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Updated on August 05, 2010
J.S. asks from Maple Shade, NJ
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Hi Mamas!

We are taking our 2 year old camping next week and I was just wondering what toys I should bring to keep him entertained. The campground has a pool and a playground very close to our site. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!!


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answers from Cincinnati on

I may be repeating, but here is some of the stuff I would consider.... If there is any dirt/sand around you may want to have a pail & shovel or some construction trucks. Various outside games and activities, balls, cornhole (bean bag toss), kids horseshoes, bubbles, water toys (water gun or those balls that soak up water) etc. A bike of some kind is always good. Also, don't forget to bring his favorite toy from home!!!

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answers from New York on

A pail and a shovel. He'll love digging in the dirt at the playground. The pail is also great for collecting treasurers on a nature walk. A beachball is also a good idea, it takes up little room and you can play catch, kickball, etc, although you probably will not be able to use it in or near the pool. Some type of ride on toy, like a tricycle or big wheel.



answers from Boston on

Kid-sized flashlight, books, favorite bedtime stuffed animals - I'm just mostly thinking of bedtime! Have fun!



answers from York on

We just took our 3 and 5 year old boys camping for 4 days - they loved it! If you have room, I would take a small ride on toy along. Light sticks for at night, buckets, shovels - anything to play in the dirt or sand with and books for some quiet time. We really didn't take a lot of toys at all. If the campground has lots to do, you most likely won't need them. Good luck and have fun!



answers from Philadelphia on

Don't over pack.
1. a good ball.
2. something you dont mind getting dirty


answers from Denver on

if you are camping in any dirt a bucket and a shovel will work great. Cars/trucks they will usually find more entertainment in sticks and rocks than anything.


answers from Dallas on

A butterfly net, bubbles, water toys, a soccer ball, coloring books, and a snoopy pole. :)



answers from Detroit on

Don't forget a jogging stroller or wagon, something you take to just check out the rest of the campground. We always like to take a couple strolls each day to prep for naptime or work off dinner. It is nice to give everyone a little relaxation/downtime with all the activities and sometimes lack of naps or later nights up to catch the campfire.

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