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Updated on April 20, 2008
D.D. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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I'm having a dickins of a time in locating campgrounds in and around Frisco for July 4th weekend. We are artians that will be displaying our crafts at the Alliance for Historical Preservation that weekend, and the closest RV/campsite is in Fairplay, which is 25+ miles south of Frisco. The show starts at 9 am each day, and having to drive 30 mins or more to get to town is really out of the question.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for those who responded to my request. I researched every possible avenue to find campgrounds, esp. those that had showers to no avail. Many of the campgrounds in and around Frisco and Dillon won't be open this year because of the beetle infestation around the sites. They are afraid of fires since the pine trees are dead. I even went the route of bed and breakfast and hotel. Way too expensive. I would need to make at least $1500-2000 over the weekend to come out ahead. Would be nice if we did that.

I'll let you know who we actually did. If your in Frisco July 4th weekend, stop by our booth, Aura Woods, so you can see our wares.

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Hi D.-
Try sites in Dillon, the next town over. Here's a link to camping in Dillon:
Some of these campgrounds accept reservations. You may be able to call and find out how far they are from Frisco.

Have you been to Summit County before? If I'm telling you what you already know, I'm sorry, but camping in that area may involve some cold nights, even in summer, so be forewarned.

Good luck!
E. H.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I used to live in Summit County. And I know there's a huge RV park/campground just outside of Frisco The Tiger Run Resort.
It's probably only a 7-10min drive from there into Frisco. And only about 5 min into Breckenridge from there on Rte 9.
There's also a couple of National Park campgrounds along Lake Dillon on the Dam Road Rte 7.Heaton Bay is one:
I think they have trailer sites.
This website is pretty good for info.
And a campground in Pine Cove I've heard is good. I'm not sure if it takes trailers.
Hope all of this helps!



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I went onto and put in Frisco, CO. It came up with 4 campgrounds near Frisco. I hope you find a place to stay.

Tiger Run RV Resort
85 Tiger Run Rd, Breckenridge, CO
Website | ###-###-####
(3.82 miles away)

White River National Forest
680 Blue River Pkwy, Silverthorne, CO
###-###-#### (4.45 miles away)

Campfire HOA
38 Snake River Rd, Dillon, CO
###-###-#### (8.17 miles away)

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