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Updated on July 16, 2010
S.S. asks from Harrison, NJ
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Hi All,
I have a small doubt about buying Shapeups . I had been planning on buying a pair of them but never got around for some reason or other. Now I am pregnant with my second baby .
I want yopur opinion if its a good idea to buy them now during pregnancy.,

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answers from New York on

I do not see a problem wearing them when pregnant. I think they would
help because you do walk straighter. They also help if you have back

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answers from New York on

I own 4 pairs so far and wouldn't wear anything but them. Like you I had my doubts but I work in health care and many of the nurses, supervisors, and other staff wear them and swear by them so I bought my first pair a year ago and it was love at first sight. My legs firmed up, my knees haven't dislocated since I started wearing them, and my feet don't hurt. I am also a nursing student and am at clinical for 9 - 12 hours at a time on my feet the whole time, my legs feel so invigorating, it is as if I wasn't on my feet much. Like I said I have 4 pairs (work, clinical, and play) and I am getting myself another pair because I'm addicted to them. By the way I am now into running again which I haven't been able to do so for many years and I have to say I feel great doing it and afterward as well. So I say girl go get yourself a pair, you will love them, I tell everyone to do so. I should be selling them. LOL Honestly I think they will help you a lot during and after you deliver.



answers from New York on

I am also pregnant with my second child. I have been using my shapeups this whole pregnancy. My doctor said it was fine, She encourages me to stay active. I workout 6 times a week. Sometimes my elliptical, sometimes with my shapeups on the trail.
If your still unsure, just ask your doctor. Thats my motto. Thats what they are there for.
congrats and good luck!



answers from Toledo on

I just bought them and I love them. I have had a hip replaced, and part of my therapy was to use a wobble board to strengthen the muscles supporting the hip. These shoes mimic that. They're very comfortable, too. However, a friend of mine saw the same design of shoe at K-Mart for about $28 instead of the $100 I paid. I haven't seen them, but you may want to look at them first. Just don't expect your butt to look like the ads!


answers from Kansas City on

I've been wearing mine for 5 years and I have the strongest calve muscles ever. I'm not in very good shape for the rest of me and they aren't miracle workers. But they do help my feet and back to stay limber. It's much easier to stand in line with these on. I can roll back and forth and not hurt so much since standing still doesn't work so well for me. To be best effective, you want to alternate between regular shoes and the shape ups because they both work different muscles.

I disagree that they don't work. But to work them you actually have to get out and walk. Just wearing them once and awhile here and there isn't going to do much.

To be precise, I wore my MBT's 4 years before that. I don't think these shape up shoes are as good as my MBT's were. I think the curve was steeper with the MBT's. Or maybe I just don't remember. To save 100 bucks, I'll keep using the Shape Ups.



answers from Peoria on

I have the flip flops and I love them. I really don't notice a difference when walking except when I push the stroller up hill. I also love them because they offer support where most flip flops do not. Now I don't want to wear anything but them because they are so comfortable.



answers from Minneapolis on

i got my shape-ups during my last pregnancy. I didn't get them for the toning (i don't believe they work-- at least not as well as just doing the exercises) but they truly do improve my posture when i wear them. For me, they really seemed to relieve my back/hip pain and even at the end of pregnancy i could walk or stand all day without the back pain :) now in post partum they do the same thing when holding my baby-- again it's all in the posture for me. So for toning--save your money. For posture-- try them out :)


answers from Chicago on

Ditto to what Rachel K said. Save your money. Not because they will be dangerous in any way to your pregnancy - they're not. But becuase the only tried and true way to shape your legs is with exercise.



answers from Boston on

shape ups were on the top 20 list of wasting money. If you really want to tone your legs do squats, lunges, etc Shapeups are not proven to work out your legs anymore then just walking. With a baby on the way I say save your money for something better.



answers from New York on

no, not during pregnancy. It can cause you to lose balance.



answers from Atlanta on

I don't have the Shape-ups but do have the original MBTs that they were patterned after. I couldn't live without mine. My sister has a pair and my husband has three. Being pregnant, it should help you legs and back probably more than it helped me. My sister tried the Reebok kind and said it wasn't the quality of the MBT but I'm sure that is to be expected. I paid $250.00 for mine. MBT will resole the shoe for YOUR lifetime for a negligible fee.

The MBTs do everything they claim to do. I would take the risk and try the shapeups. I haven't found anyone that I've met (Amusement parks, mall, etc.) say they didn't like the ones they had.



answers from New York on

don't waste your money, after the first 2 weeks I can't tell the difference. They are very comfortable for walking but don't see the results I expected. I would suggest you try the cheaper payless version now available.



answers from Rochester on

I don't see why it would be a problem really. You may just want to make sure that you don't wear them all the time. If you're really worried then perhaps talk to your OB about it. I'm guessing the extra little exercise really won't alarm them unless you're high risk.



answers from Dayton on

I love mine! They haven't done much as far as toning my legs/ butt, however they are great for posture. I'm a nurse and on my feet all day. I used to have alot of back pain. They help a lot with that and with my posture. I don't know about during pregnancy though.

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