Bumps on Scrotum Sac

Updated on November 16, 2008
M.W. asks from Kansas City, KS
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I noticed last week that my son had what looks like little pimples on and under his scrotum sac and in between his legs. I thought is was some sort of heat rash, but have noticed now that a few have gotten bigger. Thier the size of a pencil eraser and smaller. There is no smell, no leakage, and he has no fever. He isn't fussy, not really wanting to eat and is sleeping. He's acting normal. I called the Children's Mercy Nurseline and they said to soak him in a warm baking soda bath and keep an antibacterial and his diaper rash cream on him. And if it gets worse or he starts acting out, then to bring him in for it might be some sort of infection. What is this? Should I be really worried or just keep calm as it might just be a rash?

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So What Happened?

We went to the Children's Mercy Urgent Care and they said is Mrsa and he is starting an antibiotic called clindamycin 75 mg/5 oral liquid for ten days and on tuesday we have to go downtown kcmo to the wound center to see if the boils have come to a head or if they need to be drained and if so then he will be sedated for it. Oh My Gosh, I'm a mess. Everything worked out great and is better

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M., It may be a yeast infection. Try putting Lotrimine or something like that on it.




answers from Wichita on

I would take him to the doctor. My daughter had a yeast infection which looked like a bad diaper rash. I kept thinking it would go away with the creams and baths but to no avail. At that point I didnt even realize babies could get yeast infections and even if they could I had NO idea physical symptoms would be there! I mean when a woman gets one you cant tell just by looking, you tell by how you feel down there! Maybe Im just misinformed but thats how it is with me. Anyway, it could be a yeast infection which wont go away with just the diaper rash creams. And yes, little boys can get it too!! Who would have thought?? The doctor can prescribe something for it or if youre sure thats what it is you can buy some baby over the counter yeast infection cream. I wouldnt use adult creams though. Good luck!



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My first thought was also staff infection, which can be serious. I have never heard of molluscum, but a doctor should be able to tell the difference between the two. You probably want to take him to get checked out to rule out staff infection.



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I agree with the last posting, it sounds like mollusclum. They will look like pus filled pimples (which is basically what they are). If it is that, there really is no way to stop the spread of them. They are a form of herpes (of a cold sore type variety...not the STD form) that just has to run it's course. Both of my kids ended up with it and it ran for a year or better. As for what that lady said, I don't think there really is a way to contain it...if one of the pimples bursts you can cover it with a bandaid (at least that is what day care providers will make you do) but I haven't found that it decreases the ability to spread.

Frankly, I don't think even the medical community understands these things. Some Dr's my kids saw had never seen it before while others were quite familiar with it. There is no cure..it just runs the course. You can pop the pimples (which can be painful) and it will leave a pock mark just like chicken pox or pimples. Burning them off is also an option but it will also leave a mark. For my kids, the best course was just to leave them alone, they eventually faded and went away (although I did pop a few in bothersome places for them). If you have any other questions about it feel free to contact me.



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I would take him in and get them looked at.It could be a staph infection that spreads or a viral that is coming out onto the skin.You mentioned the size of a pencil eraser and have gotten bigger get him looked at even if you have to take him to a non emergency facility at least you'll get some advice and if its serious you'll be glad you did.



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Have you heard of molluscum? He's so young that it would be a bummer and he would have to have contracted it directly BUT it really doesn't bother the child (sometimes itching) but highly contagious when they are erupting. I do inhome daycare and had a child with that before. The bumps would be more concentrated in warm, wet places. His mom tried all kinds of things to get them off and there's not really a known "cure" -once I looked it up, it did make me nervous as a care provider - you hate to let something like that spread! You can look it up online and get pictures and LOTS more info. but it sounds similar to me. Best wishes.



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Hi, M.. Have you changed diaper brands, or used a different soap or diaper cream or anything like that? It could be an allergic reaction. If the bumps continue or are blister like, I would recommend taking him in. I always like to be on the safe side. If it is not a raised, blister-like rash the bath and cream should clear it up. I hope that it gets cleared up quickly. God Bless.



answers from St. Louis on

Hi Matha W,

It sounds to me like your little guy has a fungas down there. I have two boys and that happens alot. Especially if the bumps look like little pimples it is a fungas. The way I treated my boys (what the pediatrician told me) was to put anti-fungal cream on him twice a day, morning and night. I used the athletes foot kind. Neither of my boys acted out nor acted like it itched them.


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