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Updated on January 30, 2010
B.J. asks from Longview, TX
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I am thinking about getting bunk beds for my girls room. They are 6 and 3. Do you think that I should wait until the 3 yr old gets older or is it okay to go ahead and get the bunk beds? Thanks!!!

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answers from San Antonio on

My girls are 8 and 3. I don't have a problem with either one on the top bunk. My oldest sleeps up there but the youngest will go up on occasion to play up there with big sis. The problem I have is my 22 month old going up there. So, in the morning once everyone is up, I take the ladder off and lay it across the top bed.I also got the kind of bunk beds that can separate into twin beds so if it didn't work or we wanted to change things up a bit we could.



answers from Cincinnati on

I would set rules, such as that the 3-year-old has to sleep on the bottom, and cannot climb up to the top unless an adult is present. Then, I think it should be fine.

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answers from Billings on

I'm getting bunk beds for my girls who are 4 & 2, I don't think you need to wait, I plan to keep my 2 year old on the bottom bunk. I'm going to get the bunk beds that have the full size bed on bottom, to also use for guests that come over, but also figure that the girls can sleep together until my 4 year old is up to sleeping on the top bunk. A friend of mine has a 3 & 6 year old with the bunk beds like I'm planning to get and they do great with it.



answers from Corpus Christi on

Safer to use trundle beds not very far to fall and can be taken and will save space.



answers from Chicago on

I had bunk beds and a loft bed for my kids when they were 4 1/2 due to space issues (1 bedroom for all 3). They were fine. The recommendation is no younger than 4 years old on the top bunk, if they have balance and coordination down really well. I think what you plan is a great idea but make sure you set rules of no "jungle gym" climbing.

My 21 month old climbs to the top bunk of a regular bunk bed (single beds that can be attached for bunk beds) now and we do not have the ladder setup.



answers from Rochester on

We decided against bunk beds and got our boys a trundle bed-it works great- look into that before making your decision.



answers from Houston on

It's not usually recommended. However, when my little girl (2) showed that she could get up and down the ladder just fine, I moved a set of bunk beds into her room (I had two sets in one room and it was just too crowded.) She is now almost three and sleeps on the bottom bunk, her 7 YO sister is on the top. I close the door during the day and she doesn't go in there (she doesn't nap anymore.)



answers from Santa Barbara on

3 year old in bottom bunk works for me. When she's older, your girls can rotate top and bottom.



answers from Cleveland on

We got them for our boys at about those ages,it was fine. The older one slept up top. The younger was a great climber so he'd go up there and sit but not sleep (until he got older, and they'd switch).

K. Z.


answers from Spokane on

Our boys were 5 and 3 and it was fine. They end up sleeping together on the bottom bunk most nights and its so cute:)



answers from Houston on

They are fun but but can be dangerous. A lot of kids are injured falling from them every year. I heard of a child just last week falling from one and landing on a chair. He was taken to the ER and had horrible headaches, dizziness and nausea. I am not sure how he is doing now. I have not heard. Bunk beds are fun but I just wanted you to be aware. I have a special needs child so I know how hard it can be if you child is not 100%. I really worry that a child will hurt them self on a bunk bed. I probably sound too extreme, but it would only take one fall and all the regrets come rushing in. I like the idea of trundle beds, they sound fun.
Good luck with your decision.




answers from Houston on

Most groups recommend that children not use the top bunk until they are at least six years old. Since you have a 6yo, you could allow the six year old to sleep on the top bunk and the 3yo on the bottom bunk. But you will have to be vigilant about the 3yo getting up there. (Pulling the ladder up can help with that.) Also, even with children 6yo and older, injuries can and do occur. So make sure you check for things like rails on the side. Here are two websites to help you decide what's best for your family:





answers from College Station on

I put bunk beds in the room of my oldest two when they were 4 and 2, but I would put the ladder up during the day so the little one couldn't climb up to the top bunk. I separated the bunk beds into two twin beds when we moved to a bigger house with an extra room, but now I'm getting ready to put the bunk beds back together for my 5 1/2 and 2 1/2 year-old girls to make room for the crib now that we're expecting #4.



answers from Washington DC on

I think it depends on your kids. We tried bunk beds while we were on vacation. My 3 yo just would not stay off the top bunk. Every time we left the room, he had climbed up there. And it wasn't to sleep, it was to bounce around. My 6 yo started in the top bunk but after 30 minutes she decided it was too hot up there and she was scared and ended up on the bottom bunk. We ended up putting the 3 yo in another room and then the 6 yo got the bottom bunk. Is there a way you can try it out for a night some where to see if it works?



answers from Minneapolis on

We now have space where we don't have to have bunk beds but, we had our 3 year old daughter and 1.5 year old son at the time in bunk beds for over a year and it was just fine.



answers from Houston on

we just got bunk beds for our boys 3 and 8 mos. Obviously only the 3 yr old is sleep on them, we didn't attach the ladder yet so he can't get up there. Walmart carries several very nice sets the stack and un stack so you can go ahead and buy them now and have them unstacked and the when your little one is ready you can stack them up. Our bed says no one under 6 on the top bunk

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