Butterfly Birthday Party for a 6 Year Old

Updated on August 30, 2009
A.H. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
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My daughter has requested her 6th birthday party to have a butterfly theme. Any ideas for wording the invitations?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all of your support and advice! The party was a huge success...the invitation is below to read and enjoy!!

Taking in the flowers and laughing in the sun
Join us for butterfly birthday fun!!
Flutter on over this way to celebrate her 6th birthday
Monarch your calendars (date)
Enjoy sweet nectar, butterfly fun and fare from (time)
Cocoon at (address)
Buzz us by (rsvp date and telephone number)

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answers from San Luis Obispo on

Colorful and Lively
That's What we will be
As we Celebrate_____ 6th Birthday!

Taking in the Flowers
And Laughing in the Sun
Join us on_________
For Butterfly Birthday Fun!

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can try: Dont let this party flutter past.
Monarch your calenders for ____ (date)
Butterflies only fly in the daytime so
come at (start) & we will fold our wings
around (end time.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Don your prettiest wings and flutter on over to Grace's flower patch/garden. Join us in celebrating her 6th hatchday.
Enjoy sweet nectar, butterfly fun and fare.

Grace's Flower Patch/garden or The Smith's Flower Patch
111 Wildwood Rd.
Anytown, Ca.

That is the best I could come up with. Good luck, sounds like a great idea. For a craft you could have each child decorate a butterfly, either a wood cut out or one printed by you on cardstock. Have all sorts of embellishments for them to add to it. Glitter, sequins, stickers, stamps, pens, crayons, pencils, pipe cleaners, buttons, google eyes etc.... I have found a craft is a great ice breaker activity for shy guests to do right when they arrive. Also, I have had them decorate their pinata bag. But you just have to make sure they will be dry by the time of the pinata. Or they could make them for their party favor bag and you could then take them all and fill them at some point during the party. Sounds like fun!



answers from Los Angeles on

Have you seen the butterfly/princess room at Wowzville in Laguna Niguel? It's off of Cabot road. It's REALLY adorable and perfect for her age. Wowzville.com.



answers from Los Angeles on

Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me To the Moon" lyrics:
Fly me to the moon
Let me sing among those stars
Let me see what spring is like
On jupiter and mars

In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby kiss me

Fill my heart with song
Let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you



answers from San Luis Obispo on

Flutter on by to *child name* 's birthday party on...

You could make the invitation out of paper and old fashioned clothes pins. The invitation could be written on colorful thin paper cut into a double heart (attached at bottom) and slipped into the slot on the wooden clothes pin. Add a chenille stem for the antennae and some googly eyes.



answers from Los Angeles on

"Flutter on this way -- It's (child's name)'s birthday!"

With butterflies, it is easy to incorporate other bugs, if boys will be attending. Caterpillars, snails, dragonflies.

Other ideas:

I've seen mini parfaits done with chocolate Jell-o pudding, crushed Oreo cookies (to resemble soil) and a gummi worm.

Homemade sandwiches cut out with a butterfly cookie cutter.

Make cupcakes, arrange them in the shape of a butterfly, spread icing over all of them and decorate like a butterfly. Use candies, cookies, and other snacks as embellishments. Cupcakes are so much more cost-effective than a $30 1/2 sheet store bought cake. Cake mix $2 and icing $2 = 24 cupcakes!

Pass the butterfly game (a twist to "hot potato"--get a toy butterfly or butterfly plastic figurine, and pass it around as music plays. Whenever the music stops, whomever is holding the toy, has to step out of the circle. Last one wins the prize!

Hope this helps!



answers from San Diego on

Are you making coathanger, nylon, + spraypaint butterfly/fairy wings for the party favors?



answers from Los Angeles on

How about "flutter on over to celebrate..."http://rt.nu/5y95 ? We also have a baby shower invitation that can accommodate birthday party details with your daughter's photo. http://rt.nu/yi4r



answers from San Diego on

My girls had a butterfly theme birthday two years ago. We had a joint party because we were in town with family (their birthdays are Sept./Oct.)and we live 5 states away. Anyway, here's what their invitation said:

Cake and goodies, what fun it will be
Flutter by....Kinley is turning THREE!!!
While we are at it, Let's double the fun
Because Kayden is turning ONE!!!

Maybe you can somehow re-word it for your daughter who will be 6.

Good luck and Have fun!!!

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