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Updated on November 12, 2010
J.B. asks from Frisco, TX
8 answers

We have Dish and I believe we are paying too much. If you have cable tv, what are your monthly rates if you are just one step above the basic? We right at $70 for the one step above basic and that seems crazy expensive to me.

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answers from Dallas on

i have time warner and we are paying around 150.00 a moth for internet and cable with the premium channels plus HD for 3 tv's

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answers from Dallas on

i wont do satelite anymore on att uverse hands down the best. even the reviews say so. i pay for phone, fastest internet and 350 channels (movies too) $165 a month for 4 rooms



answers from Columbus on

We had internet and cable together and ours was $120 a month for both. We had HD channels, DVR and advanced modem. We actually just got rid of cable b/c we hardly ever watched it. Now for internet we are only paying $20 so we're saving $100 month and do not miss cable at all! We have Netflix so we get cartoons, movies and tv shows for free. Plus if we want to watch a show that was on cable, you can go to the networks website and watch it the next day!


answers from Los Angeles on

I have had comcast for $80.00 a mon (2 rooms). I have had Champoin cable for $80.00 a month (tv & internet services combined). Direct TV for $120.00 a month (2 rooms). Direct TV for $70.00 a month (1 room), and Time Warner for $60.00 a month (1 room). All were 1 step above basic.
I have to say....I love direct TV the best.
I have never had any problems with them, they are fast and courteous, they're equipment works, and if something happens they come out and fix it ASAP. When my dad passed away they were even going to waive the cancellation of contract fee's, which most companies wouldn't have done.
Good luck with your decision.
ADDED: sorry I forgot to mention the comcast was internet and cable for 2 rooms for $80.00


answers from Dallas on

We have Time Warner and we like it. I've heard other people hate it but we've not had any issues with ours.

We have a combo plan, HDTV, no special movie channels, but DVR, internet and 1 digital phone.

We pay anywhere from $160-$180 a month. Granted, we do order movies sometimes which adds to the bill, the DVR is extra $10 per month and the other receiver is around $7 per month.

No complaints with the service or customer service.



answers from Houston on

Hi J.,
I believe all of them are outrageous!! Still trying to find what will work for my family, too.
Had Comcast basic and internet paid 107
Changed to Direc Tv for increased to 1 HD receiver/4 boxes and a few more channels -promo rate 87 which will change to 123/mo. Internet/phone went to ATT at about 68/mo
Just last night, agreed to change to ATT u-verse and combine all 3 for 164/mo.
This rate supposedly won't change. It includes higher speed internet, all receivers are HD capable, + DVR and it includes their best TV package. with all movie channels and sports package. (Some of which we will never use)
I have a college age son living with us who requires good internet so he can do his work and a husband who loves his sports and a few programs but I am always looking for a way to make this cheaper. We may just need to do what ILuvmylife suggested!!!




answers from Orlando on

I have all on the same plan, phone internet and cable (includes a HD dvr box) and it comes to about 140 per month.



answers from Phoenix on

we used to have cable. Cable and Dish Network didn't work well for us, as we had DVR too. We couldn't get the DVR to work right. I think cable is more expensive. Direct TV is a great price and their equipment works. We also get discounts for referring a friend and a friend refers us, so we get another discount from that. =)

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