Updated on October 26, 2009
D.D. asks from Osseo, MN
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I remember reading awhile back some diaper rash remedies, and I thought this was one of them? Anyone use this? Do I have the product name right? Thanks!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Ask your dr. for a prescription of "poopgoop" I'm serious it's a real medication and it works great.



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answers from Milwaukee on

no. i have never used that...but i can without question tell you..."TRIPLE PASTE" is the best stuff on the market for diaper rash (they make a cream too but the PASTE is what you want). This is the only thing i will ever use on my kids again. it sticks and heals better and faster than any other one out there. it's not cheap but then again neither are our kids right?

trust's the best! hope this helps. try walgreens or ask your pediatrician who carries it. babies r us has it i know...remember get the paste version. good luck.



answers from Davenport on

There is a product by that name that says it can be used for diaper rash. However, it contains menthol (I would think that would burn). If you are looking for a diaper cream recommendation I swear by Resinol. I used it when my son got a bleeding diaper rash from the antibiotics he was on and it cleared it up in a day. It also works good for poision ivy. Sometimes you have to order it at the pharmacy but it is not a prescription.



answers from Omaha on

My MD recommended aquaphor works well, however, as an RN I work with Calmo all the time,it is a pink cream that is frequently ordered by our docs and our wound nurse to treat skin excoriation, rashes and as a prevenative. Works very well. Word of caution, it does not wash off easily like other diaper creams, it is a thick paste that sticks to skin, which is what it is meant to do, you just clean like normal whatever is left (of the calmo) is ok, just simply apply more if you wish, when you stop using it will wash off in a day or two just thought I would mention so you don't worry when it doesn't all come off with a diaper change:) Also antifungals work well,a lot of times the diaper rashes are yeasty, I cannot remember what my MD recommended, I think was Lotrimin,good luck!



answers from Des Moines on

I LOVE calmoseptine. I have used it regularly on both of my children. I started using it when my oldest child was in the NICU under the bili-lights and had horrendous diaper rash. Once I started using it, it cleared up quickly and we have never had a diaper rash in our house since! We get ours at the local Walgreens, but they have to order it in for us. Just talk to the pharmacy staff and they can order it for you (if they don't already have it in stock)!



answers from Fargo on

This is a great diaper rash remedy! Have used it on my almost 2 yr old since he was born. He did not do well with any other creams, but this one seems to do the trick!

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