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Updated on November 03, 2011
S.J. asks from Mesquite, TX
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I just started a new job 3 weeks ago and I don't know if it is ok to call in sick today. My 3 yr old and I both have sore throats, body aches and fevers that are ranging from 101.5 to 102. I don't know if his sitter will even want to watch him today and I don't want to expose her but I am worried about my job! My husband cannot leave his job today b/c of a big project due but he could tomorrow if need be. What do I do? I don't want to loose this job!!

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answers from Dallas on

It is irresponsible for anyone to go to work with a fever and expose the whole office to an illness. Stay home.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Go to work, show them that you made the effort and hopefully they will send you home.

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answers from Dallas on

Do not call in unless you are going to the dr and will have a note. Still, avoid it at all costs. Take some Dayquil, give baby some Motrin and go to work. Is there someone else that can watch baby - a differant sitter, a family member, someone from church?

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answers from Houston on

I would call in. Be honest. Let them know that you are aware that it looks bad/reflects badly on you.

However, you have a fever. If you go in, you are likely to make others sick. Ask them how you can make up the time if you don't have any sick time accrued, or tell them what your plan is to keep on top of your work.

I actually wouldn't even bring your son's illness into it. If he wasn't sick, you still shouldn't go in - YOU'RE sick.

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answers from Washington DC on

I started the job I have now the week before Hurricane Irene tore up the east coast. My kids were out of school for three days and my sitter was closed due to wires being down in her front yard. My husband stayed home one day, I took one day, and my sitter is amazing and came to my house with the other kids on the 3rd day. She did it for the 4th day also. I then got strep (awful as an adult) in mid-September and took 2 days of leave. When I came back on Wednesday they told me I looked horrible and to go home, I stuck it out a half day. My company gives floating leave to cover the Government holidays, and I received 3 days instead of 6, since I started in August. They expire on December 31. So I used all 3 already. If your job doesn't understand you or your son being sick, do you REALLY want to work there?

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answers from Dallas on

If I were your coworker and you showed up with a 102 fever I would be ticked off!!!! Call your boss and let him know. I am sure he will say the same thing...If you bring and it goes around productivity would be lost.

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answers from Chicago on

If you are sick you are sick. It's one thing to feel under the weather but with a fever??? Stay home and get better. Let your boss know that you will make up the time. etc...
In the future, make sure you have back-up when your DS is sick. I.e. husband, friend and family member at least until you get established. Hopefully your Boss has kids...My DH hired a new gal to start and she worked a week and then called in because her DD was sick. As long as it's not routine or constant my DH understands and will be flexible. Hopefully your boss will be the same. :) Get better.

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answers from New York on

Tracy K hit the nail on the head. You may not have earned enough time to even be out from your job. As a part of my personal work ethic, I make it a point to take no days off for the first 6 months. If I am sick there are things I can do that will help me feel well enough to perform my tasks. Tylenol or Motrin for the fever, tea with honey and lemon for the sore throat for me. I would find someone to watch my kid and make my way to my new job and try to do the best job I can while I'm there. Antibacterial gel in hand with cough drops and tissues. If you want to keep your job, doctor yourself and go to work.

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answers from Naples on

Do you have enough sick time built up yet to cover the day? If so I would call in sick. They can't really fault you for using the time that you have accrued.



answers from Dallas on

I was at my job for a short time and I had to take 1 1/2 unpaid days off when my daughter got LICE. I wasn't sick, but I was lucky enough for them to understand and apprecite that family comes first. I hope you are able to stay home, take care of yourself and your child, and not get the whole office sick! You can wear yourself down by forcing yourself to work.
Bosses are humans, too (well, hopefully).
Feel better.



answers from Oklahoma City on

Ask your boss, the child care worked should say no anyway. If your boss knows you have over 100 degrees of fever he will most likely not want it and tell you to stay home.



answers from Dallas on

You should never go to work running fever. You never know what someone else may have that you could expose them to that could make them deathly ill. When my dad was going threw cancer treatment I would get so mad when people would come to my work sick and make me sick so I could not go see him or take care of him cause I had very short time with him. And I am sure your babysitter does not want that in her house. Stay home and rest and get your strength back.



answers from Redding on

With a new job, I would call in but also go to urgent care if you can't get in to see your doctor to have it documented that you are ill.
In my line of work, in the medical field, I CAN'T go to work sick. The exposure to vulnerable patients or other people who interact with them is too great a risk.
Some employers are understanding and some aren't. That's why you need to get it documented and get a doctor note that you should stay home for the day. Maybe two.

People get sick. It's that time of year. I totally understand not wanting to start off on the wrong foot at your new job but you don't want to infect people either.

If you're truly sick, most employers would rather have you miss a day.

Best wishes and I hope you feel better soon.

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