Buying a New Refrigerator

Updated on February 25, 2011
K.D. asks from Greenville, TX
16 answers

Want to know experiences you have had with your refrigerator, good and bad. I am about to move and will need to purchase one. Please tell me brands that you love and what brands to avoid, THANKS!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I like my GE profile. It has all the bells and whistles. Freezer is a bit small, I would get one with freezer on the bottom next time. However, having said that, I would definitely get the service plan. If you get one with ice dispenser and water dispencer in the door...DEFINITELY get the service plan. It is all computerized and can be very costly. My water stopped coming out and I called a technician...I have a service plan...after the second visit he said we needed a new door. All covered. Yeah!



answers from Minneapolis on

We just bought a whirlpool Gold 26.5 cu feet, we are a family of is a beast, seriously but we need far as whirl pool I really like worst issue with it is every couple of times a day it sounds like a plane is taking off or a race car starting. lol something like that...not supper loud just a crazy sound like that. anywho love the sixth sense.

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answers from Columbus on

We bought this:

and have been very happy with it.

One thing I will say, though, is that it's deeper than our old one, by a noticeable amount, so it sticks out from the wall more.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I may be doing the same thing this year, since our fridge is hinting at wanting to retire (well, it's only 25 years old).

We've never had any trouble with Kenmore products. However, I can't promise that you'll have the same experience. Oftentimes, brand names stay the same over the years but the owners and manufacturing plants (and thus the quality) change. Why not ask your current repair place what brands are reliable these days? They've seen all the duds!

Our present fridge is a side-by-side and I've really liked it. The freezer part is easier to organize than any other system I've had.



answers from New York on

We have a Frigidaire side-by-side and I hate it! My husband has had to repair to more times than I can count... ice "tube" freezes, drawers are very cheaply made, I could go on and on. When we build our home the builder had a contract with Frigidaire so all of our appliances are from that brand. We have already replaced the dishwasher b/c it was loud and leaky (less than 5 yrs old) and will likely replace the fridge relatively soon b/c the only thing keeping the icemaker functioning is a funnel made out of a bottle "nipple". Seriously- thankfully the hubs is a mechanical systems engineer or I would have replaced it all by now!



answers from Dallas on

We recently purchased a Kenmore french door without the water/ice dispenser. We saved for a long time and also you can catch one of the 0 down no payments for 6/12 months sales.
This isn't a cheap fridge. I partially choked but it was what we needed. One neat feature is that you can take out the shelves and reconfigure them to accommodate varying sizes. For instance moving them around so one fits 2 liter bottle size while another can be soup can size-not the shelves themselves of course but the space you make with them:)
There are three crispers two 'small' and one large one. They are deep
and hold quite a bit. The bottom freezer has insanely large storage for being what it is. I also have a Kenmore Upright freezer-but had we not had it we would not necessarily gone with this one. But also again not necessarily *not* gone with it though since it does have so much freezer space. While not cheap/more affordable so far it has been worth every penny. As has the upright freezer. And if you have a large family it is definitely worth it. We absolutely love it!
Sorry for rambling it is late and my brain is mush.


answers from Dallas on

When we built our house we put in a top of the line Maytag. It really SUCKED. It did not last long. It had lots of bells and whistles though.
It was all sizzle and no steak.

We replaced it with a Kitchen Aid and LOVE it. It is a higher end Kitchen Aid and I just love it. We actually replaced all our appliances with Kitchen Aid.

The builder installed GE Profile and that SUCKED too. We got rid of all GE Profile. Everybody in the neighborhood with a GE Profile oven filed claims on the builder. They catch fire.... no joke.



answers from Chicago on

We have a Kenmore frig. Love it. We just bought a full size whirlpool freezer, though, and I love that too. Next time I'm in the market for a frig, I will be looking at whirlpool.



answers from Dallas on

We LOVE our Samsung that we got about 6 mos ago, except for the ice maker!!! I'm constantly picking up ice off the floor.



answers from Jackson on

We have a Maytag side by side. We got it used but almost new. I really like it however our regular repairman hates this brand! We just had him out to fix it yesterday and he, again, told me how much he dislikes a Maytag. They have more frequent repairs. He also told me that if I buy a new one, I likely won;t get more than 5 years out of any brand? I hope that is crazy because we have had this one for 5 years and it was 5 years old when we got it. (Only used for two.) He fixes all brands and recommends Whirlpool. That is what we will get or maybe a GE when this one bites the dust. I don't know about in your area but, when I was looking yesterday Sears had the best selection. Good luck shopping.



answers from Pittsburgh on

We bought a Frigidaire gallery fridge back in November and I love it. Be sure to measure the width, height and depth as it could make a difference where you need to place it. I love the adjustable door shelves and adjustable shelves, one shelf is a split one and that is nice to have. We had adjustable door shelves in our old home, we moved last summer and the fridge in our new home (fridge was 11 years old), and the shelves were fixed in place. I didn't realize how much I missed that, the freezer part of the fridge died in Nov and we had to buy a new fridge right away. I knew some of the features that I wanted!



answers from Tyler on

We bought GE appliances to go into our new house 7 years ago. We wouldn't go with them again because of our experiences with them. The side-by-side refrigerator was a lemon. There was an alert on it for a malfunctioning mother board early on. After it was supposed to be fixed with another mother board the original problem the first one created was no longer an issue but it never worked properly after that. The freezer didn't freeze properly and built up frost and glaciers from melting. The ice would build up and throw the fan out of balance. When the noise got too unbearable we would have to take everything out, get all of the ice and frost build up off of it, put it in coolers, turn the unit off, let it defrost, completely thaw it out, and clean up the sopping wet mess. It was ridiculous. We called for repair service several times and the problem never got resolved. It finally just quit working altogether last month. We just replaced it with an almost identical Whirlpool and so far we love it. It is the same size as the old one but somehow has a roomier interior. Best wishes for your move, getting settled and enjoying your new home:)



answers from Dallas on

Don't recommend a GE side by side - we've had many problems with the water line for the dispenser freezing - they even installed and extra heater to try to keep the problem from happening again. I just happened again about 2 months ago. We aren't the only ones that have had problems with our GE fridge that I know of either - have some friends with issues with the water dispense and my brother just happily got rid of his.



answers from Los Angeles on

I will suggest if you have or will have a decent amount of freezing, do not get a bottom drawer freezer, not enough room and cant keep things organized...



answers from Anchorage on

I love my GE side by side fridge. Got it at lowes. Recently my MIL purchased a fridge ( same brand) that has the freezer on the bottom. She likes it, but also prefers the side by side. She says that it seems that the bottom freezer dosent have much room and it's not back friendly. Make sure you take good measurements and keep the depth of the fridge in mind. We once made that mistake. The fride fit in nice, but it stuck out farther than the counter,and out kitchen was very small at that time, so we had to return it. Happy fridge searching!!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

We just bought a new fridge and I had a hard time deciding what to get. I wanted the French doors, my husband had lots of health issues and bending over to get stuff out og the fridge is one thing we could fix.

We needed to be able to put some sort of lock on it due to a 4 year old trying to hide inside the old one and imitate the opening credits on AFV. So we ended up getting a side by side so we could wrap a ratchet style locking device around both handles. I love the versitility and convenience of large storage areas and room on the door for milk by the gallons and gallons.

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