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Updated on November 06, 2010
L.C. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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My 2 boys share a room and bed but i'd like to get them in 2 beds. They are still very small so one bed is fine, but im thinking of bunk beds. Their room is tiny so even 2 twin beds would be very difficult to fit. However, im afraid making beds and changing sheets would be such a pain with bunk beds. Of course they will make their own beds when they are able, but until then, its me, climbing a ladder every day and trying to make the bed. Maybe a trundle would be better? Anyone have bunk beds and like them??? They would save space, but may make me crazy.

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answers from Chicago on

I would definitely NOT do bunk beds. I have two different friends with children with broken shoulders/collar bones as a result of them. And maybe with the trundle...put a side rail forcing the eldest off the foot of the bed? Good luck. :)

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answers from La Crosse on

I would recommend a "loft" bed. Similair to the bunk bed, but only with the bed on top so that you can do whatever you want underneath. You can have a single bed directly under so it functions as a bunk bed. You can turn the bed sideways, and have a much larger bed underneath (double or queen depending on brand)...or when the kids or the house are bigger you can move the second bed out, and have a couch or desk underneath. In fact, a few years down the road "junior" may want it for college.

It provides the space saving option of bunks for now, but versatility later. Additionally, with a big comforter, there isn't much bed making to make it look presentable. The ladder can be a pain, but we have loved ours.

We just bought a cheap one at IKEA, but you can buy a sturdier one and have it for a guest room or dorm someday!

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answers from Chicago on

We have bunk beds and ours came with a sticker that said that you must be 6 or older to be on the top bunk. My boys were 6 and 3 when we got them. The youngest slept on top once and I was a bit nervous about him being up there. I do like them for them (they are 7 and 4 now) and the bunk beds can convert to 2 twin beds and they have been threatened that if they "screw around" on the beds, then they will immediately be converted to regular beds. We have had no issues that would make them get 2 beds. ;)

Yes, its hard to change the sheets, but its only once a week. I was pregnant with our 3rd when we got the bunk beds, so my husband did all the sheet changing. The boys just pull their sheets and comforter up to make their beds each day.

If your oldest is only 4, I would be concerned about him being on top. I am thrilled, though, with the bunk beds. What about a bunk bed with the trundle, so that when he is older, he can go to the top?

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answers from Chicago on

I noticed in your profile it says that your boys are 4 and 20 mos. Bunk beds are not really recommended for children under 7 due to safety issues. That being said, I think that there's a pretty cool bed at IKEA that is a bit lower than a bunk bed and could suit your needs quite nicely.

It is a shorter bunk than normal, and the bed is reversible, and you can put a little star canopy tent on it, which makes it a bit safer. Underneath it you could place a twin mattress on the floor for your younger son. It is called the KURA. http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10123996 This might be what we do once my boys start sharing rooms (and after the younger one learns to climb out of his crib.)

I had bunk beds for much of my childhood, and did fine with them. We had a pretty lightweight bed, so it was easy to move it out from the wall and to lift the mattress. My brothers had a heavy wooden bunk and NEVER made their beds or changed their sheets. I'd go in their room a few times a month to change their sheets and their gross boy beds were filled with sand from the playground. Guess my mom never ventured in there to check their beds. Yuck!

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answers from Seattle on

The biggest problem with *bunk beds* is night time potty training. But they have top bunks now with slides... how cool is that? Our bunk (figures, we had it during night time training) my toddler negotiated with surprising ease, even without a slide. Also IKEA and some others have "low" bunk beds... where the bottom mattress is on the floor, and the top mattress is only about 3.5 feet off the ground. The 2nd biggest problem with bunks in my experience is stomach flu. When the one on top throws up in the middle of the night it gets on the child and their bed below. I never found making the bed to be a problem (washed sheets weekly)... but I'm also 6' tall. Ditto... we used a duvet cover so just washed that weekly and skipped the top sheet entirely.

The biggest problem with trundles is one child stepping on another. I've seen a LOT of broken bones in the ER from one child stepping (or jumping) on another when they get up in the middle of the night. Total accidents. Usually broken arms and noses/cheekbones. Leg bones I have yet to see, probably because they're stronger. But fingers, arms, and faces, oh my.

