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Updated on May 30, 2013
M.E. asks from Tampa, FL
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We live in Florida but we are one of the few houses on our street that does not have a pool. At the time we bought the house, nine years ago, we did not mind. Our son was 2 and we didn't want one.

Now, 3 kids later, they wish we had one, and I wouldn't mind one either. My kids could invite their friends over and they'd have something to do other than video or computer games.

Every summer we either go to my mother-in-law's pool to swim or the beach. I grew up on the beach and enjoy bringing my kids there. My 11 yr old doesn't really like the beach so he usually nags me after about an hour there to leave. He is getting bored with his grandmother's pool too. It's an over 55 crowd, so there's no kids to play with at all. If we go in the morning, we have the pool to ourselves, which is nice but still a bit of a dull time. My mother-in-law is nice, but she's not great at keeping up conversation.

A friend of ours is moving soon to Arizona. I was considering asking her if she would sell us her above ground pool. What do you think? Another idea was to buy passes to Adventure Island, a big waterpark. There's also the option of the city pool. It's $3 a day per person. They don't have a family pass. They just got new diving boards and a water slide. However, a pool would keep us home more. If we don't do the pool, we have to drive places to cool off this summer.

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answers from Philadelphia on

We join a pool each summer. I love it because there is no maintenance. They have a great snack bar and there is always someone for me and my kids to hang out with and I am not entertaining them like I would have to do at my house.

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answers from Dallas on

My nephew lives in Florida. They told me, that you have to have a screen or protection around pools. I guess to protect from bugs, snakes, and alligators? Perhaps, that's just in the part of Florida they live. I would not get a pool for several reasons. 1. Maintenance and cost. 2. Dangerous, especially for little ones. 3. Here, pools HAVE to be protected by a fence.By law 4. Mosquitoes. They are attracted to bodies of water. We get mutant mosquitoes here, and I just don't want to deal with that.

We just buy a pass to the city pools. There is more then one, and a pass covers all of them. Cheaper then a pool. I would buy a family pass to the waterpark you mentioned, and go to the city pool as well.

I understand the importance of a pool. I live where 95 degrees in the summertime, is a glorious cold front. It is miserably hot here. I still wouldn't want the commitment, and pools allow us to get out of the house.

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answers from Beaumont on

I'd vote for the waterpark passes!

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answers from Chicago on

I keep thinking I'd like to buy a pool but then I remember that having to go to the public pool is a good thing: it gets us out of the house, and this creates unexpected adventures.

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answers from Honolulu on

Pools are a lot of upkeep and maintenance. This is money.
And your own physical time, in cleaning it etc.

Here in Hawaii, many have pools.
But, often, once a family has a pool, they hardly use it.
But still have to maintain it, clean it, and buy supplies for it or hire a pool cleaner.

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answers from Chicago on

How about getting a membership to a pool?

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answers from New York on

I'd get the water park passes and also go to the pool regularly. See how often you go and keep track of how much you spend. Keep in mind that when you are out you will buy drinks and lunches.

Also ask your friend about her pool. It might be included in the price of her house.

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answers from Dallas on

We are in Texas where it's super hot all summer, and we toyed with the idea of putting in a pool for years. Instead, we always get passes to a local waterpark. The kids are thrilled, and I'm entertained with people watching. We go early before it gets crowded and pack our own lunch and drinks so that we don't have that expense. Then after lunch when it starts to get busy, we leave. We often meet friends there, too. It's great!

I would get passes to Adventure Island if I was you. Have a great summer!

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answers from Dallas on

I would get passes or go to the city pool. No maintenance and the kids friends could meet them there. Otherwise you would have to be responsible for everyone at your home - including drinks and eats. I love having my kids friends over - and we do have them alot - but I don't want them all the time. I also wouldn't want the worry of having alot of kids around the pool all the time.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Where I come from it is not so common to have a pool in your yard because you would only get two months use out of it. My husband would like a pool, but I have many reasons for not wanting one. Pools are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance. I love the beach and would rather be at the beach. I don't want to be responsible for everybody else's kid in my pool. If we can't get to the beach and have to use a pool I would rather go to the public city pool or the pool at the Y so at least we are getting out to be around other people. Where I live an in-ground pool lowers your property value.

As for your 11 year old at the beach, have you tried letting him bring a friend? I know my boys enjoy stuff like the pool and the beach a lot more if they bring a friend. (I would rather supervise other peoples kids at the beach than in my back yard. In the back yard feels like drudgery, but the beach is fun.)

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answers from Miami on

We had above ground pools (in FL) growing up and it was great to cool off! It's definitely time and money, though so factor that in.

Having said that, if your friend is willing to sell hers... go for it. Make sure you have a fence, if one is needed in your county and that you are able to regularly purchase chemicals and supplies.

My parents put in an in-ground pool a few years ago ($30,000) because they could afford it with us all educated and out of the house. They are the first to say that they wish they could have done it sooner, but they are in it EVERY day... so are we!

We aren't financially in a place to put in an in-ground right now, so we purchased a membership to the local pool for the year ($185 for the family) and will do so until we can purchase the pool in cash. Having one in your backyard is great... do it if you can!

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answers from Houston on

I would not buy a used pool. It could get damaged in transport.

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answers from Medford on

I personally don't think that pools are worth the maintenance or the risk to the kiddos (safety). I would get passes to the pool and waterpark. Getting out of the house in the summer is fun for the family (at least for mine anyway)...

If you have one at home, Im not sure they would be in it any more than if you went to the pool. OR they would want to be in it all the time and ignore their family responcibilities (i.e. chores!).

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answers from Raleigh on

I'd join a pool. More kids to play with, and no upkeep. Pools are a money pit.



answers from Boca Raton on

I'd say buy the pool. You only live once! The kids are at a perfect age to enjoy it!
P.S. Anyone who has an in-ground pool should consider changing it to salt water. It is not expensive! Then at the beginning of the season, you add the salt. The pool maintains itself. We built a pool and I did salt water - the water feels like silk. Salt water is better for people with asthma. It doesn't destroy your clothes or your hair. We moved, so the house I moved into, we changed that pool over to salt water (about $1,000 investment). We moved again, and I am back to a chlorine pool, but i will definitely change it over to salt water eventually!



answers from Anchorage on

Do you mind all the upkeep that goes along with owning a pool? If not, see about getting one, but if you don't want the extra work then I would go with the passes.

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