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Updated on June 17, 2008
A.D. asks from Hanford, CA
8 answers

Does anyone use Burt's Bees baby products on their children? How do you like them and where do you get the deal on them? Does anyone use it on children with skin problems?

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answers from Las Vegas on

I use non-toxic products from an International Wellness Company, I'd be happy to share more info with you.



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answers from Los Angeles on

I use just the baby wash. I get it at Target, and it's a little more expensive than the other kinds but not too bad (usually w/ both the baby stuff and the cosmetics). And it worked well on my daughter who has really sensitive skin. However, I switched to it because I was concerned about toxins in baby wash and baby lotion, and I wouldn't suggest the baby lotion. It doesn't score well on the Environmental Working Group's (www.ewg.org) skin deep database. Go to the website and click on "skin deep cosmetics" and then on baby products, and it will give you a list of those that are better- the ones with the less harmful stuff also tend to be better for kids with allergies and sensitive skin. I only used cold pressed grapeseed oil on my daughter (like the kind you would buy to cook with), but I'm not going to do that again simply because, when I went through all her baby clothes last week, almost all of them were either stained with oil or smelled like rancid oil (ew). It worked really well on her skin, though, and there is little/no chance of a reaction. But for the next baby I'm going to try one of the lotions suggested on Skin Deep that scores 0-1.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I use Baby Burt's Bees on my 3 children. We use the Bubble Bath and the Shampoo & Body Wash. I love them, both how natural they are and how they aren't perfumy. My children don't have skin problems, but my son (7 months) has sensitive skin and is prone to dryness. He's never had a problem with these products.

I've found the best deals online. Drugstore.com occasionally has them for a reduced price, but typically I get them from Diapers.com. It's worth it if you get over $49 worth of stuff (easy enough if you buy diapers, too), since you get free shipping and don't pay sales tax. For first-time orders, you can get $5 off if you use someone's referral code. If you want it, mine is AMMA1139. Just type that in at checkout and you can get the $5 off, and I get something, too (not sure what).

Good luck to you!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A.:
I'm not sure about (Burts bees),and you didn't mention what type of skin allergies, your boys get,but if they break out in hives,(welts) and experience itching,I'd recomend a dose of a decongestant.It reverses those particular allergy symptoms.I'm sure you'll get someone here who knows about the (burts bees)



answers from San Diego on

I use that, california baby, weleda and alba botanica. They are all under the "natural" category. Check the labels... you want to avoid anything made with mineral oil and petrolatum. That rules out almost all skin care stuff found in the mainstream such as aveeno, johnson and johnson, and melaleuca. There is a large number of people on this site who do the work at home united thing and swear by that renew lotion. Unfortunately it contains either one or both of those ingredients.



answers from Los Angeles on

The Shampoo & Body Wash has been great with both my boys! They don't mind it because it is gentle on their eyes and I like that it is contains natural ingredients. It's not inexpensive- but well worth it because you use the same product for the whole body. I like the way it smells and you can purchase it at Target!



answers from Los Angeles on

You have to be choosy with Burt's Bees stuff. Overall, their baby products aren't the greatest (also not the worst!). Check them out on www.cosmeticsdatabase.com
If your kids have skin problems, I'd stay away from anything with fragrance in it - including Burt's Bees. I have excema and use coconut oil (from the grocery store - meant for cooking with!) on it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi A., the only Burt's bees i've tried is the chapstick and wasn't fond of it at all. Kids with skin allergies, my personal opinion from using the Arbonne Baby Care is that there is nothing better. IT is gentle, the exema stays under control, the diaper rash cream is great for the bottom or any other spot that is too dry. I would love to get you some information on it if you would like. L.

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