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Updated on July 12, 2012
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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After my last question I realized that I am doing a lot of guessing on caleries even though I try to eat healthy (ei no bread pasta sweets salad dressing or the likes). So I need a website or program to get on track.

Also I am wanting to start my protien shakes again. And as I only do them to gain muscle would they to help me loose a few inches? Weight I am not worried about as long as I can get to looking healthy again. If you know what I mean.

TIA ladies

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answers from Minneapolis on

I use CalorieCount to track my calories. I don't use it as much now that I have the hang of how much calories certain things have and what I should and shouldn't eat. But it's nice to keep track and then I can have dessert if calories allow. :)

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answers from Denver on

my fitness pal they have it for the computer, an app for your phone so its always with you wherever you go. There is some research for certain foods but overall its pretty decent.

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answers from Wausau on

Stick with real foods whenever possible. Protein shakes are not real food. Opt for lean meats and fish, greek yogurt, etc for protein.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Try Sparkpeople. It's free and you can count calories AND fitness minutes. They also have an app. And a pretty massive community of folks trying to lose weight/get healthy and encourage each other.

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answers from New York on

How many calories does being on mamapedia burn? JK

Try not to go too crazy counting calories as to miss out on life :-)

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answers from Chicago on

I just started using My Fitness Pal (Yay, I finally found our iPhone!!). It is fantastic, easy to use, and best of all, you can add items to your daily journal simply by scanning the BARCODE with your Smartphone.

A W E S O M E!!! My sister has lost 25 lbs thru tracking on MyFitnessPal.

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answers from Des Moines on

My fitness pal...I use it and love it!



answers from San Francisco on

I set up my fitness pal and spark people at the same time to compare. In the end I use spark people, the web app and phone app are both easy to use. I find when I'm not tracking my food and exercise that i cheat more on the food.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with Sara and Kane. My fitness pal
Website and app, so it's where ever you need it.



answers from Appleton on

I really like SparkPeople. I have found so much support on here as well as the nutrition and fitness trackers.



answers from Minneapolis on

Check the posts for 2boys4me from today also.
Sounds like you're doing great and the people that track their food- succeed faster and make long term healthy lifestyle changes.
I send a lot of my clients to if they don't use our coaching site.
It's free.
And it sends you daily tips.
They have a great tracker for all.
So does

And yay for hearing you use protein shakes. They are the fastest way to get your minimum protein needs of 75gm/day and not have to consume the high calories proteins tend to bring.

Keep at it.

About me: 51 yo perfusionist and wellness coach. Mom with 10 yo fraternal twin girls.

B. J



answers from Milwaukee on and My Fitness pal are both great...BUT if you want to learn HOW to eat...I highly highly suggest Weight Watchers. I've been on it for a year and have lost 60lbs. I did it via meetings for the first 3 months, then did it completely online. Once you learn how to eat, then move on the the apps...I call it the "tune up" after the "overhaul". :-)

My choice motivation phrase "The only one you're cheating on is yourself". That helped me put down that cookie I was only thinking about having.

Good luck!

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