Calm My Friend's Nerves - Pregnancy Issues

Updated on September 14, 2010
N.L. asks from Willow Springs, IL
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My friend had a positive prego test last week, so she is approx. 5 weeks. This is her second child. So far, she has tender breasts and a little nausea, but she thinks she is also putting this in her head to "feel" pregnant. She can't recall when she really had the morning sickness kick in with her first, and she thinks that there should be more signs that she is pregnant. I also can't recall when I really felt pregnant, as my baby is turning 3 tomorrow. Did any other mothers not feel pregnant in the beginning, or during their entire first trimester... besides the positive prego test? I need to calm her nerves.

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So What Happened?

So, my friend is now 8 weeks prego, and miserable. Her morning sickness and all day nausea set in at week 6. Now she is looking for the best remedies to help with the nausea.

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answers from Chicago on

The only sign of pregnancy I had, besides the + test, was being HOT all the time. I was not sick, no sore boobs, nothing! So yes its possible to not have any symptoms! I now have a happy and healthy 20 month old!!

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answers from Saginaw on

Your friend should not worry. Obviously there are some people that never feel anything and some that feel things right away. I remember with my second I kept thinking I was coming down with the flu because I was nauseous (and the flu was going around my family), but then a week later found out I was pregnant. I also remember sore boos as one of my first symptoms.


answers from Milwaukee on

For my first trimester I didnt get any symptoms but the tender breasts. Not even really hungry neither. Tell her not to worry.


answers from Pocatello on

I am pregnant right now and at first I wouldn't have known unless I got the positive test. Just remind her that all pregnancies are different so she will feel different with each one. With my first I didn't have sickness or anything until around 8 or 9 weeks. My second I was sick right at 5 weeks and now with m third i started getting sick at 6 weeks but it only lasted for 3 weeks and now I'm totally fine. So just tell her to relax and be happy she still feels good cause it won't last for long.



answers from San Francisco on

I did not know that I was pregnant with my third baby until 16 1/2 weeks. Talk about not having symptoms! She is now a healthy one year old babbling in my ear right now.:)



answers from Fort Wayne on

I didn't feel pregnant at all with my second. I had a horrible pregnancy with my first and I kept thinking that the lack of symptoms meant something was wrong. Turns out, not the case :) Every pregnancy is different. With any amount of luck, she'll escape the morning sickness that so many of us suffered from. I know with my second, I kept taking test after test because I didn't think I was pregnant. It took going to the doctor and having and ultra sound to really make me believe I was pregnant!
Congrats to your friend :D



answers from Philadelphia on

All I felt was really tired, and before knowing I was preggo made some comment to my (male) boss about being tired, and he was too. We decided it must have been the change in the weather or something.

I did eventually realize there was a possibility I was pg and took a test, I think I was ~ 6weeks. I never had morning sickness, a slight wave of nausea as I looked at the positive test, but that was it.

I had a friend with 5 kids, and every one of her pregnancies was different, with her 3rd or 4th pg, I saw her in a bathing suit and told her how great she looked, and she laughed and said she was almost 3 months pregnant. I think 5 weeks is too early to really feel pg, hopefully she won't develope any morning sickness, but it's probaby a couple weeks early for that too.



answers from Detroit on

I never had morning sickness or food cravings or aversions with any of my 3 pregnancies. The first signs I remember were being tired all the time and breast tenderness, like your friend.



answers from New York on

every pregnancy is different... totally different.. you don't always feel the same.. things may start later.. you may get sick.. some people dont' get sick at all.. tell her to wait it out.. make an appt. with the dr... and hopefully all will be well..



answers from Minneapolis on

Im 6.5 months pregnant with Number 2 and this time around I had no symptoms whatsoever. No nausea, no painful boobs, nothing! The first time around I barely could walk because my boobs hurt so bad and I was always throwing up. I found out right away this time around that I was pregnant via pregnancy test but still had no symptoms. My first was a boy and this one is a girl. She might be having a baby opposite sex then the first because apparently symptoms change when the sex is different. Tell your friend not to worry and be thankful she doesnt have symptoms :)



answers from Chicago on

the only reason I knew was because I was feeling so bloated and thought that I should be getting my period (I was keeping track because we were TTC) and it was late...the first test was negative but my doctor didn't want to do anything because I had spotted (turns out it was implant bleeding) so they waited and when I took my second test it was positive....I had absolutely NO morning sickness...the only real signs I had were the bloating and my breasts got larger immediately...
Not every pregnancy is the same, they say how you feel for one doesn't mean you'll feel that way again...



answers from Los Angeles on

I feel so good, that I never have any symptoms. I am super healthy and take care of myself, so I never expect to be miserable. I am 6-7 weeks pregnant with #4 and have tender breasts and waves of nausea, but other than that - nothing. I do take Linum B6 for the nausea....and found this stuff after TONS of nausea with baby #1. My last 2 babies, I had NO symptoms. This is the first baby that I have had tender breasts.

I felt my first baby move at 16 weeks. My second baby at 22 weeks. My third at 24 weeks.

In fact, I forget that I am pregnant. With 3 other kids, owning a local business and homeschooling - I don't have the same amount of time to dwell on being pregnant....not that I'm not enjoying it...but my life is busier now. I also don't have any ultrasounds, so I really have to wait until I feel the baby to make it real.

Tell her congratulations.



answers from Jacksonville on

Well I got pregnant with my first baby at the end of September. It was Christmas Eve before I took the test. I had no idea outside of an irregular cycle. Imagine my surprise after nine years of not being able to have a baby to see those two pink lines appear. Imagine my embarassment at having to tell every Dr that I had no idea when I conceived. LOL
Of course I was convinced something was wrong with my baby as well. My OB sent me to the high risk Dr for all of my sonograms so I was not able to get a sonogram until the middle of January. Almost a month of wondering if my baby was ok! It was hard.


answers from Houston on

I knew with my first I was pregnant around 4 weeks, b/x I was incredibly sick (the entire 9 months), with my second, I didn't know I was pregnant until around 3-4 months... didn't even take a pregnancy test till then.

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