there is a wrong age as long as things are temperatrue contolled some.. We have a camper, heater goes on below 60 and ac can go on if warm.

We have not taken my daughter yet only because our vehicle can not tow our camper at this time. We hope to rectify that by next summer if not this sumer.

We brought our inside fence to help keep him rounded up and away from the campfire and grill. We had lots of fun, and it is a lot of fun to go with them.

Have fun and go camping.


answers from Minneapolis on

I would take a baby camping - easier than a toddler b/c they aren't running around I think.

We used to go out in a national park where we'd boat out at least 45 minutes and camp on an island - no electricity/running water. We took my gf's 1 1/2 year old and he loved it and was easy. He was so busy exploring and loved being in the boats and then exhausted and slept well at night.


answers from Lansing on

My mom says she took me within a couple months after having my brother. She said everything went fine.

I think the earliest I took one of mine was my youngest daughter just before her 1st birthday. It was actually really easy and we were able to put her right in the pack n play in the tent.



answers from Los Angeles on

We went camping last year when my son was 10months old. My friend is going camping with us this summer and her little one will be about 2 months old. There is no right age. Just what you are comfortable with.



answers from Los Angeles on

The youngest I would take my child camping is 2 yrs old.

So you could take your little one now while you are pregnant (just don't go
to far).

Then wait until your newborn is 2 yrs old to go again.

My friends took their 6 month old once & it was VERY hard. She swore
not to do it again until the baby was older. Much better the next time



answers from Harrisburg on

I think both of mind went around 8 or 9 months old. They were both born in August and we went the following spring. We just borrowed a hiking baby carrier type thing for when we hiked and used the pack and play in the tent and around the campsite. It was fine, no issues at all for either!



answers from Phoenix on

A lot depend on your baby - is she/ he fussy? Will she/ he disturb others? You are camped close together, so you have to decide that. Also, if it is very cold, very hot, or there are a lot of bugs, the baby will probably not do well. Other than that, I would say that she/ he is good to go. I took my 3 month old daughter camping and she did very well in the fall - no bugs, not cold/ hot, no fussing. And I had five sons camping with us, as well. We have camped all our lives and have enjoyed it!



answers from Dallas on

I was under a year when my parents took my camping. The younger they are the more you have to bring for them just like anywhere else. But there is nothing that says you can't go when they are little bitty!!

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