Buying a Cellphone at Costco

Updated on September 25, 2012
R.N. asks from Nashville, TN
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I'm long overdue for a new phone and upgraded service. My current phone is a bit of an embarrassment. Today I talked with a rep at the Costco kiosk. Has anyone bought a phone from there? What is the appeal of buying it there vs. going into the provider's store? I'd love to hear your experiences.


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answers from Jacksonville on

We had a coupon to buy a phone at Costco. We went to the T-Mobile store and asked it they could match that price and they couldn't, so we bought at Costco.

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answers from Cleveland on

I don't have a Costco membership but I have a Sam's Club membership. I bought the phone I have at Sam's this summer. The Verizon store actually told me to go to Sam's to get it. Verizon had stopped carrying the phone that I wanted (which Verizon also recommended as the best one to fit my needs) in their stores and only sold on-line. The phone was $119 online. Verizon told me it was cheaper at Sam's. I only paid $28 for my phone at Sam's.

So if Costco has the same pricing as Sam's, you will save quite a bit on your phone.

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answers from Austin on

I've not gone to Costco, but we've bought phones at Walmart and Best Buy before, and it is very easy there, also.

Hubby and I just got new phones at Best Buy this year... He got his earlier this summer, and the phone ( no longer offered by Sprint, but still a VERY nice phone) was only $29.99, and when I got the same phone several months later, it was free! (Motorola Photon 4G.... still a really nice phone, but not their "latest"..).

At Best Buy, you can still get the provider's insurance plan if you want it, or the store's plan... and while the store's plan cost a bit more, there would be NO deductible, instead of the $100 deductible through Sprint.

Sprint no longer had that phone available. It has been re-issued with a few more features, but not that big of a deal to us.

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answers from Las Vegas on

If you are due for an upgrade, you should go to your provider. When I tried to go to Best Buy to replace a phone, they wanted to charge me $400, however, AT&T gave me an upgrade for $200.

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answers from Dallas on

I have bought several phones from Costco at great value! They offer just a few models for each provider. Advantages are deeply discounted prices, better than provider, waived initiation fee, comp accessory package. I always look there first, can't pass up deal especially if they have the model you want.



answers from Chicago on

I love Costco, but I would think that you would get a better deal from your provider. Most companies offer free phone upgrades if you sign a contract. If you get good service coverage and are happy with your monthly bill, then you should stick with the company you have. If your calls are always being dropped or you feel you are being chargedore than you should, shop around. There are so many options out there that every company has a free phone package.


answers from Detroit on

I buy everything from Costco, why not a phone? Do your research, is it cheaper? If so, great! If not, it probably doesnt make a difference.

People joke and ask If I bought my house from Costco. Nope, just everything in and around it. :)



answers from Phoenix on

The last time we upgraded we bought our phones at Costco. I will never go back to the retail stores if I don't have to. What I liked about getting it there was the accessories that they include as well as the fact that the guy at the kiosk was so knowledgable! They don't work for just one carrier so they're well versed in all the phones, plans and carriers and seemed a lot more honest to me when we had questions about our plan and phones. You don't feel that salesman pressure like you do in the retail stores. Plus, like Ryloe said, you have a longer period to take the phone back if you don't like it. Costco is amazing with their return policies in general and knows how to treat customers.



answers from Boston on

Hi! We have always gotten great phone deals from Costco. There's even a coupon in this month's flyer. The gentleman at the kiosk has been there forever and really knows his stuff. He's been very helpful answering questions and making suggestions. They can do all kinds of stuff like waive fees and yes include equipment that the provider's make you pay for. And instead of killing time while they set you up you can do your shopping!



answers from Phoenix on

We have been getting our phones at Costco for some time now. Sometimes the Verizon store would have phones that were out dated and that is why they were so discounted. One time the Costco rebate was automatic and I did not have to send anything in. The phones we got came with a car charger whereas Verizon wanted to charge us for one. And the biggest thing for me was that you have a longer period in which to return if you really did not like the phone. I would not hesitate to purchase again from Costco or recommend them! Good luck!

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