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Updated on December 12, 2007
L.H. asks from Forney, TX
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Hi Moms,

I was wounding if anyone had any knowledge about D. R. Horton home builders. My husband and I are in the market to buy a house. We have been looking for over three months now and finally we found one we both like in Hartland TX just outside of Forney. I wanted to know if anyone had any knowledge on the area and the builder. This is our first home and all the help we can get will be greatly appreciated. We have grown to like TX and decided to make it our home.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for the good advice. We go to closing in Feb. We are so happy. I love the community and the cleaness of it. IT is still developing, we go out there almost everyday and it seems to be nice and quite. Thanks again.

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A friend of mine bought a DR Horton home. They ended up having to move because the windows were installed bad and they got mold in between the panes. The mold made the family very sick for about 2 years. That's how long it took them to realize what it was making them sick. It was their own home!

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Hi Lakeisha,

I use to work for Dr. Horton and they make a great home and stick behind their warranties.

If you don’t already have a realtor you definitely want one with you to help negotiate the price, closing cost, and lender.

Dr. Horton would love for you to use their in house title and mortgage company and sometimes that is not in the best interest of the buyer. I would love to talk further with you on the subject, feel free to contact me at ###-###-#### or [email protected] of luck, and again you will love the Dr. Horton home!

C. Roeschen
The Trinity Group
Keller Williams
[email protected]



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Hi Lakeisha,

I think it matters where the home is built. In our neighborhood, D.R. Horton doesn't have a very good name. Our nieghborhood is a DR Horton and Mercedes community and those who have DR Horton homes wish they had built a Mercedes home. It seems like in a lot of the DR Horton homes here they cut a lot of corners. We personally built a Mercedes home, but had an issue with DR Horton cutting into our lot and cutting our sprinkler lines while they were building next door. It took forever to get that resolved; I had to keep sending letters to get them to fix the yard and sprinklers the way it was, and even then the result was still shoddy. Like another mama said, I think it matters where you build, which supervisor you have, and if you stay on top of the builder while your home is being built.

Good luck!



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My husband and I just built a DR Horton home last year and we couldn't be happier. We looked at several different builders and we even walked through many that were still under construction and DR Horton had the best quality in their work and materials. Good Luck! It is one of the hardest and exciting things to do!



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I've heard alot of good things about DR Horton Homes. we looked at some DR when we were looking to move earlier this year. Just happened that we stumbled upon our house in Sachse we love which is a Diamond home from the Goodman family of builders (also a very high rated builder along with DR Horton). A best friend of mine built a house in Heartland last year, and they love the area. She has a young daughter and are planning for more, and I've heard its a great area for families. Good luck in your home search and/or building and Happy Holidays.



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I have no specific knowledge of the area you are looking at in Forney, but D.R. Horton is one of the better builders in the DFW area. While they are one of the better builders, and their houses are very solid, a house can still develop issues over time. Be sure to find a good home inspector. I used one that could do both a standard and a structural inspection, just in case.

In reference to a previous comment, I do not believe all houses are built the same in the area. Some builders take the time to do things right. Others use shortcuts that affect both the quality and the resale price of the house. I can think of at least one builder I would never use in this area.

We would have bought a D.R. Horton home if it had not already had a contract pending. We ended up settling on an Ashton Woods home.


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I know the turmoils of finding *the* perfect home. We looked for what seemed like eternity before we finally settled on Horizon homes.

We even considered moving to Heartland, but the HOA wouldn't allow my husband work truck to be parked there while he was on call. Be sure to check out the HOA of wherever you choose to move to. They can have some pretty quirky rules!

I believe that kiddos who live in Heartland go to Crandall schools. You might want to check out the school district since your little girl will soon be going to school! I have heard from people who send their kids to Forney ISD that Forney is a nightmare. So, whatever you do, check it out! :)

I don't really have any firm answers to your questions. I did like the DR Horton homes. They just didn't have any floor plans that would work for our family. (We homeschool, and have specific needs.) For some time in looking for our new home, I would compare all the energy efficiency ratings, the foundations, windows, insulation used etc, etc, etc.

THEN! One day, I had an epiphany! It doesn't really matter all that much because all of the homes in the area are really all built pretty much the same! We then just started looking for a house that we all felt "at home" in. Finally! We were so thrilled to have found what we wanted! AND not to worry about all the other stuff. Just make sure they offer a good warranty. I forget what they offer.

Heartland does seem like a nice neighborhood though. I love the little "bus stop" signs they have up throughout the neighborhood. And, even though we are not moving there, I am excited to see what retail they build there as well.

When you have your house started... be prepared to be amazed! ESPECIALLY if you go out there once a week only. There will be drastic changes up until the house is almost done. It is amazing how fast it goes up! The foundation is the slowest part. (That is a good thing!) We went out there one day, and the bottom floor was framed out, and the stairs were half way done. For some reason, we had to go out there the next day. It was before 12 noon, and the second story and roof was already done! Amazing.

I could talk about this forever, so I will stop. Good luck in making your final decision. It is a fun process.




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My husband and I live in a DR Horton home...the homes are nice and we like it...they are beautiful neighborhoods....

we love our house....get extra touch up paint to keep around...=)



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Hi Lakeisha,

My husband is an electrician and has wired many different home builders homes in the area. He has always commented on how well DR Horton builds their homes and says they would be his first choice of a home due to their quality of work. Hope this is helpful.

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