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Updated on April 30, 2013
H.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I had a C Section delivery about 3 years ago. Recently I began having severe pain when ever I press on my left feet & while walking. What the cause of this?

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answers from Miami on

Call your doctor and ask. It could be entirely unrelated to the c-section or it could be something significant like a blood clot.

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answers from New York on

I would check with a podiatrist if your feet are giving you a problem.



answers from Las Vegas on

Is it just in your foot.. IF so, then it might possibly be that you are pressing on a nerve that might be a little inflamed..

I've had this happened when I have over exercised. Also, in Spin class whereby you peddle a lot and stand on the ball of your foot. All that pressure and for a long length of time can definitely cause nerve irritation..
What helped me relieve the pain was to do foot stretches at night , in the morning and before and after exercise (this includes walking)

Also, Sciatic nerve pain can run down into the foot..
If it doesn't go away soon, you may want to visit a Podiatrist..

good luck



answers from Chicago on

I would definitely ask the doctor. Blood clots are common after c sections. Better safe than sorry.



answers from Miami on

Why do you think your C-section has anything to do with it?

You might have a problem with your sciatic or your feet. I don't know what the possible connection with the c-section could be.

Try a chiropractor and a foot specialist.
Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

If it has been three years, the c-section probably isn't the cause. Call your doctor and get it checked out. It could be a problem with a nerve.

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