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Updated on September 27, 2011
L.M. asks from Meriden, CT
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Hi Ladies,
The time has come and we need to purchase a new minivan. Yes, NEW not used. Just looked at the Toyota Sienna and we're very interested. However, it appears that they are not willing to negotiate, (they want sticker price less trade in and the special financing rate which ends Thursday). Any negoitating tips? In the past dealers have worked with us on the trade in, but it appears that this dealership won't do that. P.S. We're looking at the Honda tomorrow.

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answers from Houston on

We just got a new car. Is this at a Car Max type place? They don't usually negotiate there. I asked a similar question recently, some great answers here:

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree that it's very odd they aren't willing to negotiate. I wouldn't take that as an answer. Negotiate or walk away, seriously. Sticker prices are made to be brought down. If you really like that model over the others then I'd find another dealership willing to talk price.

I don't have a minivan but I have a Honda Pilot, our first Honda, and I love it!!!!! They were actually super awesome and easy to negotiate with and we have been very happy with our purchase!

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answers from Chicago on

Walk away. There have to be other dealers in your area, or within a short drive. Dealers will fight for business against each other. Use that tactic. It's worked for me.

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answers from Boston on

My husband loves to negotiate and is not intimidated by car sales men. One of them yelled at him after we walked out (because they played the "we need to talk to the manager" game and had us waiting forever) that he would never sell us a car so don't ever come back! My husband just turned around and said:"Well, then I guess I will have to visit one of the other 5 dealers in the area that sell your brand". We have been married 24 years and I have seen him buy many cars and he always gets a deal. You need to do your research, know what the dealer pays and how low they can go (even dealer invoice is not the real price they pay since they get bonusses for selling xxx cars), and then decide what options you really want. Sometimes you actually get a better deal taking a car the is on the lot with more options that you really wanted, but since they want to get it off the lot you have better bargaining power. Check the websites that give you car comparisons and do not put your heart on only one make/model. That way, if the deal is not good enough you can always walk out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Go on line. When my son wanted to buy a new minivan and the dealer wanted list price and wouldn't budge, he found a dealer on line that would sell him a new one at a deep discount. He saved over $1000 including what he paid for the air plaine ticket and gas to drive it home.

BTW, the last 5 days of the month are the best times to buy. All the dealer incentives go month to month and if the car you want will put the dealer over his quota for the next higher discount or prize you will get a better deal. The same goes for the salesman. I have bought cars from salesmen that needed just "one more car" and they practicaly gave it to me for cost so they could "win" their contest.

Be sure to tell all the dealers you are talking with that you are looking at others dealers and other brands.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Jacksonville on

How did you determine the value of your trade-in? Did you pull up If not, I recommend you do so, and use the trade-in value tool to see what your trade-in ought to bring you. You can do this at kellybluebook too. Take the printed out info with you when you are ready to negotiate (whichever dealer you end up going with)... just don't pull out the paperwork until they refuse to offer you more on your trade.. then tell them you want ____ and won't take less than what your paperwork shows your vehicle is worth.

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answers from New York on

Go to another dealer. Stop calling the person you were speaking with at Toyota for a few days... I assure you they will call you in the near future wondering what happened.

If they aren't willing to negotiate- go to Honda. See who offers the better deal and then go back to Toyota and share the other offer. They don't want those sitting on their lots... new stuff comes in next month!



answers from Raleigh on

October is the best month to buy a car. If you can wait until the end of October you might get the best deal. Also purchase from the internet dealer. They get paid based on how many cars they sell. The other salesman get paid a percentage of commission bass on how much they sell the car for so they want the price to be higher. We bought our last car this way and talked them down $6000. However it was slightly used I know you won't get quite that much off a new car.



answers from Hartford on

I bought my Sienna at Middletown Toyota and was able to get the sale price I wanted by being persistant about the True Market Value which you can find on You type in the exact color and options on the car and it will calculate what people are paying. Also you can find the true value of your trade in.



answers from Minneapolis on

Our whole family extended included buy Toyota! Granted it's Minnesota but.. GO to a different Toyota Dealer!!! They WILL deal! If they don't they aren't good dealers or don't really want the sales! ALSO.. Instead of going with the first salesman that comes up to you go the the reception desk and ask for the Top salesman or Manager and explain that you haven't had much luck with salesman and will only deal with that person. (You have that right!)


answers from Phoenix on

Get the VIN off the ones you're interested in and call in to your insurance agent or company and ask them to quote you how much your premium will increase for each van and that may be a deciding factor on what one you get. Good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

It's the end of the month? Who doesn't deal?!
If you are writing a check or paying cash, they *should* be ready to negotiate.



answers from Las Cruces on

They probably wont take your trade because they wont be able to sell it for a profit, or they allready have too many on the lot. And something to keep in mind trade in value at a dealer is ALWAYS less than what blue book is. For example, my suvs worth is 25k,( thats what I could expect to sell it to a non dealer for) a dealer wouldnt give me more than 17k for it. They are working for a profit. As for the price of the new, go online look up the msrp before going to the dealer. Know what you want, and be realistic. Ask to see the invoice ( in most states it is law that they show it to you) Dont offer 15k, if the invoice is 17,500 ( they will do whatever they can to get rid of you at that point they dont want to deal with a lowballer) And Honda & Toyota are differant, so prices wont be the same. And new model years start arriving in june, so most dealers allready have 2012's in stock. Car dealers also HATE cash deals-they dont make anymoney in cash deals so they will not give you their best price if you say you will pay cash. I also suggest knowing your credit score, that will have a huge impact on what you can buy.

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