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Updated on March 07, 2010
K.R. asks from Long Beach, CA
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hi there,

I have a flip digital camcorder and it doesn't work anymore, should I get another one or a different kind altogether? I don't want to spend over $200, but it would be nice to zoom, with the flip you can't, but it was easy to use, what are your suggestions
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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm actually planning on getting a new Apple Nano Ipod because they have video cameras on them now. Not sure if they zoom, but it seems like a nice idea to have one device for my video camera and my music.



answers from Los Angeles on

The newest FLIP HD is available at Costco for $99. currently (used to be nearly $200) It is easy to use and zooms might check that out.



answers from Boston on

there are all kinds of camcorders now that also take pictures or have hard drives. it depends on what store has them on sale and what your preference might be. i would suggest going to the local store which you shop at regularly or trust for your electronics and explain to them what you want, if you can't remember what you would like it to do then make a list to ask about. write down the price you are willing to pay up to and what you might be willing to do without on the camera to keep it within your price range. i would highly recommend staples or best buy if there is one in your area they both have good selection and are very helpfull in helping you make choices.



answers from Indianapolis on

You don't say how old the one that doesn't work is..........but if money isn't an issue and you like using the camcorder a lot, then get a new one.....I would look at Fry's online if you don't have one in your town. They are pretty reasonable on electronics and such. Just remember this time to get what you want and it will do all the stuff you would like it to do.......they are all easier to use now if you don't buy a really expensive one.

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