CA Baby Sunblock Stick for Face - Any Users?

Updated on April 10, 2010
K.O. asks from San Francisco, CA
8 answers

I really need a good face sunblock for my baby's sensitive skin...
Has anyone used California Baby SPF+30 Sunblock Stick, No Fragrance on their toddler? I have read some reviews and a lot of people wrote that it is hard to spread on the face in the stick form and that it leaves white streaks. Others really like it.

Yays or Nays or do you have another face sunblock that you would recommend for a 15 month old? Thanks.

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answers from Portland on

I use the California Baby Sunblock stick on my daughter and also Earths Best Chemical Free SPF Lotion. They both go on thick and leave a white film. The stick is a bit challenging to use because it is very thick, but if you get it a bit warm it works better. I definitely wouldn't recommend the stick for anywhere other than faces, hands, and feet. It could take all day to do the whole body with it. Overall I think both of these products work well, and my daughter hasn't had any problems with either one. The other nice think about the stick is that you aren't likely to get it in baby's eyes, since it doesn't run at all.
I hope that helps.

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answers from Seattle on

Here is the thing about "physical" sunblock that many people do not get: it works by leaving tiny particles (generally zinc or titanium oxide) on the skin that reflect the UV light. These particles, while tiny, are too large to be absorbed into the body through the skin. So if you do NOT see a fine layer of white residue on the skin, you have NOT applied it correctly (not enough) to be effective.

Chemical sunscreens have chemicals in them that undergo a chemical reaction when hit by UV light. This chemical reaction "absorbs" the energy that would otherwise damage your skin cells. These chemicals are clear and leave no residue on your skin. Many are absorbed into the top layers of the skin and work there.

We only use physical sunscreens on ourselves and our daughter. They are a little thicker and do leave residue on the skin. IMO this is preferable to having all kinds of yucky chemicals on my skin that my body might absorb and react to.

We have used the stick (CA Baby) and I find it easier to use on my daughters face than lotion, because she is wiggly and with the stick you don't get the stuff all over...I even out the thicker streaks by distributing the suncreen with my fingers (it softens a bit on the warm skin), but again, you don't want to wipe it off completely.

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answers from Fresno on

Both of my little girls have fair, Irish skin and I have used Coppertone Water Babies on them (the stick version for their faces). Neither one has ever reacted badly to it, and they have never been sunburned, so I feel it works great on sensitive skin. Yes, it is a little bit harder to spread than a lotion, however on the other hand, you can put it in your pocket and re-apply it on the go, which is nice. Also, you are not as likely to accidentally get it in their eyes (which I am forever doing with the lotion version... ugggh).

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answers from San Francisco on

I didn't like it. I thought it was hard to spread and rub in. We LOVE Badger sunscreen. It is completely chemical free so it won't bother sensitive skin. It spreads easy and works great!



answers from Cincinnati on

I have never used the California Baby stick, so I cannot comment on it. My pediatrician said kids react to Coppertone more than any other sunscreen in her experience, and so I've never tried anything of theirs, either.

We try to use organic whenever we put chemicals on our child (soaps, sunblocks, etc.), and when we went to our local organic and vegan store and talked to them about the different options. They highly recommended Badger-brand sunscreen as the best and most effective organic product on the market (Badger, like California Baby, is a well-known organic company). We've been using it on our son for over a year and have never had a burn. It rubs on very thick and does leave a faint white film over the skin, but especially on a baby, I don't mind. At least I know he's protected!

Please let me know about CB if you get some good answers. We use their soap and their skin oils for our darling son, and I would be interested in learning more about their sunscreen.



answers from San Diego on

I second the hat and also use Kinesys. It is super clean. It is a spray, but non oily or alcoholic, so I just spray it on my hands and rub it on their faces. Their isn't much residue, so it doesn't bother me.

Here's a can find it at most health food stores. It lasts a long time and is reasonably priced.



answers from San Francisco on

The best is a big hat...sunscreen in your stroller...yeah it is cool it built right into the fabric! White cotton clothing is must! And some swear by turtle oil...The states always has better products than us...some have bug off in them get what u pay for!



answers from Redding on

Get Badger sunscreen-- it is the best sunscreen for kids ever. It smells wonderful, it lasts and lasts, and it is so pure you could eat it.

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