Camping with 10 Month Old *Advice/experiences*

Updated on March 31, 2010
M.L. asks from Fillmore, CA
19 answers

We will be going camping in June, my daughter will be 10 months by then. I would like to know what some of you have done as far as sleeping bag, clothing, bedding for a baby. We will be tent camping no trailer or rv. So please let me know how to keep my baby warm at night. Any other camping advice or experiences welcomed!! THANKS!

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answers from Kansas City on

i camped for the first time with my son at 9 months old and we did a tent. We have a pop up now, but often use the tent instead on cooler trips because it keeps warm better with our body heat.

We used the pack n play too. It was only 40 degrees at the coldest when we camped, but footie pajamas, knit hat and a blanket kept him toasty. Make sure you keep the pack n play away from the sides of the tent because they tent to get condensation and if her bedding is touching it will get damp and uncomfortable.

I also couldn't have lived without the super yard. I brought a big blanket and put the super yard over that and he could explore without me having to keep a constant eye on him .

I also invested in the pre-mixed formula in individual servings because I wasn't sure about the water supply at the camp ground.

the other thing I thought was worth the money was a battery operated fan - it takes a huge amount of batteries but really helped keep him cool during the day and kept the bugs off of him.

i also used the back pack carrier quite a bit and the mosquito netting i found for his pack n play. That made it easier for naps outdoors.

I brought at least two changes of clothes per day because he got so filthy and there was the possiblity of ticks where we were so I wanted to make sure I was keeping those off of him. I also used a baby friendly bug lotion.

I was terrified about the camping because we were gone for a week but it was a great experience.

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answers from Los Angeles on

We took our son camping when he was 4 months old and we had a blast. I would recommend taking a pack n play for him to sleep and play in. I also recommend bringing lots of wipes, because if you're camping in dirt, everything gets filthy and wipes are the easiest way to clean up. Lots of little toys too, and plenty of snacks. Also sunscreen, benedryl (in case of an allergic reaction to a bug bite or something), calamine lotion, tylenol, lots of water, and those candles that help to keep the mosquitos away are great too. Don't worry, I'm sure you guys are going to have so much fun!!

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answers from Albuquerque on

We have gone camping with our little ones many times. Definately take a pack n play. I would recommend buying an umbrella to go over it for during the day. You can find some that go on wagons and things. Those are the kind we always used. If she isn't walking by then she won't mind staying in it and playing durning the day. As far as night time, there are two things we have done. With me eldest she always liked the pack n play so we just moved it into the tent at night and she was fine. My youngest liked to be more secure, so we put her in her car seat at night. You could also use a portable swing. As far as bedding we always use blankets instead of sleeping bags. They are just more comfy. Just take more than you think you'll need and take footie pj's for baby and a beanie. She may not need it, but it's always easier to take clothes off than it is to get warm when you don't have enough!

As far as clothing you'll probably need a couple outfits plus a pair of jammies for everyday. Don't forget tennis shoes. Especially if she is walking by then. There is nothing worse than having sand in your shoes all the time. If your going to be near water make sure you, hubby and baby have sandals. Not flip flops, you will loose them in the water! Make sure you take lots and lots for her to drink. Our kiddos always drink more camping than any other time. Of course tons of wipes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug repelent... The basics. Oh and diaper rash cream. I would also take her some of her favorite toys for when your sitting around the campsite.

I would also suggest making some of your food ahead just for ease. We always make kabobs, burgers and marinate chicken before we go. Then we put it in disposable foil pans with lids.

The boy scout website has a lot of neat recipes for camping. Like making brownies in orange peel halves wrapped in foil. Then you toss them in the fire and let them cook. They are really fun and good!

Have fun! I can't wait to go camping. So glad it is getting warm enough!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Camping is a lot of fun... read all of the great advice and one more thing to add... did you know that a bounce dryer sheet in your pocket will ward off mosquitoes? Something to think about when camping. Also, she is too young for sun screen, so you need to be extra careful in the heat. Yes, she will get dirty. Don't bring your favorite items thinking they will be brand new when you get home.

Have fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter was just 12 months when we camped- We used the packNplay, kept her in warm jammies, and had her sleep with a little hat. Piled on the blankets. She slept fine!

I was paranoid she would get lost under all the covers, but she was so tired out from the fun of camping, she slept like a rock every night and barely moved.

And she's nto too young for sunscreen, just ask your doctor if it's ok and use baby sunscreen.



answers from Los Angeles on

OMG You bring back memories !
When my first born was 5 months we went tent camping up in Kern County.
When we went to sleep that night everything was normal but by about 4 am it was snowing ! One corner of the tent was sinking from the weight of the snow. Luckily, we were breastfeeding. I just snuggled him in and kept him warm 'til morning.
Bottom line- just put her in with you. Some sleeping bags zip together so all 3 of you can keep each other warm as nature intended.
I would also suggest feety pajamas for her so she can contain her own body heat.



answers from Las Vegas on

We went camping for the first time when my son was about that old. He slept in between my husband and me, we brought an air mattress (we're spoiled campers), and had one sleeping bag under us, and one on top. He was in a sleeper. An extra blanket or two is always good for warmth, just in case.

For some reason, my son woke up every hour while we were camping. I think he was teething, but I don't remember. He sleeps with us often, so that wasn't the problem, and there weren't a lot of noises. Just wanted to let you know that they can sleep differently.



answers from Seattle on

I want to watch this topic as we are seriously considering camping this year with our son (now 8mos). We have this HUGE tent because of our 'hope' :). We'll see what happens, it should be fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

Some friends of ours had a camping trip for their son's first birthday last August, so we went and took Darby, who was 9-1/2 months at the time. We were in a tent. We took her pack n' play for her to sleep in. I was worried that she wouldn't go to sleep without her regular routine, but she did fine. She was still waking up at night, so when she woke up and cried we brought her in to the sleeping bag with us. Of course, that meant that I stayed awake from that point on, because I was worried about her slipping below the covers. We kept her warm with maybe two layers of warm jammies, a sleep blanket, and a hat.

