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Updated on May 28, 2011
M.L. asks from Portland, OR
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i know a lot of you moms had c sections, and i was just wondering was the experience good or bad and how was the healing process? vagional birth i know is ideal but it can cause a lot of health issues as well (thats my experience and that is why i am asking this questions, so i can made an educated decision to have a vagional delivery or opt for a c section because my dr has given me that option) thank you mamas and god bless you all

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answers from Dallas on

I'm also a medical professional. I've seen some terrible outcomes from vaginal births (which I wi.ll detail out if anyone is interested)

I was dreading a vaginal delivery. I got induced due to preeclampsia and the kiddo wouldn't descend so I had a c-section. It was fabulous. I had almost no pain at all.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I really wanted a vaginal delivery, but my baby was breech so I had to have a c-section. The was worried about the recovery too, but the doctor explained that when it's scheduled the recovery really easy. The recovery is more difficult if you've pushed for a long time and then have to have a c-section. It wasn't as bad as I had feared.

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answers from Mansfield on

I got sick from the spinal tap while in the hospital. But after that it was a good experience. I was up and walking the next day. I didn't have much pain, but then again I have a high tolerance for pain. I healed pretty good. I was even driving 5 days after had my son.
Good luck with which ever you decide. I hope you a fast recovery also!

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answers from Pittsfield on

My 1st was born vaginally, and it was a very difficult delivery. I won't go into all the details, but I can't help but feel a little irritated when people say our bodies are MEANT to give birth vaginally because really, if it were so simple, C-sections never would have been invented to begin with. Yes, women used to DIE during or shortly after childbirth- and although pretty rarely- still do. Women can die of eclampsia before, during, or after childbirth. And women still do sometimes die of post-partum hemorrage-sometimes less than 2 hours after delivering.

My doctor told me that I could choose to go for a C-section after all the difficulties I had with my 1st delivery or try another vaginal birth. I opted for the C-section and had no regrets. The delivery was pretty easy- the recovery is different for different women- for some it's pretty easy and takes longer to get back to normal for others. I had 2 more C-sections after that and had no desire to attempt a VBAC.
I can't say what's best for you, but if you do decide it would be a c-section, don't let people scare you.
Blessings :)

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answers from Kansas City on

mine was a breeze. my water broke, my son was breech, so they did an emergency c-section. i only had a handful of contractions (although the nurse was surprised i barely felt them - so my pain tolerance may be higher than most) and little to no severe pain afterwards. i didn't fill my pain meds prescription. also they must have done a great job "cleaning me out" because i barely spotted, much less bled. i took it easy but was able to walk around walmart a day or two after i got out of the hospital. honestly, i would be terrified of vaginal delivery after that...!

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answers from Lincoln on

I had an emergency C section, but I had always had a feeling that I would deliver C section. So much that I didn't even bother with any birthing classes!! I think the worst part was that it was a bit painful to cough or laugh at first. When I got home I regretted that my bed was not a hospital bed b/c I could not push the button to sit up. I don't think the pain was something I couldn't handle though. If I ever have another one I will not even ask for a VBAC, I will want the C section. I used to joke that I didn't have to worry about peeing on my stitches! I had stitches, no staples. My surgeon did a wonderful job (bikini cut) and I can look at myself nude in the mirror and not even see the scar.

Here's a tip I learned the hard way...with a bikini cut incision make sure you're not wearing bikini cut underwear b/c it will be right at your incision line (or it was for me) Have to go back to the high waist undies for a little bit!! :-)

Good luck!!!

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answers from Chicago on

My first c-section was scheduled at 38 weeks for my twins. I never went into labor. This might sound silly, but it was a wonderful experience. It was so relaxing to show up to the hospital, walk to my room, sit and relax, and wait to be prepped for surgery. The recovery was great, and the harder part for me was recovering from carrying twins for nine months. I am expecting baby #3 in June and I am completely fine with another c-section. My experience was great, and I felt fine after only two weeks!!

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answers from Washington DC on

Well I have never had a vaginal birth, so I can't speak for that, but I have had 3 c-sections. The first was an emergency, and the last two were planned. My recoveries for rough for the first few weeks, but very manageable as long as you keep up with the pain meds. The key to recovering quicker from a c-section is to take the pain meds regularly, get up and walk as soon as you can, and make sure you have some help at least for the first two weeks. You can't lift anything heavier than your baby. If you over do it then it can set your recovery back. If you do all of that you should be fine

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I had C-sections with both of my boys- I honestly think the healing process is a ton easier than vaginal birth. I have a small scar that you cant see even in bikini. From what I know i was up and around faster and easier than friends that have had natural birth. If you have health problems and your doctor is giving you the option I would take it.