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answers from Chicago on

I was just in a furniture store and saw the cutiest bed that had about 4 steps to the top and underneath you could put another bed, or bookcase and desk. It came in 3or4 colors and the top is easy to reach for an adult without climbing the steps. It is a space saver because the second bed rolls away and will be easy for changing sheets. It is by Ashley Furniture and it is called stages youth loft bed. If you live near Matteson there is a discount furniture store on Lincoln Hwy (route 30) east of Cicero and the south side in the strip mall with the Kinko's/Fed Ex , Family Christian book store. It use to be a Chernin's shoe outlet and now it is a Discount Furniture and Rug store. They have one on display. It is nice.

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answers from Springfield on

I know several moms who bought, then sold bunkbeds. I also know many kids who got hurt falling off, even during sleep.
I bought a trundle bed that actually pops up even with the other bed, making a king bed if I needed. It uses a shorter 7 inch mattress on bottom, which is not really comfortable to me, but it works for kids.
Also, the trundle is on wheels and I get it out, away from the other bed, when a child is staying over. It is like two twin beds.



answers from Chicago on

We have bunk beds for my 6 and 2 year old. It is hard to make the top bunk. But, we got a simple bunk that is basically made of metal tubes so I can stick my hands in and under the bars to help make the bed. When I change the sheets I have to pull the bunk away from the wall so I can get to that side. I never climb up there as I exceed the weight limit for the top bunk and I don't want to take a chance with that. My boys share a 10x10 room. We did have a twin and a crib in there but that was even very close quarters. I have been pretty happy with the bunk beds overall. We haven't had too much of a problem with them climbing up and playing on them and falling like I worried we would. Course we keep their toys mostly in the Living room so not much playing goes on in the bedroom. I love how it makes their room seem more spacious and my boys absolutely adore them. I thought about a trundle too but I don't think most of those are made sturdy enough to stand up to every day use. Both of my boys are kinda sensory seekers but we haven't had a problem with it...but like I said I mostly keep them out of there during the day.

The ones we have are exactly like this http://www.beddingexperts.com/bunk_details/details/Twin%2...



answers from Boston on

We got a trundle just because my youngest has absolutely no fear, is a sensory seeker which adds to the no fear, has a high pain tolerance, etc so bunkbeds would have been a very very very bad idea for us. a trundle takes up just as much space. We kept the lower bed pushed in until it was bedtime.



answers from Chicago on

I second what SammyJo said. I've got the KURA loft bed from Ikea and it's very easy to make since it's light enough to easily move away from the walls. You'll have to see if a twin bed frame would fit underneath, but a twin mattress without a frame definitely fits. I've seen other loft beds with a twin that sticks out, perpendicular to the loft. Even that would save you some space.



answers from Chicago on

go with the bunkbeds its not nearly as hard as it sound to make them lol. Have them a little bit out from the wall. and all you need is the fitted sheet and a comforter I never messed with the flat sheet. i know a lot of people are saying trundle but a trundel bed means you need to have that room clear each and every night to pull it out so they can sleep there. to me that means you need to find a space for toys and dresser etc so how is that saving you anymore room than 2 beds would be?



answers from Chicago on

We have a bunk bed with a trundle. And when I have to make that top bunk, I hate it. Usually my son just straightens out his blanket but putting the fitted sheet on can be a pain. You can buy a twin bed with a slide out trundle that is like a drawer. Once you no longer need the trundle, the drawer can function as storage for toys or blankets. Our trundle is just a frame with wheels that slide under the lower bunk. Before we got this, we had a loft bed and a bunk bed for my older kids. We had the loft set a bit lower than a top bunk would be but it was still difficult to change the fitted sheet. Since your kids are so young, I would say get a trundle unless you expect it to last 10 years or more.



answers from Anchorage on

When we had bunks I could not even change the sheets, husband had to do it because I am too short. I was so glad to see those things go! I would stick with the trundle.



answers from Orlando on

Definitely trundle.

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