Good things to bring are: portable high chair for feedings, toys/books for entertainment, and extra clothes because they can get so dirty camping. Also try to figure out the shower situation. We took a shower together and brought her in with us. It is NOT easy to hold on to a wet baby! Good luck and have fun! :)



answers from San Diego on

#1 thing to take... your sense of adventure :)
It's so much fun- just be ready to roll with the punches! It's okay to get dirty and even not get clean for a couple of days. The kids and I love going camping and go with my family even when my hubby doesn't go. If it's really cold I would suggest snuggling together or using a couple of layers of blankets under her (the air goes up under and around them in a pack and play or an air mattress so it's harder to retain the heat). Pack and play with an umbrella/cover is great outside too because it also keeps falling leaves/twigs out so they aren't trying to eat them. We used to zip the girls up in the tent for "nap time" while we sat and relaxed. They would usually play in there instead, but they were safe and couldn't reach the zipper to come out (we kept most of our stuff in the car so they couldn't get into it). Mostly- have fun and enjoy nature.


answers from Los Angeles on

We went tent camping when our daughter was about three months old... at Mt. Lassen, high up in the mountains almost at the very tip of northern California. So I had your same concerns about keeping her warm.

She and I shared an extra-wide sleeping bag, we made sure there were plenty of extra blankets and we brought just about all of her pajamas and onesies (which she went through in four days!!). Oh, and we brought her caps, too, but they really weren't warm enough for evenings or early morning, so we went to the store and bought her an adult-size ski cap (that was all they had). We rolled it up and made it work. During the day she wore a couple of lighter layers; at night it was long-sleeved onesies and pajamas. Even though it got down to the mid-30's at night, we really were all warm enough, because the tent held in some of the heat we created.

We also took her when she was about 16 months old. I was more concerned about how well she would stay away from the fire at that point. We did have to tell her to stay away a couple of times, but she's a smart girl and got the message pretty easily. We did some easy walks and a short hike and it was lots of fun (uh, once it stopped raining that first morning... keeping her inside the tent for two hours after she awoke wasn't much fun, haha).

I'm hoping we get in at least one trip this spring or summer before our next baby arrives. Camping with a little one is a lot more fun than I had worried it would be!



answers from Boise on

I haven't done it myself, but I wanted to suggest's PeaPod, and a sleepsack.



answers from Detroit on

Camping with the littel ones is so fun :) we went last summer with my two children then,2 1/2 and 1 year old,we had a blast :)they were sooo happy and me and myhusband too,we slept together all four of us we never did that before.But the nights in tent are cold so take a lot of blankets for the baby or maybe electric blanket is perfect for that,
have fun!!!



answers from San Antonio on

If you have a pack in play that would be best. bring toys, toys, toys,. to keep her warm just bring her blankets and anything you might have in the pack and play. If you take the pnp they you can use that for day and night. I have gone camping, in a tent, for about 14 years and just bought a pop up camper. Camping is alot of fun with a baby. My youngest daughter is 11 and we starting camping when she was 4 months old. Have fun and don't forget the camera.



answers from San Antonio on

We camped in Oregon with my kids when they were that age. We found flannel jammies that worked great. My son had a halloween penguin costume that was flanel and it was perfect b/c his head was covered.

How hot will it be where you are going? Remember that babies at that age feel pretty much the same as you. Just bring lots of extra clotes and dress him the same as yourself, maybe a little extra moisture protection.

Have fun!



answers from Sacramento on

expect her to get very dirty! I would also bring an old big blanket that you dont mind getting filthy dirty on the bottom side for her to crawl around, sit on. my son hated being in the pack n play, he wanted to be out with everyone else! We have a solar shower which is basically a big bag, black on one side clear on the other you fill with water and leave out in the sun all day to get hot. it has a little shower head on the end of a hose. before getting my son ready for bed i would completely wash him head to toes with the solar shower, dress him for bed, then either to bed or into the pack n play til bed time. just be sure the water hasnt gotten to hot, if so, just dump some out and replace with cold until you hit the right temp. have fun!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

We use the Peapod sleep tent and it works great. Also, (from a tip I read on here), we had a small battery operated fan I got at Bed Bath and Beyond to drown out the campground noise somewhat while our daughter was sleeping. Also, I found Organic, baby safe bug spray for her. Most important, take lots of pictures!



answers from Los Angeles on

Ive camping with my 4 children when they were little i even nursed them we took lots of closthes so we wont have to wash them we aalso took extra blankets ocassion aly had the camfire going if you are still concerned you might put her in the sleeping bag you might need 2 bags together have fun mykids are now adults with kids of their own A. no hills



answers from Reno on

We went camping last June with our kids in rainy/soggy Washington. My son was barely a year old. I suggest for night time you put her in a long sleeved onesie, good socks and footy pajamas. My husband and I zipped our two sleeping bags together and had our son sleep with us in the sleeping bag. May I suggest you take along a playpen/play yard? It was our SAVIOR, having a place to place him, his toys, blankets, etc... while we were cooking over the fire and other activities where it would have been difficult to watch him and/or hold him constantly. This is also where he took naps. We'd put the playpen in the tent and this allowed a little more of a quiet/secluded spot for him to rest uninterrupted.

Have fun! We had such a good time, we're doing it again this summer!


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