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answers from Anchorage on

Why would your dr. offer you the option of a C section ? Normally it is NOT advised unless some serious complication to the baby. My guess is he does not want to wait around while you are in labor to deliver the baby naturally - many doctors are too anxious to get to the golf course, so of course they want the C section - cut it up and get right on out of there..... Forget it, unless there is some emergency, make the dr. wait and do it the old fashioned way, I have done it both ways and I would Never do a C section again (it was an emergency and they needed to do that). Natural is ALWAYS better, no epidural, no pain killers - just do it the natural way, better for the baby not to pass on all of those drugs to him/her. Also if you are breast feeding (which I highly recommend) you don't want to have all those pain killers in your system.

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answers from Dallas on

Honestly, it was a breeze for me. I hesitate to say that, because I know it's not everyone's situation. It really was like I never had surgery. Very little pain, or even discomfort. I started moving the second they would let me, and I think that helped a lot.

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answers from Springfield on

I had 2 c-sections. The first was an emergency, and the second was scheduled (breech). I really didn't think it was that bad. The first one was harder. Maybe because it was an emergency, maybe because I really didn't know what to expect. The first time getting up and walking is not easy, but the nurses were wonderful and gave me lots of good tips.

I know it's silly, but one of the best things about a planned c-section is that you go in, you have a baby, you get on with life. I always felt sorry for women waiting and waiting and waiting for labor to begin. It made the last couple of weeks of pregnancy so much easier to be able to look at the calendar and know when I would be able to hold my baby in my arms.

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answers from Dallas on

Everyone is going to give you different advice.

My suggestion would be to ask your doctor for his/her recommendation. They can make an educated recommendation based on factors we don't know such as your health, physical history, and any pregnancy issues.

God bless regardless of decision.

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answers from Portland on

You will get lots of answers-- both good and bad-- and much will depend on your own body and mindset. I had an unplanned c-section and it was an emergency one. I was on bedrest for preterm labor and was excited and nervous about doing a vaginal birth. It turned out later that the c-section was unnecessary. My healing was very complicated as I had massive scarring-- BUT that is how my body responded. Yours may be entirely different. I had to go back for nearly 2 years to get some help with the cheloids and they were very painful. A friend of mine had a scary first vaginal birth-- she just wasn't prepared and her husband was, shall we say, less than helpful. In fact, he was a real problem and she felt horrified going through the experience with his condescension and lack of empathy for her labor experience. She had a big baby and, when her OB gave her the option of a c-section the second time around, she went for it. I am biased towards vaginal birth for many reasons including for the baby, but, ultimately, you need to make the decision for what's best for you and be okay with it. Either way, try to surround yourself with the best support system you can obtain. That will make ALL the difference. All the best to you and your family!

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answers from Eugene on

My sil and I had babies 9 days apart. She had a vaginal birth 9 days early than my C section. With the tearing she had, I healed faster than she did. This was an emergency c section-my 2nd was a second c section and was even smoother. I often tease this is the natural way to have a baby and the drugs are better. I did heal faster than the doctors expected, at two weeks appointment he said I moved like it was a six weeks appt. I had good experience with them but I have never had a baby the other way.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi M.!
I have had two c-sections and they were both very positive experiences for me. Recovering from the surgery is the hardest part, but it's manageable. I was up walking around the day after surgery, with lots of pain of course, but by a week out, I could get around my house just fine.

The surgery itself was stressful because I was awake but it's over quickly and you get to see your baby!

The nurses told me that c-section babies are always prettier because their heads are not all squished. LOL I used that perk to make me feel better because I was actually disappointed that I couldn't deliver vaginally, so that's my go-to selling point.

Vaginal is best for Mom & baby if you can manage it, but it's not for everybody, and I don't regret having a c-section.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I had an emergancy c-section. It wasnt fun and i was miserable for the first few days afterwards but after about 4 days i was sore but it wasnt the worst pain ever anymore. IF you opt to have the c-section the best advice i could give is listen to the dr when they say to rest for several weeks.Let people help you, if not it will hurt a lot.

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answers from Austin on

Do not opt for a c-section. I can't believe your doctor is even giving you the option (unless you have had one before.) If you have not had one before your doctor should have his/her license revoked for breaking the first oath of, First Do No Harm.

