Bus Stop & CONVICTED & Registered Child Molester

Updated on August 07, 2012
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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Our county has a rule that no child molester shall be within 200 yards of a bus stop.

Well today I get my sex offender notification from the State and there is a man (and I use this word loosely) listed and he lives on the other side of the street of the bus stop. Yes. I will be complaining about it Monday morning to our transportation office.

I have been trying to get the bus stop for us moved as we have to cross to streets without sidewalks (Reston is an odd town - we're supposed to be a "walking town" but we don't have a lot of sidewalks...where we need them...and we don't have many street lights either as they impede our vision to the night sky). SO far transportation is giving me push back on changing the stop - we are NOT asking them to go out of their way - we are asking that they stop at the top of our street WHERE THERE IS A SIDEWALK...now that there is a convicted child molester across the street from the one we are supposed to have...

So with this knowledge - do you think my chances are even better to get it moved?

As a side note: I have no qualms about confronting the dirt bag and telling him I know what he is. And no, my son will NOT go to the bus stop alone.

I don't plan on going off on the people and yelling. I wan to be calm about it. State their "rules" and tell them that due to this new evidence, the bus stop needs to be changed. What else would you add or do?

What can I do next?

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So What Happened?

Seems like I didn't write it correctly. I have NO problems confronting him IF I see him near our park or bus stop...I will NOT go knock on his door.

I don't know HOW he was able to move there. I personally don't think ANY molester can be rehabilitated (he was convicted of violent indecent liberties with a minor). I will call the non-emergency number tomorrow and see what they have to say....

Sharie: I get that he COULD have gotten "in trouble" with a teenager. However, he is NEWLY registered and convicted (Feb 2012 was the date of conviction). He is 29 years old. So unless he was dating a 17 year old (and I personally have no clue as to why a 29 year old "man" would want to date a 17 year old) I am going to believe it was a child....

Sorry - typed wrong, conviction date was Feb 2011, not 2012 (that's what I get for typing and not going back to re-read). It stated VIOLENT - not "just" indecent. They usually state "exposure to a minor" or something like that....

I am on hold for the transportation department.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I too have stories of people I know on lists because of misunderstandings, investigations, or lies. I think that everyone does and that it is a difficult subject. That being said I personally try not to pay attention to who around me is a registered sex offender. Not because I don't care. But because I would rather not let my guard down with anyone. I don't want to be consumed and worried about the house marked with the scarlett letter that I miss jo shmoe down the block who is not registerd simply because he has not been caught. Who is a bigger threat? who knows? I believe that people can be rehabbed but not to the point where they are zero threat. And even 1% is too much of a threat to me. So it is concerning that the bus stop is near this guys house. I would let the school and parents around me know so they can be vigilant but again I'd rather do so with everyone. but that does not mean if the bus stop is moved the same threat won't be right there too. The difference then is that you might not know.

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answers from Tampa on

Yep, I think that you will have no problem getting the bus stop moved given the situation. Go report it Mom!

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answers from Chicago on

I wonder how/why he was allowed to live there to begin with if this is a "known" bust stop. I think authorities need to be informed - not just the bus company. I think it wrong of you to confront him in person with out probable cause. Most register alerts tell the person's crime(s) so I am assuming you know what he did to get on the list - but it will do no good to rub it in his face. Honestly ... what will it accomplish? Notify the authorities, notify the bus company do what you must to protect your family with out inflicting additional harm on anyone. You are better than that.

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answers from Tyler on

I'm surprised at the number of responders who seem to be voicing a defense of this offender, this site never ceases to amaze me. If the bus is your only option, I would be there with your son every morning until he is safely on the bus (with certified adult monitors) and then be there to greet him in the afternoon.

I realize our society has our share of false accusations and cases that walk the line of "gray" area. But, when it comes to the safety of a minor, I always err to the side of caution. If it were my own, I would forget the bus and figure out a carpool.

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answers from San Antonio on

I got our bus stopped changed to right in front of our house...for half a school year we had to hike to the end of our street...we live on a very very long street...most days we drove to the bus stop.

I injured my back and was having trouble getting to the stop...some days couldn't walk very far and those days had to take medication that made driving not safe.

First I talked to the people at the "bus barn"...they told me to contact our "bus coordinator" at the school...turned out she is also our attendance lady...she was very accommodating and with in a few days our driver was dropping my son off at the front door.

Our stop has stayed the same for three years now...right at the door.

Is there someone who you could talk with at the school who would advocate for you with the transportation department? I know having our school contact them helped and put a move on it...sorry about the play on words.

Good luck!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I think you totally have a good case. I would be so mad too! I would hope that they make the guy move away though. You don't want him too close to your home either. Let us know what happens!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not all SO's are child molestors. Look on the website for details of his crime.
Not sure why you are focusing on using thus info to benefit your request to move your bis stop and not reporting (there is a 'send tip' option on the Megan's law website or call your local PD) the fact that this individual is in violation of the '200 yards of a bus stop" rule. That's where I'd be starting, you know, for the safety of the whole community.

