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Updated on June 11, 2014
S.H. asks from Nashua, NH
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My 11 year old grandson is going off to overnight camp and I would like to send him a care package while he is there. If you have any suggestions about what to include besides food I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.


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answers from Boston on

Cards, Uno, Mad Libs, puzzle books (variety puzzles are the best), a set of mechanical pencils so they are always sharp without a pencil sharpener), a frisbee, a yoyo (yes, kids still go for these old-style toys), some of those puzzles with interconnected rings or the simple wood puzzles with golf tees as markers (the kids can share - great for "down time"). Food is a problem in camps and usually isn't allowed - so it's good that you are avoiding it. Between food sensitivities and unwanted animals coming into bunks, it's a problem.

You could also put in some stationery, stamped envelopes (pre-addressed if you want to) and put in some conversation starters (even if you print it on the stationery) - the best thing about camp is…I wish you could see the….the funniest thing that happened this week is….my counselor's name is….etc.

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answers from Chicago on

My son went to camp Christopher in bath Ohio for 2weeks each summer. It was an overnight camp. I went to the dollar tree. I sent a care package each week. Here are some of the things I sent.
mini flashlight
Decks of cards
Word search books
Speaking pads and pencils
Tiny spiral notebooks so my son could trade addresses
Little fan and more batteries
Lip balm
Bug wipes
Clean pillow case
A pair of funny boxers
A book to read during down time
A pack of gum
Beach ball to blow up
Trivia card game
Crystal light things to flavor his water
A toothbrush to remind him to brush
A Wash cloth to remind him to shower

Little notes saying hope you are having fun

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answers from New York on

slinky, silly putty, one of those loom things everyone does nowadays, jax, a telescope, some of those gag things like a whoopee cushion, a fake ice cube with a bug in it etc.

F. B.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Off Spray (for mosquitos)
A comic book (if you can still find one)
A book on things to look for in the woods (bugs, birds etc.).
A puzzle (not too many pieces).
Dominoes (if he knows how to play).
A thin blanket
Self addressed, stamped postcards to his home

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answers from Grand Forks on

Cards, glow sticks, Afterbite.

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answers from Austin on

Joke book, puzzle book, deck of cards....... (maybe not the cards, since kids don't really know how to play card games anymore...)

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answers from Phoenix on

Love the suggestions below, plus aloe vera gel for sunburns!

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answers from Danville on

Depending on how long he will be away, maybe some stamped...pre addressed post cards? Some for you, some for his parents? All he would have to do is scribble a small note.

Uno? Pictionary? Any small game that might be fun in the event of rain.

Hope your grandson has fun!



answers from Seattle on

I really like the suggestions you received so far. I went to camp both as a camper and as a counselor I would suggest you check with the camp to see if the camp even allows care packages. One of the camps I worked at didn't allow them because they created hurt feelings for campers who never received them.

I agree no food (no need to attract bugs, rats or raccoons to the cabins), but how about a disposable camera who he can share pictures of camp with you? Or fancy pencils, fake tattoos, cards, small balls, marbles or anything like that he can share with his cabin mates. Anything you can send that he can share would go long way in helping him make friends with his cabin mate, and might help with any homesickness anyone is feeling.

I hope he has a blast! I loved summer camp.

ETA…Be sure to write letters too. I loved getting letters when I was a camper, and I will always remember my campers faces light up when they received mail. Be sure to be positive in the letter, so that he doesn't get homesick, but trust me, he will LOVE getting letters!


answers from San Francisco on

I usually go to the party favors aisle at Target and pick a number of fun things that my kids can share with their bunk-mates. In the past, I've sent glow bracelets, super balls, plastic frogs, stickers... just whatever fun little things you can fit into the box. My girls have always enjoyed having a fun package that they can share with their friends.



answers from Rochester on

How long does the camp last? If it is only a week long camp you will probably want to send your package the day before he leaves. Otherwise there is no guarantee that he will get it before camp is over. When I would go to a week long overnight camp the camp often had to forward mail to me that came after I left camp. We were up in the mountains and it was usually every other day that someone went down into town to pick up the mail.

I would probably suggest the same things that others have suggested. I would add that whatever you send should be small or things that he will use up. Leaving camp he will have to fit it all into his luggage. If he is making crafts or other things like that he will already be cramming more into his suitcase than he brought with him. I would also be sure to check with camp rules and regulations. Some camps can be pretty strict about what campers bring with them or have sent to them.

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