Your body was made to give birth vaginally. That is the natural way. There are so many more complications and side effects with a c-section, not to mention you have a much, much greater risk of dying. This is major surgery. 7 layers of muscle have to be cut through. When I worked in the hospital as a NICU Respiratory Therapist we had to attend all c-sections even the scheduled ones. We were never called to routine vaginal births. That should tell you something right there. They anticipate the baby to always have trouble following a c-section because babies are not meant to be born this way. The baby itself benefits from being born vaginally. I wish women like you who are considering a c-section over a vaginal birth could watch one up close and personal in the OR before making this decision. A c-section is very violent and a horrible way to give birth. Things go wrong every day in the OR during c-sections that do not happen with vaginal births simply because it is major surgery.

Choose a vaginal birth.

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answers from Portland on

i had 2 c-sections. both went fine but if i had the option, i'd do vaginal. there are so many things that can go wrong. even with having a pretty good experience (it hurts A LOT tho and a much longer recovery period), i have thick scars in my lower abdomen that sometimes give me random shooting pains. also, any abdominal surgery can trigger celiac disease, if you are genetically prone. that's what happened to me :(

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answers from Honolulu on

I had 2. Both good experiences.
My Doc, sutures ALL the layers internally as well as the outer layer.
Then puts steri-stips on the external incision.
My Doc, does NOT use, staples.
ALL the nurses said, his suturing is like 'art-work.' And his patients all heal well. And good.

THEN, he also uses a "TENS unit", in which the pads are placed on both ends of the incision. Not on it, just next to it.
ALL of the nurses said, that his patients heal faster and better, than those women who do not receive that.
It is then yours, and you can take it home with you.
All part of his practice and routine per c-sections.

You can Google Search "TENS unit." If you don't know what that is.

My c-section per my 1st child, was an emergency.
My 2nd, was planned.

My Doc, schedules c-sections 2-weeks prior, to the due date.

The advised healing time per c-sections, is 6 weeks. And not lifting anything heavier than your newborn.

I was up on my feet, that same day. But of course, took it easy. Per healing and the 6 week timeline.
I had help at home, for 2 weeks, right after my kids were born.

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answers from Denver on

I did both.

My first was c-section - he was breech - it went fine and the pain was minimal, recovery was typical.

My second was a VBAC and it was also fine. I actually thought the recovery was a bit worse because I had a tear and developed terrible hemmoroids (TMI sorry) and it was really uncomfortable to sit.

If I had to choose again I would have another VBAC in a heart beat. Something about actually "birthing" a baby with your spouse there holding your legs - feeling your baby emerge - that minute they are OUT and caught somewhere in between - i don't know - it was just magical. A c-section is surgery - period - and i just didn't have the same experience.

in the end though all that matters is a healthy M. and baby - so do what is best for the both of you...

Best of luck...

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answers from Anchorage on

I've had one c-section and one vaginal delivery.

I had an unplanned, non-emergency c-section with my first after 4 hours of pushing. I had never had surgery before. The procedure was fine and my recovery was great. Tired for a few days, but within a week I was hiking a mile or two carrying the baby in a sling. Physically, I was fine after the c-section. Emotionally, I was a bit bothered because I had never considered that "it would happen to me." But, the important thing is that both me and my baby were fine.

I delivered my second child two years later vaginally with no complications. One of my biggest concerns about having another c-section was being able to take care of my toddler while I recovered from a c-section. So you should weight that issue, depending on how old your children are and how much support you'll have.

From what I read about your previous experience, which sounds quite unpleasant, I might opt for the c-section, . Best wishes and hope this helps!



answers from Seattle on

Hi M. ;0)

I have had 3 children 3 different ways...2 vaginal (one with an epidural and one without) and my last was a c-section. The experience was really good. I did not have any problems at all. You are very sore for quite a while after the surgery (but it is major surgery). One thing nobody told me is that I would forever have numbness below the cut-line so that was a little weird but it wasn't a bad thing. I would do a c-section again if I needed too. Good luck to you!


answers from Tampa on

You can die from complications directly associated with cesareans. The same cannot be said of a vaginal birth, even a hard one.

I Had one and the complications were:
1) migraines due to the spinal block and epidural needed during the birthing process

2) heart had issues circulating all the fluid build up because of the bed rest and retention that occurs after a surgery.

3) I had a hard time holding my baby if I was standing or walking - it was extremely painful just to walk. On my ride home, every small bump my Mom's car went over, felt I was being ripped apart and that was 4 days after surgery!!

4) I had to return to the hospital twice after my cesarean due to complications with the surgery.