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answers from Casper on

In my situation, I talked to the parents of the bus riders and the bus driver about it. Two days later, a different (and more convenient) bus stop for all was provided. Hopefully, it can be that easy for you too. Good luck

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answers from Jacksonville on

Start a petition, go to the congressman. Those are the two I got.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, I think your chances are better with this information. If they don't listen, there is always the newspaper. No agency likes their dirty laundry being aired. The local news could do a story and get you the outcome you want. Set up a petition if you have to. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Notify the police that the offender is within 200 yards of a bus stop.

I check the offenders location in our county and found that one was living right next to an elementary school! No idea how that was allowed to happen. I notofied the police immediately even though it is not in my community.

Also please let the other parents know so they are aware of the danger.

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answers from Hartford on

Huh. When I needed to change my childrens' bus stop, all I did was go to the Department of Education for my town, find the Transportation office and strike up a conversation with the guy who makes the bus routes. I explained our situation and then filled out a bus route change request form with our reasons on it, and voila, it was even changed to be in front of my house. Permanently.

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answers from Richmond on

you know who he is and what he does to children, you also know he is in clear violation of being too close to the bus stop, what to do.. you cant make him move and you cant move the bus stop, but you can hand out fliers explaining exactly what this guy is guilty of, the parents in the area have the right to know, has he gone around the neighborhood and told the neighbors that he is a registered child molester ? if not, he is in clear violation of criminal code. if you make him move, he will just move in with a friend under an assumed name and he will go right back to molesting kids, if he is where you and the other parents can watch him, then he is right where he needs to be. get in touch with the magistrate and tell them your problem with this guy
K. h. bottom line,dont discount what this guy has been convicted of, if one of the posters think he's not but so bad, let him sleep on their couch, i bet their wont think he is so harmless then.

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answers from Tampa on

First I wouldn't go and harass this guy because it will be you that gets in trouble. But I'm not sure if you being uneasy will warrant a new bus stop.

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answers from Dallas on

How many other kids live on your block and will be affected by the bus stop move or how many other families will be upset by the sex offender living across from the bus stop? If you got notification, did the other parents?? Maybe you should make a petition and get all the other parents to sign it and present that to the transportation office. Is this part of a public school transportation system? I would also let the principal know, the superintendent know and the school board know. I don't think you will have any problem getting the bus stop changed.

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answers from Biloxi on

The rules on dwelling places for registered sex offenders vary from state to state. In mine, they cannot reside within .2 miles of a school. Got an updated notice two weeks ago, we have a new one residing .7 miles from the middle school and within eye shot of the local skating rink where all the kids hand out. Lovely. I plan on forwarding the email to the school and the skating rink.

I would definitely contact the state and let them know that this dwelling seems to be violating their own rules. Could be that the man's house is legally 201 yards from the bus stop - yeah, great huh - and he isn't breaking any rules.

But, call the bus company and let them know - heck, send them a copy of the notification and let them know that many parents are concerned that their children will be waiting for the bus within viewing distance of this guy.

I don't think asking them to move the bus stop is too much.

Also, organize with other Moms and ensure that the kids are never alone at the stop. Do they get dropped off at that stop after school? If so, arrange a co-op so that there is a least one adult at the stop each afternoon.

I personally don't care if the guy was convicted because his girlfriend was underage, or if he was falsely convicted, I have always had my address on the notification list since I had a child 16 years ago. My kid, and his friends, could point out the houses in our old neighborhood where registered offenders lived.

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answers from Washington DC on

I got ours moved when Kaelyn was in kindergarten, she starts 4th in 2.5 weeks. I put up a fight, and got it changed. Though my reasons were FAR less serious than yours!

I think if they don't move it, I'd call the police and ask what can be done about it.

Do you know the story of this guy?

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answers from Washington DC on

Honestly given that it seems you have been unsuccessful with getting the bus stop moved already I don't thin this is going to give you anymore ammunition. It seems that they have reasons for putting it where it is. I think what they will tell you is that they will be in touch with law enforcement. This guy is breaking (maybe unbeknowst to him even) the rules of his sentence. He will be made to move is my guess.

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answers from Norfolk on

Hi, Cheryl:
Do what you have to do to allow your
child to be safe.

On the other hand, you can confront or get to
know the fella to see exactly what happened.

Guys are labeled from a getting even from some girl
to actual pervert behavior.

One issue I see with you is absolute fear. Take precautions
but get the facts. Many offenders pay for their mistake and
then have people shunning them for the rest of their lives.
What a shame!
Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

I would think that would help. Let us know how it goes.


answers from Milwaukee on

do you have an ice cream truck that comes thru your neighborhood? might want to check that guy out too. i agree that they can not be rehabilitated but maybe you should check out his story first. it might have been a teenager.

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