5) Almost 6 years later, I still have little to no feeling from mid lower abdomen to the scar. I also still have extreme pain when I need to have a bm, because of adhesions and scar tissue (which is common) due to the surgery.

I am a Nurse and I will be having #2 in July at home attended by a Midwife... so an educated medical professional will be having a VBAC at home rather than in the hospital.

Cesareans are for a last ditch effort to get baby out... they should not be automatic or elective due to the extreme complications they pose.



answers from Houston on

I think every woman's birth experience can be so different, but here's mine. I had a c-section first. The actual c-section was uneventful, but the recovery was a little tougher than a vaginal birth, just very sore in my stomach. It hurt to laugh, to get out of bed, etc. But it was just sore, like I had done a million crunches. Other than that, no problems.

My second child was a vaginal birth. I had opted for another c-section, but he came too fast and it would have been a more difficult c-section. I already knew I was a good candidate for a VBAC, so that's what I did. No issues with that birth, or with the recovery.

Good luck with your decision.


answers from Washington DC on

A vaginal is definitely safer for you. I had an emergency c-section and had another son 23 months later, so I had an elective c-section. Partly because it gave me more time off after work too. I definitely preferred the vaginal delivery though, but I also had no tearing or any other issues. So mine was relatively easy. My emergency c-section was hell...to put it lightly. I couldn't move for weeks and was in pain where I had my incision for months after. The planned one was a breeze and felt amlmost fine within a week.


answers from Eugene on

Take the vaginal delivery. It is natures way and a much quicker recovery.
It does not cause as many health issues as a c-section. Infections, slow recovery, exhaustion can be the c-sections lot unless your mother is a homeopath the way my daughters mother is. She was up taking a shower 15 hours later. You won't be and you will be in pain.



answers from Portland on

Of course everyone will respond differently, but I had an unplanned c-section, and recovery was a breeze. I can't remember having any pain at all, or even having to take any pain meds. I was up showering 12 hours after delivery, and was back to my normal activities by the time I got home from the hospital. My scar is tiny, and you'd never even notice it. I did feel a little sad that I missed out on the experience of a vaginal birth, but I ended up with a healthy son and a healthy me, so what else could I ask for?



answers from Seattle on

i think i would be very interested in a C section if I had your experience. i have only had one birth, via C section b/c baby was foot breech and couldn't be turned. i was terrified and had not even considered that would happen up until my Dr told me it was likely around 7 mos. i had the surgery at 8 mos. w/ little notice (was planning on trying multiple things to get baby to turn down). Since i have wide hip bones (turns out htat is no guarantee anyway:) ) and am generally a healthy and physical person i always expected to have a vaginal birth.
I was disappointed I couldnt and scared but the C section was actually fast and pretty easy. you cant feel anything during the incisions, but feeling the tugging when they take the baby out was weird! it is a surgery, and you have to allow time to heal. The first day is rough- you have to stay on top of the meds- dont let them wear off that first day. by two days after i quit taking them. I was sore but it was bearable.
the one wierd thing is that my lower abdomen felt dead near the scar and had no sensation for a while but it slowly went away. the scar is small & at hairline so i forget it is there most of the time.

good luck with your decision and try not to let others' judgement get to you if you decide the C section is better than goign thru what you went thru before.


answers from Redding on

I had 2 c-sections. I never had a vaginal birth (thank you for not calling it natural birth, its all natural :)).

My first one sucked big time. The nurses didn't get me out of bed and walking around like they were supposed to and they didn't give me any food after for a day and a half (even though I did what was needed to get food). I was nieve and it was my first so I figured they knew what they were doing. But nurses are busy people and you have to speek up. :) At 3 weeks post op, I still couldn't get myself out of bed without help. I was fine sitting, standing, laying down, but the transistion from one to the other was nearly impossible.

With my second (they say its easier the second time), it went much smoother. When the nurses got busy and ignored me, I got myself up and moving. I wasn't going to have that happen again. I was walking pretty good by the time I left the hospital. I got hemroids with this baby (sorry TMI), and I was in really bad shape with that. Lots of pain (never had them before and didn't know what they were at first), that I kind of forgot about the C-section. I was up and running around (mostly to the bathroom) within a couple days.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that you really never know. You just have to follow your gut. I would urge you to consider the vaginal if its possible, because the recovery is much less time and the lasting affects (ab muscles) are minimal.

Oh, I just remembered a friend of mine had a vaginal and then a C-section, she said having a c-section was abot 1,000 times worse...but again everyone is different.


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